Illinois Lottery Winner Poisoned With Cyanide: Autopsy

Cook County Coroner's office reports Urooj Khan was homicide victim.
2:02 | 03/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Illinois Lottery Winner Poisoned With Cyanide: Autopsy
What I meant every few -- -- -- a press release is basically the opinion from the autopsy report and this is an ongoing police investigation. I really can't address any items that -- in this release today so hopefully informative. This 46 year old male -- diet of cyanide toxicity. Obviously the level of cyanide was detected in the purple blood samples during the July 21 2012 inspection of the body. The sample of preservative sodium chloride in accordance with office procedures. So we -- it is imperative of choice for purple blood testing being subjected to analysis for -- And it limits the likelihood of any post mortem production of side. The sample is then retested in -- toxicology lab laboratory and we also attempted to a well established reference lab and and that's labs for repeat testing. And -- results were confirmed. The final toxicology results were provided to our -- -- MS Smith last week. No cyanide detected in the tissues -- the small amount of gastric contents that were recovered following exhumation of the body. -- that had short half life and it may be lost over the post mortem interval bless the futures are adequately preserved. In this case due to advance -- defection of the -- no sign -- was detected. The route of administration -- I cannot be confirmed by the autopsy. There was severe or about 75%. Espinosa is which is blockage. Of one of the major coronary artery detected that -- and ask you thought process. Since -- -- -- oxygen utilization in the tissues. It follows logically that an -- of these process such as foreigner or disease that already limit blood flow to the heart muscle. Could render somebody particularly susceptible to this type of talk and for this reason corner artery is -- to contributory condition this fatality. So once again and manner aside toxicity. Coronary artery disease is deemed -- contributory condition and the manner of death is homicide.

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{"id":18630119,"title":"Illinois Lottery Winner Poisoned With Cyanide: Autopsy","duration":"2:02","description":"Cook County Coroner's office reports Urooj Khan was homicide victim.","url":"/Business/video/illinois-lottery-winner-poisoned-cyanide-autopsy-18630119","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}