'Out Among The Stars' The Lost Album of Johnny Cash

Cash's only son John Carter Cash revives never-before-heard songs and treasured memories of his father.
3:00 | 03/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Out Among The Stars' The Lost Album of Johnny Cash
First -- -- a listen to this it's never before heard before it's the song from the iconic music legend Johnny Cash. She used to -- -- -- -- She -- the love me -- little love that little. Look NN there now I can't believe us in good. That was a sneak peek at the music video she used to love me a -- eleven years after Johnny cash's death his music comes to life in the new album. Out among the stars and who better to reveal the revival of this record -- the man who discovered it. Johnny Cash is only son John Carter cash he's joining us now on view is that so nice to have you with -- thank you for having your welcome good to be here is only. What this story behind this you found this music. Well my father recorded. Out among the stars mostly in 1984. Ten of the twelve songs -- the CD with producer Billy -- -- Nashville. At the time my father wasn't get -- attention. In Nashville in the from the industry and the fans really either that I feel like he was really deserving. And and this album was literally shelved its like -- -- -- its -- full record that was done back. So that it wasn't long after that Colombia dropped and whatnot. But still this great music was there it was part of you know the history of what he did couple years ago we -- discovered these tapes. Just wonderful stuff. Energetic you know -- here. I look in words define what this Johnny Cash record is it's going to be divert as a lot of different subject. That it has songs about states needs that is left -- -- wide. You know it's gonna have. Energetics -- -- -- in this record insolvent since some very excited you know I feel like it's something that you really -- the world here but it just never got released. And now eight you can imagine in this day and age eleven years later he -- social media so something like this. You can get whether or not you do big media -- -- you get the word gotten a much different way than when he was originally. -- you know you'll definitely definitely so you know and I mean. My father of the picture of who he was this has endured because I believe that his integrity. So no no matter what that's going -- was social media or how people perceive my father -- you -- you investigate -- you find this this. The spirit within him that is you know beautiful and inspiring and -- it it catches like wildfire. What was he like as a father equipment -- was he was a gentleman and he truly was and people a lot of people I believe have this image of my dad has been sort of a dark. Character of the man in black and what Johnny Cash. You know had this this image and that's all part of -- -- But but he was a -- and he would rather laugh -- Democrat Judy Jeff Bradley can't tell -- yeah yeah yeah yeah -- they -- episode and then that was a big part of -- my dad was was. Was the humor that made him up and -- also. There's a lot of humor actually in this -- among the stars. Records so it's exciting. I know this is going to be difficult but do you have a favorite songs of your father's over over the history of his life you know. What I'm really excited about right now is the duet with my mother that's on this record. It's called baby -- easy baby right here idea units in its -- that reminds me an army of Jackson or you know that kind of -- it energy and just intensity and I'm also reminded when I hear. That -- 111984. It was as close as they had ever been and his closest we ever would there was truly inspired leaving him. At that time but I love the stuff he did with Rick -- also in the latter years because -- actually work to stop the studio with him. You worked in the studio with. What do you think he would say about that just didn't beavers of the world now. And it. I hate hate you know he'd invite him over and you know I -- overhead feeding dinner and you know taking -- He take him fishing probably do you -- you tell him you know don't. Do things like the types of things that you're getting cut I don't know you know dad wrote the vocal moments -- -- -- so you know him he would never judge you know anybody from was he strict. As your father. Now seeping get away with a lot -- -- -- got away with too much that's really the is there anything you regret getting away -- But -- but you're not -- here exactly what outlet. Yeah and now last still get away with stuff I regret. The that the. If -- -- around today. What do you think he would think about all of this the fact that this finally after all of this time is going to be hurt by so many people. You you know them. -- his creativity was always. -- adapting and moving was -- -- -- so beautiful and it's all right -- that he -- things. And I believe he would be inspired -- -- this this was coming out right now because he he gave -- full heart. And everything that he did and to know that a piece of history that he thought it passed him by was suddenly in the forefront -- be inspired truly. This is also a business clearly can't meet in order to have this stuff out there -- today. And you're in now the teacher -- -- -- -- yet that the some great T -- that you can get -- lucky brand this is this is really who you get a hold it up the image from the from the you know from the front of the you know. Johnny Cash and of course this is that this is -- light colored teacher will be left with. Hearing the darker than dark colored teacher of the men in black -- you so people have options yes yes yes how. How tough is in black it a day in age like this where music is free and so many places. How tough is it to be in this business and how different is -- from when you're -- -- up with. You know I mean that the songs are still selling just as much as they ever were coming much more than they ever were so mean it's a different face of industry. But but what remains is the endurance and beauty of music within our society culture and that's just. That's everywhere so music is more accessible music it's just easier to -- you can take what you wanna hear. And you know the industry is adapting -- it ended it it's you know it's out of necessity of course. But you know I mean it it it's it's the -- is made in different ways and means you know possibly that it was before it's not on CD sales all of them. But the heart and integrity of the people love music as much as they ever did so that's not going any. Well we are so happy to have you with us -- Carter cash only cash. Best wishes with everything that new album out today all right great thank you Rebecca thank you.

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{"id":23051712,"title":"'Out Among The Stars' The Lost Album of Johnny Cash ","duration":"3:00","description":"Cash's only son John Carter Cash revives never-before-heard songs and treasured memories of his father.","url":"/Business/video/johnny-cash-lost-album-stars-features-heard-songs-23051712","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}