'Intel' Soars at Almost 10-Year High

The unexpected surge in demand for "Intel" chips for PCs sparks gain in shares.
4:12 | 06/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Intel' Soars at Almost 10-Year High
That happened in new York and as Wall Street's closing shop on this Friday June 13. Stocks -- today. A look at chip maker Intel for -- time sales had been losing ground Smartphones and tablets most of which don't use Intel products but lately. -- based chipmaker and enjoy something. Of a Renaissance. So accurate details regular finance on this Friday afternoon -- a -- -- its -- Intel was exact on the brink of Chapter Eleven and it provides processes for something like 80%. Of the world's personal computers but it was the tablets Smartphones that was taken -- hit the right. Intel was committed to an industry that's basically been in decline and that's the PC market -- this is no secret. PC sales -- just being gradually slowing. And declining actually for years as mobile devices have been displacing them. Would all rather carry out computer around our pocket then -- And office are -- have to use a big machine. What seems to have happen today -- what did happen today is Intel said. They got a surge in demand for its chips for use in PCs that was a surprise because. Nobody expected -- kind of a resurgence in the PC market so that drove nice gain an Intel shares it's almost at a ten year high. And this this you know -- once a -- technology company in for a day here early states reliving a little bit of its glorious past. We've we've got to look in fact of the past ten years has put that graphic we have it's take a look at exactly how Intel has performed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I want ask you about this thing. Happened -- to boost PC sales. Well that's a bit of mystery and and that's one thing that may suggest that this may be a little bit of a temporary bloom for Intel the one big thing that's happened with PC's recently Microsoft has said. It's no longer going to some support the wants very popular XP operating system. There are millions of those machines out there so with Microsoft saying we're not gonna support -- -- technology anymore. Companies that really probably should have upgraded their computers awhile ago. They just were putting it off it now they finally have to upgrade because. They've just got to get new machines with new software you can't put the new software on machines that are that -- so you have to buy new computers. And that is probably what's accounting for this increased demand in for Intel chips the problem with that is that could be a sort of one time. Surge that might last for a couple of quarters and then when all the companies need to replace those machines have done and we go back to the old declining sales trend. Tech now -- did research. On this post and Wall Street Journal showing exactly how or breakdown is that the use of computers in their present and use a PC at work. 13%. He's a Smart -- 8% working tablet now we're talking about business PCs -- -- wholly different story -- for. -- yet so I mean -- I look around my office for you can see behind me here. Everybody is sitting at some kind of PC again a lot of them -- laptops but these are these are basically conventional computers. And what is happened is even though it tablets and mobile phones have taken the world by storm they're not. They're just not useful for many business jobs you really need the -- a higher capacity. The bigger screen. The spreadsheets and all the stuff we do on computers. Those that -- still some things that are very difficult to do on a tablet and god knows on the Smartphone I mean it's extremely difficult to move around documents on a -- found. So while these mobile device is always it's all all of them smaller than typical PC. They're great for -- the that the less serious things we did a great for entertainment they're great for keeping up with friends. They just don't cut it as business devices lot of the times or at least they don't do what a PC -- they sort of add something incremental to what a piece he does but -- they don't do the job -- PC so species are here for a good long while I think in the business environment. And Intel's -- -- have a strong hold on that latency -- human forgot who finance on this Friday Rick thanks so much appreciated and thanks. You're watching a story stock stay with ABC news dot copper -- latest headlines Dan.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"The unexpected surge in demand for \"Intel\" chips for PCs sparks gain in shares.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"24134791","title":"'Intel' Soars at Almost 10-Year High","url":"/Business/video/intel-soars-10-year-high-24134791"}