Job Search Help For Young Workers

Susan Solovic shares advice for new graduates.
3:00 | 10/24/12

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Transcript for Job Search Help For Young Workers
It appears the job market is improving but the opportunities remain scarce particularly for younger workers here with some help for young job seekers. His ABC news in small business contributor Susan Celebrex is and is also the CEO of ask -- TV dot com. Welcome back season great CEO they -- as a pleasure to be here so first -- we're talking about people sixteen to 24 why has this particular group. Been hit so hard. What you think about it Tonya and that age range you don't have any work experience and typically the jobs are going after. Our entry level positions -- the lower paying jobs there may -- even minimal wage. But now in today's economy when people -- been struggling to find jobs. A more mature more experienced worker is willing to take those kind of jobs because any job is better than no job. And we know there -- a lot of people who are under employed in today's economy. So when people like that with experience are taking those entry level jobs. It kind of cut that out for these younger generation. Stupak as you think players wouldn't want those workers willing to put in long hours for less pay -- -- -- it's an interesting phenomenon about that generation. Yes you would think that -- they'd be willing to work long hours and do what ever it takes. Interestingly enough -- the research show it. That -- young generation is really sort of push back on that crazy work ethic that you know. We all went through and our generation about you know you stay in an early if they like they've seen what's happened -- they've seen a lack of loyalty by companies when all of these downsizing. And they're saying you know what we're not gonna live our lives like that we want more balance. For that -- -- -- -- been hearing a lot of older workers are putting off retirement. -- a direct facts on the young people because obviously they're not going up for the same jobs. Right but it does slow down the attrition the national natural attrition rate. So yes -- right seniors are working longer. They are finding that they can't afford to -- retires others staying there but it also you know they're healthier we're living longer so they wanna keep working. But what happens -- the natural progression of things people get a certain age they retire that opens up you know opportunities for that next level to move up. And then that opens up but that entry level we're not seeing that happen so the people are staying collect and get the jobs -- opening up. What are you gonna do it certainly stagnating so how much of a difference does a college degree make these days and landing a job and her -- evidence -- a college degree. These days it. Is like a high school degree -- about you know fifteen years ago you know it's true Tanya I've I've been saying that for years that a college degree is equivalent of what a high school degree was many years ago. But you know I I'm not a proponent of students not going to college I think that college is a great experience it -- your horizons. It's also a period where your socialized -- you grow up you you know you learn to be away from home and you learn to do things on your alt. But unfortunately we are finding that college graduate -- of the biggest areas of unemployment in our country right now. So it's sad when you leave college and you think you're gonna walk into a great job and it doesn't happen. We are what we're seeing is a lot of jobs are available hundreds of thousand -- jobs are available. At for skilled labor and we don't have people who have skilled labor those vocational kinds of training in order to fill those jobs. But as far as college graduates you know I think you're you graduate you've got that background -- education no one can ever take away from you. And you go out and you take a job and it may not be your dream job that you take the job to get experience well. -- questions -- based on. Your your experience is a college grad. Better off sitting on the sidelines waiting for the right job to come along are taking something that perhaps is not really what they want maybe even -- his or her skill level. Well actually you know there's an old saying that -- easier to find a job if you have a job. And that's -- and one of the things that most college students have going for them is they have little or no experience. In the work world so yes want to get out there you wanna start working you wanna get that experience. When I graduated from its college Tonya the only job I could find was selling specialty advertising products. And I was a straight commission job -- I went knocking on doors you know trying to just generate a little income stream for myself. But he was a great skills that I learned it was about selling so every job in every work experience that you get you are learning and your growing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's one way to get started and it's tough for college students because once again first well first of all they're young like what of these youngsters -- -- secondly they don't have that experience that they don't have a big portfolio of experience to share. And then also on top -- -- there often late with very heavy college debt -- they need to generate income as quickly as they can start paying off that debt. But you know it's funny there's so many students today -- -- interested in entrepreneurship I teach an entrepreneur course in an MBA program at a university. And they are interested in -- -- getting started on their own south. I encourage them to do that but a couple of things you should really like -- partner with -- -- he's had some more experience. Maybe start -- by working in a small business where you can understand how does that business operate what does it take to be successful. And then also on a big proponent of young people volunteering. So get on -- with an organization community organization charity -- -- may be. Volunteer. Show how good you are what you or -- doing mean those boards are usually filled with important business people. And then you can demonstrate that you have the skills. And the and the professionalism to get the job done. Despite your age -- great advice -- -- Zelnick ABC news small business contributor thank you so much thank you --

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