Holiday Travel: Dealing With Delays

Ways to help you avoid bad travel experiences at the airport this holiday.
6:22 | 12/08/11

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Transcript for Holiday Travel: Dealing With Delays
The season for holiday travel but if history serves as a guide -- grandmother's house can now. -- -- long delays first there's the threat of storms and urges the general mad dash. So here to talk about dealing with airport delays is -- toward a tour -- senior editor -- thanks for being with us today from Chicago. My pleasure I -- us at the senior at the airport your flight is delayed in its inevitable at some point it's gonna happen. -- hop on another flight -- is sit tight and wait this one now. We'll number one don't give up -- seat on your current flight. Like he -- a lot of the delays that we see over the holidays as volume related because they're so many travelers traveling over short period of time so. Number one's going to be tough to get on an earlier flight because those are likely to be -- you're traveling on the peak travel days. You know if there is a you know delay or cancellation you can always go standby however keep in mind that nowadays most of major airlines are charging upwards of fifty dollars. Even the -- the environments earlier flights -- it's a bit -- be able to get on the earlier flights but it is possible if you wanna do your probably is gonna pay be paying a little bit out of your pocket. -- well -- -- about that -- basically that if there is an earlier flight listings available on that he would take it in not to get what it has more connections on that line is that. Bit of -- risk. Connections are absolutely risky in fact one thing that you should do. Is look at that time that you're going -- and because many times even with a delay. You could still get there quicker than if you have to take a flight with a connection had a layover -- ads on an additional flight time so. You might just be better off waiting happy hour -- -- for your delay and also keep in mind that your connecting flight can also get delayed as well so. I recommend it don't take the flight with a connection if there's another nonstop flight with about the same flight time. That might be worth it. Only got to come -- -- problems are that's understandable and you know you hear the announcement over the loudspeaker that the flights being canceled policies that katic look at everyone's face. They all make -- that mad dash to the counter. Do you follow them to you try to read look at the countered you call the airlines 800 number to go -- -- what's the best approach. Well happy your airline's customer service number -- your your travel providers customer service number programmed into your phone first -- -- so that if you need to call them for any reason you have that -- -- especially in this situation where -- flights canceled -- hundreds of passengers are walking -- -- customer service. Counters at number -- immediately get on that phone number and dial in tried -- of the first people they can get through to an agent because it's got to get back up and you're gonna have wait times. At the same time follow all those customers over to the counter. Because -- just wanna have all options possible McCain get to -- the -- you at least he'll be standing in line making some progress there. When it comes to -- -- online a lot of times when you have those cancellations -- whether mechanical issues you don't necessarily have the option to rebook yourself online through those situations -- -- that really is getting on the phone. Multitask phone in one hand make it a bad mad dash to the -- aren't. So what happens -- if it is canceled and they airlines to offer you these certificates which is always a fun game to play to try to see how much they're gonna give you for you giving up -- -- when you go for women when the stakes high enough. Yes I mean that's. I'm really personal decision a lot of times people indeed that when -- Are very flexible air travel schedule and they know that they don't mind you know waiting couple hours to get on the next flight often times you weren't that if you're traveling for leisure and you're willing to wait to get -- -- airline ticket for future travel however keep in mind a couple of things -- biggest thing being -- what is -- weather likes and dislikes are -- being delayed because the weather and canceled because -- weather and that's the reason they're offering you this that later flight that there offering to that you want. That may get delayed and canceled as well -- often times. That's a bit risky appeared being offered when those vouchers to take a later flight and in you have the possibility of getting canceled their -- you. It's like a game of poker all laws try to see who is gonna -- to birds to. What happens that I think is delayed overnight what is the airline have to do they have to -- -- the hotel or they have to put some kind of accommodations for you. Well all depends on the reason that the flight is seriously delayed or canceled. The airlines are only responsible for taking care -- -- if it's something that it's under their control and typically you'll see this is mechanical issues with the airplane. Or they're not able to get -- flight crew. And that seriously delays or -- your flight if it's -- weather related conditions unfortunately. They can't control that so they're not responsible for that if it is none of those things under their control he's actually asked for. Food and beverage that beverage about -- to use -- the airport. And if it's a serious delay or cancellation or -- -- there overnight make sure that you asked for hotel accommodations as well unfortunately it's whether you're on your own any kind of have to tough it out there at the airport major decisions about what you -- do. Locate those vending machines as quickly as you possibly can't give -- -- that's a lot of us have sports I got through those very quickly you say. -- sign up for alerts also you -- book a flight that's early in the day. Why is that important. Well that's like -- and its first flight out of the day they have are statistically more on time in the -- later in the day antics lately if you're traveling over the busy holiday periods -- the volume just gets greater and greater throughout the day these early morning flights -- you're gonna get out on time when it's some. Winter weather most of those flights are -- -- -- -- -- RD -- so you have a much better chance of getting out on time. As opposed -- those flights later in the day and when the delays just -- compounds. And before -- even get -- the airport -- that is a very important thing we need to keep in mind when we're packing on her carry on bag which we have NN. Make sure the EU having your carry on bag with you at all times anything that you really would need for 24 -- During this winter season and we talked a lot -- with a major storms people are stuck in the airport -- now hotels available. You wanna have -- you what -- need whether it's. Cell phone -- any medications or contact solution. If you have kids with you that's huge Islamic history -- -- -- -- change of clothes anything that you're going to need if you are -- at the airport even if you -- -- a hotel. Good if the -- -- tornado -- -- senior editor Jane thank you so much for being with us and happy holidays and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"Ways to help you avoid bad travel experiences at the airport this holiday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"15114795","title":"Holiday Travel: Dealing With Delays","url":"/Business/video/holiday-travel-dealing-delays-avoid-bad-experiences-airport-business-15114795"}