Jaguar and Land Rover Roll Out New Vehicles

An interview with Andy Goss from the Los Angeles Auto Show.
4:56 | 11/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jaguar and Land Rover Roll Out New Vehicles
We've all heard about the incredible turnaround of the American auto industry but a pair of British car brands has also been building -- -- We're talking jaguar and Land Rover joining us now from the LA auto show is Andy got president of jaguar and Land Rover for North America. Andy how -- Yes good morning we do very well -- thank you -- -- -- of the of the day. Fantastic -- little bit about some of your new model that you are highlighting -- the show. What we built three brand new vehicles hit the loss on the show -- -- two from -- -- -- from -- drove. That you -- your products are a do you except Florida switches the fastest saloon car -- of the produced. We've also displayed the UF -- sports college argue that goes on sale in spring next year. Buffy to -- its -- really. We have the brand new range over the full generation rain drove. Which has its global sales debut here in the states in December we thought that this market soon to launch the vehicle so we're very excited about a particular tell. Well congratulations on the Camelot going on there now -- brands it used to be owned by board but were sold off during the financial crisis what has -- the biggest. Change at the company since that time. The biggest change actually is the thought that -- news which -- talks rocks and salsa. Has encouraged a significant investment in brand new products we currently investing. Three billion dollars -- -- it in broad new vehicles I think we've not started to see that the -- -- particular investment. We have the Range -- evoke that was launched this time last year which when the North American truck of the year. As a mentioned as does the three of the vehicle's launch of -- show today. In addition to the all wheel drive -- -- is for the first time. But a -- you accept Saddam just the two miles per gallon so. I think more than any canals that the investment in brand new product that -- have encouraged not just now an ongoing basis -- -- huge difference to the company. That -- it's true that your Branson had made these giant gains in quality as -- -- the -- One the FTB of the year JD power & Associates now has jaguar in second place among all brands for initial quality. But would you agree that there are still some old perceptions about quality problems for instance. The hit show mad men had an entire story line -- built around problems in the sixties you -- is sought to tackle some of that. I think this. You have to build its aspects about reputation buddies it's disappearing fast I don't think. Nowadays it's more about functionality in the -- that the US consumer really able to functionality. In terms of the entertainment system into the electronics -- the -- It's what it's about reliability of these days we doubts about in the industry tells really breaking down that's what appeals circus but in terms of functionality. And convenience and and comfort -- See the future. Cars going right now of course the overwhelming majority still run on gas but you see this. Changing well think we -- we wouldn't rule anything now I think the future involves small displacement cesspool of displacement gasoline engines. In -- diesel technology should've done it involves hybrid -- Any money faction that rules out any of those particular options in the US he's probably making a mistake and I'm from our perspective. We would expect all those technologies to control future province yes. Right and I'm sure you keep abreast of the news from the auto industry in the states as well when you look at the Big Three US auto maker is you've gone through. Some big -- in the past few years who do you think of the Big Three is doing things right and house. I think it's really -- you know we told everybody is moving forward because I think it's common -- -- that would compete with each of you know you don't wanna see anybody going through a struggle because -- -- about perception about industry and I think of the second round of the Detroit three has been have been fantastic news for the US -- It's been bad news for the rest of the complex disease clearly we compete more against BMW Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. It's nice to see people -- of doing so well. And what is down the road then for each of you are brands can you give us a little peek into the future. Well we're investing is of it should be full three billion dollars a year in research and development about means -- An enormous put cadence -- of the market and we've got these three vehicles hit today -- I think -- -- from the company. Brought you -- she's everything we do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So we'll be really changing our product range over the next few years and and having quite a whites found a product or out of -- -- -- A displacement engines and technologies as well also. We expect to be serious -- -- alongside BMW. Mercedes-Benz and -- that -- go with this particular market. Andy -- president of jaguar and Land Rover for North America thanks for joining us and continue to enjoy your time -- the LA auto show it.

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{"id":17830026,"title":"Jaguar and Land Rover Roll Out New Vehicles","duration":"4:56","description":"An interview with Andy Goss from the Los Angeles Auto Show.","url":"/Business/video/jaguar-land-rover-roll-vehicles-17830026","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}