Mistake Leads to Million-Dollar Win

Louisiana cashier made Richard Thibodaux rich by selling him wrong lotto ticket.
1:06 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Mistake Leads to Million-Dollar Win
Patrick Thibodeau showed up at them at -- -- -- downtown baton. But the -- from family and friends to pick up his one million dollar ride -- -- sentence that denied of the notre. Well look at the bottom of the big. It's not because the bush appears -- -- him a power play it and that the powerball -- for. He's -- and unity oh -- and not involved it is terror. A lone -- -- their own Carter -- -- -- was the first to hit him with the news. -- -- -- 200000. -- one billion dollars. It was great we just -- you know. After taxes the seven year old well walk away with 700000. Dollars into -- -- still can't believe it's real. Unbelievable. I'm still not taken again I'm here -- -- everybody here but the -- -- being. But -- eventually I'm. Today it -- That you don't.

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{"id":14934471,"title":"Mistake Leads to Million-Dollar Win","duration":"1:06","description":"Louisiana cashier made Richard Thibodaux rich by selling him wrong lotto ticket.","url":"/Business/video/lottery-mistake-leads-million-dollar-win-14934471","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}