Hundreds line up for Amazon's Jobs Day

People hoping to land one of Amazon's 50,000 open positions lined up in Robinsville, New Jersey.
13:48 | 08/02/17

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Transcript for Hundreds line up for Amazon's Jobs Day
Good morning it's ABC's Aaron theaters ski here in Robbins build New Jersey. This is the site of one of ten Amazon jobs day locations on this day alone. Amazon is going to reverse the trend in retail hiring that we've seen since October of last year. Amazon wants to hire 50000. People. In ten cities across the country including this one. To work in this cavernous. Warehouse what they call a fulfillment senator just to give you a sense of scale. This entire building is the new brick and mortar in retail. One T eight football fields in line. And they are hiring 15100. People to work in this particular location and many of the people that you see behind me in line. Are going to walk out of here today with a job offer in hand at least that's the goal and look how many have showed up to devious since. 28 football fields in length. The line stretches all the way down more than half the length. Of the building there are hundreds of people here some of whom we've met. Have worked in traditional retail before and are looking for something new and when you want to work new in retail. You think of Amazon other people say they just need benefits it's a tight job market and for the first time in a decade job seekers. Can be a little choosy and so they want something with good pay. And good benefits and Amazon says it is offering benefits that start day one and competitive wages depending on the city. And the job anywhere from about eleven to seventeen dollars an hour and I want to introduce you to some of the folks that are in line here is we. It is as they wait. What happens is they waited a long line on this hot humid day and eventually they curl their way into a tent gets an air conditioning. And then get inside check out this this thing. Fulfillment center and if I could it's that we do you folks who are Lauren line I wanted to say good morning. I'm Aaron from ABC news and I wanted to see what rush out today to try and get a jalla and that's why they needed to. Honorary degree company to work for him. Here we're not you're now working now known. Numbers. Clinton what have you done before. I work stake in an office clerical work on. You know it works flag. I was that we curious server. I've done it all really actually I like I like working in the office now. In Honolulu seeing this could be a change unity could be packing and ship being budgetary. Parents are really good company and it did benefit himself so. NET I needed jobs so eerie and we can't hear. Her brother Johnny off. So we're really seems Patterson book waiting for me get done so ever applied for a job like this before there. You never know I'd never done it it's exciting it's some different you know. So we'll say we'll see what happens hopefully. You. Fingers crossed that long you have your resume in hand Dicey areas and everybody has their colder or their binder of waiting to see if they are going to get one of the job offers 15100 of them coming in this location good luck field. Accident and hurt so you wanna be one of them. It's like do I need to work they need to get out there any job humidity nice people in line very it's very clear yet if there is what's your story what brings you out. As famous as Harry needs superintendent I'm working since the Indians who years. Trying to get a job will be doing before I've worked toward she Caribbean actually AM I was traveling. This is a wholesale change very. Something in the little different race American warehouse before we're forgive me which is a went to my company and through them and marked them as being. As I did work warehouse before I had some experience. Ready for Amazon's warehouses you and robots are going to be interacting in the room and it is something those of the beverage. Blinds move and get back in it good luck today just some of the U2 some of the folks who are here and what they're calling Amazon jobs today. As this line snakes through the building and down to this white tents which is mercifully air conditioned and inside. The career folks at Amazon are giving people a sense of what it might be like to work for Amazon given an overview of the company. And any groups they go through something of a group interview. Shares some things and then a tore of this cavernous. Facility. But really the goal here for many of these people it is simply it to get a job and as you heard expressed Amazon. They say is the company of the future the line just keeps going and going and going. We people here from all over the the tristate area. We're and Robin still New Jersey at one of ten Amazon's fulfillment centers hiring collectively. 50000. People on what Amazon is calling its shops day. And in one fell swoop Amazon can reverse a trend in retail hiring and they're gonna do some of that here whit about 15100 jobs a lot of these are full time. Some are part time. And Amazon says it can provide competitive wages and benefits as it. Books to fill all of these positions in and we're meeting some nice folks in line if we could talk to you don't be scared to get immunity we're here at ABC news and. Wanted to see what brunch yesterday. Looking very unpredictable and apparently the S and amp that your employer you're here and I don't think that surprised. Without describing the that the company you don't want to save what kind of work. On the season highs and thank you weren't making him crazy. Some of this would be a change yet looking. Amazon com we'll that's a fast growing company. Marlins record for Amazon it's. And every confederate thinking and is looks like it's underwear again. The suicide to you. Explained. Well this is a big kind of job and at least to start maybe packing things. Filling orders that are that come in online so and it could start as some back breaking tight labor then again dying. No houses tank with close ties to meet you good luck today you get your resume ready. We know Reza man. About mourning. Had a rough start to be gets better for you very different things I'm hesitant to know them as we do. Good luck. A lot of books in line who are are here looking for work we're gonna in this guy's phone call early CR to students high lesson here ready. You've done this before yes sir what brings you here. Will have been out of work for little lounge a society division. Kind of work were you doing I was soon to working for telecommunications company. So this would be wholesale change largely indifferent yes why Amazon. Well I heard it's a pretty good company you worked for and I decided I give it a shot. What do you make of all of us that the folks in line of cars I was surprised that crowd here it's pretty amazing. Just shows how his city economy is not really exactly what they're saying it is. People out of work some folks out of work and some looking to to simply make it change and that's because my case we can make a change. You