Kellan Lutz on 'Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis'

Episode 109: Actor, model and entrepreneur Kellan Lutz joins Rebecca Jarvis to talk growing up on a farm with 7 siblings and making it in Hollywood, on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.
8:00 | 09/29/16

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Transcript for Kellan Lutz on 'Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis'
You can create your life in the industry as traders figure got to create a life outside mr. Bossone the most common hires come be able to ride that we'll close. And for me. I really appreciate those were especially from. We'll basket news. Born in North Dakota. How did you up but I was going to school at Chapman university for conclusion and then. And then you know doors open I've done some modeling. In Arizona grew as well or school. And then has LA mama and turned into commercial work and then acting and I kind of cop acting bug from the past so. Is an acting. Alone. Like for little. Dirty messy. Lot of fire I was big pyro grown up. We're Abercrombie & Fitch currently it always you I was good readers so you get discovered year and helpers become an actor. What was it like that vary for your very first. Bold and beautiful I was scared Adam Amman. I really had no idea but I I love this really and so they're going on because Hitler and some ballots so quickly learn all lines. A couple of minutes to learn eminently burst hate every right. You know time Massa but as my acting continued demons aside its biggest stars and then work with Lisa Kudrow on the come back with procedures and a love Lisa. I don't get desperate acting because. Never was a dream of mine and I truly kind of passionate nineteen so if I don't focal role it was announcement. Black actors has sat here on the real but as couch and talk to me about. The amount of rejection that happens that comes along with acting and and just the idea that for every yes you're getting. Multiple nose sometimes hundreds. It's very true and very tough very tough industry. Tense of the question. I think. Just my mom mom mom really instilled. Lot of great core guys keep my appearance on the ground. And Jeff Bridges I worked on stockade he he taught me that you can create your life in mystery mistress. Got to create life outside industry so in the Loews common highs come. You're able to ride that roller coaster. And for me. I really just appreciate those words specially come from. You know there's a basket news and it's also my Brothers so who he had. Verify for food some very competitive heartland not with myself but I was struck to do the best that I can hard worker. But also I know that not everyone can work on it and have oh what are growing at such a big antley. How to fight. How to fight. Really. Tough bones in pages via fire don't don't take any slack. Just do the best thing you can never never give up. I read it you also have patents and steer a little diversify. Reggie will you do anything with. Yes I'm currently so we I was go to college at Stamford and widget chemical engineer so in nineteen engineering is. Big just passion mine I love being creative. So blackout bands as wanted to create about two years ago and we were gonna be on shark tank in. We don't buying surmised coupon book and movies like I can't go on show. But I would be injured England being one of the best shark tanks however love it now love it so black bands is. It's pretty pretty much in UH sleep mask. So those sunglasses I completely blacked out. And we actually just got in the Hudson news stand so thank you stay in Israel are there. Now the whip way the twist cork have a game called cal and it created Adam and hopefully project started just you know just to see if the sponsor people like. This is so cool well this site and you act Billick a lot of people don't really get to know that night. I do a lot of comedies are actually the Emmys made upon myself to you and or fighting corruption. And world but what surprised people. I don't know if it surprise people the most. I just love that have been a huge. Masses of the universe Anderson's a little time. What does into all of it. Are you taking acting classes all the time as Weller what what's life behind that camera like for an actor. Being in the moment being present I feel like every. Experience in life is an acting workshop. When I am in LA registers seldom I just love being on the road. And RVs so. Take my VW bus and just go camping. I love the travel I think that's where I learned to diversify. My just. Understanding of the world cultures and that's a great kind of acting workshop but then when I am in LA. Always love just going to a class he got a perfected class and keep on practicing got a coupon work but I really believe that. Work is the best kind of experience learn. How much of you or your childhood. Growing up with. A family a very large family moving around a lot as a kid how much do you think that. Has shaped you and and created the hunger incite you to go after. Such a huge tree. Well I think it really prepared me. Just mentally and really. Grew me up as a man I think it as a child. You know middles out. I was always building my Legos and making messes and that's from among comment with magic eraser and clean up after all as boy it is so many. So many kids a mr. Klain was my hero grown up as well but but I think. In a really did help with a passion. Are up. Look at it correctly he is what you're here it is very clean he's extremely clean it. I got my mom was very like I would go water the pigs on the farm because that's what my mama do you. Get us boys like does do. Out of house one of them for eight hours and mass pogs there does slosh around in mud. So I walked in like a swamp monster go straight to the pool are not too about the tub. And that altered from moment capitol Bob forming and mr. is trying to find a new guy to take Perry. He's on vacation he deserves it after sixty years so I had the opportunity to audition become us understand the rule mr. clean. Mr. clean it's tough on terror and increase just. And the cast director felt a little dirt on me which is a bomber armed cases. And third it's you know I I think it is that now we're opening up the casting call. Hash tag the next mr. Klain go to in the next mr. clean dot com. To submit your videos and just go for your chance when 1000 dollars and more so it's just grins and pianist. Connick man this just check out the next mr. green dot com and it all in.

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{"duration":"8:00","description":"Episode 109: Actor, model and entrepreneur Kellan Lutz joins Rebecca Jarvis to talk growing up on a farm with 7 siblings and making it in Hollywood, on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"42442553","title":"Kellan Lutz on 'Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis'","url":"/Business/video/kellan-lutz-real-biz-rebecca-jarvis-42442553"}