Intel Facing Parts Shortage

Suzanne O'Halloran explains what's moving the Dow.
8:53 | 12/12/11

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Transcript for Intel Facing Parts Shortage
Gas futures were down ahead of the -- -- news out of Europe during an -- discussed at an all business headlines this -- Suzanne how grants from Bloomberg TV good morning Suzanne hi Stephanie so let's start with some breaking news actually because Intel is cutting its forecast now tell us what you know so far. Yet this is pretty disappointing and -- coming out this morning just really moments ago -- cutting its fourth quarter sales forecasts that reason. Meaning -- and it's supply shortage of hard disk drives this is a little bit -- traveling you know the PC industry has been has been under some pressure. -- -- thing is because Intel is considered. The world's biggest chip maker it is a big barometer for attacked a man -- is a leading economic indicator. So this is another reason why we are seeing a decline in US stock futures plus. Intel shares will likely based on opening bell drop at least 3%. At the get go and this is a stock that's up 18% so from a broader economic. Point of view this is a little bit -- -- We have heard other chipmakers like Texas Instruments for example last week take down its forecast. But that shows -- that some of these big large technology bellwethers are just not seen a demand toward the end of the year and perhaps into next year. And that could pose a problem. -- US corporate profit growth the other thing weighing on the markets at least right now Suzanne is Europe. Again today bond yields are soaring in Moody's is rocking the boat -- gives details. Yet it that's exactly right and what we're hearing from -- it's interesting because on Friday stocks rally because the word we got out of the -- summit was -- need lots of progress. But looking at a little bit deeper according communities yes. They say they did make progress but not enough and they don't have enough new initiatives to moody says we could potentially see further credit downgrades. In other areas such as France France by the way as a triple a credit rating the US doesn't even have anymore as we -- we are seeing. Italian bond yields near 7%. Spanish bond yields are above 6%. This is kind of dangers -- this is the area where Greece became a real problem and we see those bond yields hit the 7% level. So what we're going to be watching of course is and see how bond street through the rest of the session European stocks are down pretty sharply today as well. But it just reminds us that the EU still have a lot of work to -- -- We think France pretend potentially losing its -- -- credit -- the you know Wells Fargo says you know France and Germany are the stronger countries simply -- them actually -- -- -- -- one of the two day cannot stand in particular France. That it shows us that the crisis when in fact be spreading and that again Indian negative for the year is and so they -- have a lot of work to do and according to mideast. They really didn't come up with enough new initiatives to maintain and Eric rather controlled the debt crisis has still not enough confidence I'll figure it out yet okay back here at home the treasury will release the federal budget statement this afternoon for now and November what are we expecting there yeah I do not -- much and this is -- November reports it is a little bit dated the market will be keeping an eye on it will look for any particular. Numbers in there that could suggest that the US -- needs to cut back a little again it is a report that traders and investors pay attention to you but. Clearly today all the eyes Iran particularly technology stocks because of the news from Intel. And then of course the developments over Europe we also only have a few weeks last. Towards the end of the year this supposed to be -- time when US stocks traditionally rally December's really on record historically the best month of the year for stocks the we have all these other factors. That we haven't had in years past particularly Europe that are making things is that much more complicated from investors -- again we'll be looking at that treasury data certainly. For some additional and -- but it's unlikely to be a market -- OK that's -- meets again to Mars is give us a preview. -- you know final meeting of the year we'll get -- around T fifteen I'm no big changes expected. The Fed is expected to leave interest rates right where they are unchanged well we will be listening it will we will be curious to hear from policy makers in their statement. Is how the US economy is. Performing -- in recent weeks we have seen some economic data particularly retail sales coming up pretty solid also the unemployment report report for November we did see unemployment drop. -- 9% so what's -- gauge of the US economy that's -- we'll be interested in hearing and then of course what is their take on Europe. Because if they signal to the markets that they are getting more concerned about Europe. Or perhaps that they're satisfied with the progress European leaders are making that would be viewed as something -- so. Again no change in interest rates the Fed tomorrow not expecting anything crazy but clearly what their commentary as going to be very key for the market in terms of what they're talking about. In terms of future -- policy is the economy for example -- strong enough the US economy where they perhaps can start changing their stance on keeping interest rates low for an extended period of time that's -- -- it said for the past couple of meetings probable that changes that would be newsworthy at it will continue to watch that tomorrow. Our right to other headlines Time Warner. Wants to -- company behind hits like ABC's extreme makeover home edition what details. Get it interesting deal because they're offering about one point three billion -- -- for this I had this European Dutch company and it's interesting because we think about it those shows are such big hits but. -- -- -- -- It's Time Warner will light to own this company so they can actually reformat the shows in international markets there's a lot of growth not particularly in Europe that they -- did you develop a similar -- Europe also Latin America TU -- intercede on those shows and that company came up with -- ideas for those hit unique shows here in the US and what they'd like to -- -- is really maximize that franchise and taken overseas and develop it for in particular markets. And that of course would generate additional revenue is as we -- syndication is very very lucrative business for a lot of these TV companies -- it's an additionally -- generate revenue this is actually. This theft opera that Time Warner has me for the company so we'll see what happens but it looks like potentially the steel could -- -- -- -- -- interesting headline. Some growth of -- got an unexpected chat have to do with Pringles chips that are so addictive. Explain what's not and this isn't this is that really a fascinating story we have some fresh developments on -- this morning Diamond Foods basically is. Makes those long months in different packaging. That I seen a store -- just a little background Diamond -- for example is. In a deal to buy Pringles for about three million dollars from Procter & Gamble. But what has happened over the past couple of weeks we have learned is Diamond Foods is -- probes. By US regulators over payments to walnut growers and there is an indication that perhaps some -- ethical payments or payments that. Were not actually in accord with accounting principles. Warrick Dunn said diamond food shares are down about 20% this morning perhaps even more and it is a -- cap stocks we have seen a stock seen seen big swings. What the company did this morning as they came mountain said the investigation. Is supposed to be completed by the ended December 12 actually. Today it's not completed. So they're unable to file updated financial statements that's why -- -- a stock under pressure. That actually is going to be pushed back sometime -- 2012 so. This is certainly an interesting situation -- with respect to the Pringles deal the companies have said the deal is still on track to go forward. But this deal Diamond Foods is actually offering to pay for the steel partly in stock and we have seen this company -- lose a lot of its value because of this probe clearly when you have a company that's under any -- an investigation shareholders just get scared and head for the hills. And that's what we're seen again today a lot of ID tells investors still would like to -- about Diamond Foods were the payments to Lana growers meet where -- an appropriate. -- if they were in if we do you hear some more negative news on that front there is a chance the company may have to restate its financial and we don't know that for certain. But that is certainly a possibility that it is a big companies I know we'll continue to watch shattering around and at a -- so let's take one look at the big -- great -- is and because it is down almost a full percentage points. Yet and that's right and we'll be watching today it'll be interesting to see. If the US continues to hold on to the declines or of -- clients get worse or if the market and kind of come back and shrugged off some of the European headlines because. As I mentioned before Friday we had the Dow rat -- rally over a 100 point because in Eastern -- was positive. Today we're hearing a different town but will the market digested. That's something we're going to be keeping -- as well also similar situation as image with Intel Intel taking down its numbers not a total surprise because he -- seen other chipmakers do it. But will the market. Shareholders actually take the news and bring the stock couple little let there's certainly really big stories today Stephanie Hanna -- -- from Bloomberg TV thanks so much Suzanne and good Monday. -- --

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