stand out because you are in the in the full. In the full suit lot of the these folks just a little a little differently it's that this I heard no resonating. Get the resonant ready to go. Hopefully get some good luck to the yeah you're an experienced job seeker but have you ever sought a job this particular way no absolutely not disbursed I'm members like cattle calls. Usually of life her job in didn't get contacted through email or phone and come on including interview Sosa divert some of them anything like this. Mcinnis. It's a different way of hiring people that's for sure. I don't know if it's the best way I don't know how could how much of it in depth interview they can give people in Kennedy's book. I figured going out of here I'm gonna give it to show makes stand out from August it. Makes me stand up probably my experience my education. Hopefully my personality hopefully he'll do well. You skew maybe a little older than the average player yeah I'm definitely I said. Bush speaking in my life and I just so that did see a couple people around my age my age group. I'm confident. Confident positive guy have a positive to the bucket thank you. Appreciate it very much I'm Aaron brings news nice to meet you as well. Terry diversity here at the Amazon fulfillment center in robins no New Jersey with ABC news we are meeting some of the folks who are seeking. Work from Amazon and Amazon is hiring. 50000. People on this one day alone many of the folks in this line were hoping to work here and Robin still New Jersey. Our are going to be walking out with an offer in hand and and it's full time work. The pay isn't specific but it's anywhere between 1117. Dollars an hour. And the benefits package as you've heard is what is driving so many people in this line here in the line just so you know. Stretches all the way down this building. This entire building is 28 football fields and lying at least half of it is covered by. People who are seeking a job and people who have resonates in hand for the most part. Who have varying degrees of of life and work experience. Some we've met have worked in traditional retail in and said you know Amazon is the only place now where they can grow. We've met others who are unemployed and are seeking work. And still more who say they're simply looking to make a change because they've heard. Amazon is is such a great company to work for by the way. The atmosphere here in addition to being hot and humid. It is actually fairly upbeat Amazon employees were here bright and early before the sun came up where people were already in line. Welcoming them to this Amazon jobs today bringing them into an air conditioned tent. This ice cream truck down the line to where people can try and cool off a little bit as they. Before they head into to a more formal part of this process but they're also getting. A sense of of what it might be like to work for a company. That does things a little bit differently and does things in away a traditional retailer doesn't if I can grab Nina. From Amazon. It's good to see a Nina. Good to see tear things are being hair this isn't it incredible turn out there that are hundreds and hundreds of people stretching down the building. There's great turnout for our Amazon the summit jobs were so excited to see these folks out there is a lot of excitement. About these great opportunities of the Amazon what are these folks going to be doing should they get hired today. Has sued a lot of these folks are going to be walking out with on the spot job offers and when they start with Amazon on their day wine. They're going to be doing a variety of different roles that include pick pack and shipping customer orders. You click on something this is how Amazon gets it out you so quickly. That's right these are going to be the people who make magic happen and you getting your package your doorstep in TDs are last. Hot is it worth how do you sort through all of these people to get 15100. Offers on one day in four hours. Well we're moving very quickly we had a great event set up where we have an air conditioned tents we have shaved ice. We have videos and music happenings at the very best of all people wait on but we huddled very large team here is helping youth until Carrick cannons and move them through the process as quickly as possible. We've heard a lot of folks mentioned. Two things one they heard Amazon is a great company to work or any other thing is they need a job with benefits and benefits come with a job. Yes we've heard the same thing and that's why we make sure that we provide opportunities at Amazon that are really come how link. For our candidates. And we do now by offering highly competitive wages and benefits starting on day one which is a really important differentiator for our candidates on especially those who navy. I'm are out of work right now are looking for a better job with Bennett says. The day they walk into our facility they have full health insurance and medical pencil and fish and they get life insurance disability insurance 401K with 50% match stock. Bonuses. And they also have a gala train benefits like our friend to leave which are the scene for our most senior executives as hard for our fulfillment center workers so. If here's someone like me who has a child and I mean anything about having more children the fact that we get up to its plenty of weeks of heated time. For the arrival of new baby is. Just incredible. And it is that because job seekers can be a little more juicy and in the tight market. Why is Amazon's. Felt. We know about Canada's help lots of options but I think we're really boils down to you for some farm houses. We want to be every employer and the candidate the employer of choice. Beckett helped attract a really high quality talent so we're looking for great great candidates you have. Great skills you're going to be wonderful team members and we know that the best way to attract have a fight on is by offering three opportunities with. High wages and benefits starting on day wine and innovative programs as well. Pain is with the Amazon here at Amazon jobs day thank you Nina and she is here with. Just hundreds of people who have come to apply in person. There are some jobs that are available through bill what's become traditional way on line. But for the most part these folks are all here in person and in theory could walk out. We had an offer in hand at least a tentative offer in hand. Right now and in this one day. Here in Robbins no New Jersey and in nine other cities across the country with similar giant warehouses of Stillman senators Amazon is looking to hire. 50000. People on what it's calling its jobs day. I'm Aaron pitcher Steve ABC news' Robin still New Jersey.

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{"id":48987592,"title":"Hundreds line up for Amazon's Jobs Day","duration":"13:48","description":"People hoping to land one of Amazon's 50,000 open positions lined up in Robinsville, New Jersey.","url":"/Business/video/hundreds-line-amazons-jobs-day-48987592","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}