Junkyard Owner Surprises Family With Big Pay Day

Leo Guarente returned $113,000 worth of bonds unknowingly given away by Marie Veloso.
3:00 | 10/08/12

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Transcript for Junkyard Owner Surprises Family With Big Pay Day
It's just shock I was I was in panic turned red house -- and Leo good rates he couldn't believe we have found his company junkie but we just cleaned out these met for home. -- -- -- discovery in an old hope chance and we change someone's life -- all the sudden it was a symbol and looked in -- and -- thousand dollars. Bonds and those who plots look at all of these of the -- it is 1001001000. You know today's you know. Interest value of its -- 113 950 well. The bonds were purchased back in 1972. By Rose -- -- so she died a year ago police August I'm like oh my god -- units -- this -- what we found out there are obviously some temptations for -- to keep the bonds who couldn't use a 1141000. Dollars. But he made the call -- surprise rose -- daughter -- on we defined a lifetime. Look -- wonderful Murray whose -- -- 2000. 205. Need to all is what Hillary if it's -- at today's value with interest. A 113. 1950. Fled the. And -- ringing in her brother Joseph could barely find words shocked well -- well. It's Christmas camera that centralized in no -- -- Angela. Leo says that he's hoping to make is -- is now between reality TV show about turning trash to treasure I think this'll certainly serve. As a good example Maria Joseph meantime say -- like to think Lisa's mom. Still looking out for them. Even after her death. In Medford on the -- new center five.

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{"id":17423232,"title":"Junkyard Owner Surprises Family With Big Pay Day","duration":"3:00","description":"Leo Guarente returned $113,000 worth of bonds unknowingly given away by Marie Veloso.","url":"/Business/video/junkyard-owner-surprises-family-with-big-pay-day-17423232","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}