The Ins and Outs of Outlet Shopping's Alexa von Tobel on how to get the best deals.
4:16 | 10/27/11

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Transcript for The Ins and Outs of Outlet Shopping
Bargain hunters -- being winner just when you think you're getting a steal at the outlets you may actually be getting stiffed. Alexa bond tumbled the founder and CEO of learned as is -- -- regularly in and out of outlet shopping something I usually love to do well acts as a talk to me. Using outlets aren't what they used to be is that true. So. -- they're just not there -- half thirteen thousand are more outlets across America and people are visiting and more now. Now and they are even in major monuments like the Philadelphia liberty bell -- they're gigantic attraction. They are -- you talk about three specific dirty secrets. The outlet industry already -- -- each of those of first have to do with the location of outlet stores which we know are usually pretty far out. So can. If for secret -- they started realizing I'm that they -- I secretly and farther away from city so of course you wouldn't want an -- store to be really close and means stores -- any -- on -- avenue outlets or needs to be our -- But what started finding is that aren't there -- outlet -- -- it cheaper gently and but also there -- a major psychological thing that happened people would drive for hours they would turning to an entire game shopping. And ultimately it would and it's ending you know nearly two to three times as much money they would otherwise I -- didn't -- -- so far. I -- it became. They needed to make it worth it for them -- and because they -- so far isn't that the truth -- right -- the second dirty secret you say is the misconception outlet merchandise was originally meant. For a real store. That's right so -- outlet stores no longer have things that necessarily came from the -- stores will be asked to me after talking. If you outrage -- buyers at. About 1015% of -- -- an outlet store actually came from their mean flagship stores. On the rest. Actually thought. Now I dedicated at outlet buyers that actually they're only -- -- to go. And I south originally to come directly outlet stores -- you're not getting things. That didn't get sold in the original means stork you're getting specific items designed to meet for their talents is really tell the difference. -- so absolutely and some of the outlets stopped at being designed for -- outlet stores and ten have -- but. To -- Max Moore shot Cellini so more synthetic fabrics not using high quality natural addicts. And about seven -- -- percent of people. -- can't really tell the difference and -- definitely okay now the third courtesy secret is kind of tied to the -- went and asked to do with price should we believe what we see you know any LSI 80% discounts right. Yes so you actually shouldn't believe the -- instead if things didn't come from the means store we asked me between -- -- -- -- percent of the price tags. -- -- mark down we're never marked. On to those buyers were buying things originally I'm actually confided in the teen -- asked and they're doing this interview that would had been duly actually treat. Eight price is so the original price and in marked down -- so don't be fooled. I'm it probably meaning come from the means storing He just need to remember that you don't have that in poultry and I. Should we be concerned about the quality of the merchandise that we're fighting outlets source -- -- and they're not only cheating high quality fabrics and because they're trading -- at mass discount so that users will I am on at a discount price so. Again at about 77% people can't tell the difference meetings that. Synthetic fabrics and most important for you they're not gonna hold up as long so you don't want to necessarily high. In that you're gonna want the last three and out I was a great value -- -- your research. That you can do before heading to an outlet mall to distinguish. What's the good deal. What's you know the thing that never would have really showed up at this Doran is made out -- that average. Gas -- and the forty online union not historical look online -- on what's in store now. And I and and when you go you can see if there's anything actually -- and that means store. The possible -- for any rate found in me actually I heat and yet convinced I lot of things. -- you don't need. -- that was very eye opening for me personally I like that on -- all from our best thank you so much elects a great night in -- you.

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{"id":14828126,"title":"The Ins and Outs of Outlet Shopping","duration":"4:16","description":"'s Alexa von Tobel on how to get the best deals.","url":"/Business/video/ins-outs-outlet-shopping-14828126","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}