'Layaway Angel' Pays Shoppers' Bills

Anonymous woman pays off customer bills at Indianapolis Kmart.
1:53 | 12/15/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Layaway Angel' Pays Shoppers' Bills
Something so rare happened in this Indianapolis super Kmart store Tuesday evening that even long time employees were in disbelief. She said that she had money she wanted to make Christmas happy. -- just like an Angel just dropped out of the -- a middle aged woman who walked into the store and then probably -- department with the singular purpose. I make the holiday better for as many people wish -- good. -- paid my minimum balance. And she said don't pay that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The unidentified woman Madoff energy sources hundred dollar Christmas currently -- -- Along with over fifty other shocked customers. One after the other from ten dollar balances. To nearly 800 dollars. But according to store employees she wasn't finished after leaving lay away. She sort of walking throughout the store hitting a fifty dollar bills to whoever she saw. And then went to a check out lane. And paid for 400 dollars worth of toys she told -- store customers to pass along the kindness in the name of her late husband. -- what what can we do. For you. She's -- the only thing you can differ for me is to give back. For NG her four children will have their presents on Christmas -- this year. And eight year old Noel you couldn't be happier. I was -- there thank you so much that she she bare -- I can't believe it. Three hours and thousands of dollars later walked out and drove away they looked -- -- our stylist. Pursuant Lincoln and wickets at an anonymous person who's brought a lot of -- to strangers. Asking only that they do the same. Chris from six news.

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{"id":15163957,"title":"'Layaway Angel' Pays Shoppers' Bills","duration":"1:53","description":"Anonymous woman pays off customer bills at Indianapolis Kmart.","url":"/Business/video/layaway-angel-pays-shoppers-balances-15163957","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}