How To Make LinkedIn Work For You

Connection director Nicole Williams shares secrets of the site.
3:00 | 08/03/12

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Transcript for How To Make LinkedIn Work For You
If you're among the millions looking for a job -- -- website is a very popular place to be but if everyone is using -- -- find a job -- you make yourself stand out and more importantly if you already have a job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now and the mature people what they don't realize is how robust this has to be the more thorough it is the more likely you are to be seek out -- -- a bit. You know 8% of the fortune one hundreds are on -- -- looking for people so if you don't have here. Entire work history on there if you only have just this last position that you worked for a couple years their presuming that -- only works for a couple years so. He really do want to fill it out thoroughly Daniel -- have all your skills listed on marry you want to have as much of your experience. On this linked in profile as possible also that people -- -- OK because it's also it's based on search parameters as well when companies are gonna go away if you don't have a particular skill set listed on the that you -- possess that's -- mr. now -- -- and it's not. Like a -- -- that it's -- be targeted you only have Rampage you can -- -- as -- as possible so that Wednesday Harry Majerus looking out this particular skill set they're gonna find you you're gonna be discovered so. I think that's one of the most. You know frankly relieving things for jobs speaker -- like oh my gosh I can be found in -- -- if you felt like your profile -- But what are the things you don't want to have found out is your boss actually know that you are looking for another job he lets us get. With the employment rate hovering at eight point 18 point two in that area. You know a lot of people are still looking for a new opportunity but. -- I mean obviously are for they don't wanna give up what they have right now but they also don't wanna cut themselves short of something that could be better. Absolutely and that's why -- and has really. Scoop them very secure privacy settings so when you sign and to linked and -- on the very top right hand side is your name my. LCD and it'll have Nicole Williams and if you press I'm not button you're gonna see privacy settings. And when you click on that you are able to. And you know keep Friday the number of connections you have who you're connected to. The fact that you're following companies you can individualized your profile and make private so that just as you're suggesting your employer doesn't know -- -- out there looking her. New opportunity. It's a lot of times people that -- -- in jobs right now they got them via linked and they want to make -- that's not going to be going back through that same title. It's through that -- and I think because we know that employers are seeking. Day you know potential -- All of a sudden you've spent some couple hours and it's really rich now. That may be a warning sign into an employer -- you really can set it such that. You're not getting -- status update or your boss isn't getting a status update every time you play with your profile so. Just work on that privacy setting and really truly you can keep your connections all the work you're doing on your profile -- it so that. You're not gonna get down so what. There's a particular company or opportunity that you really want a target for exam yet -- -- you go about doing that in order to kind of cast a narrower net and not just -- looking for any thing. I'm glad you asked that question because it's really important what you want to do is follow companies it's a very simple. Button on the website but it's truly. What are you gonna learn dancing who's who's leaving the company who's coming into the company what kinds of news is the company releasing -- there's just been a new client acquired you can presume that there's going to be some new opportunity. I never you can front run the actual post if you know there's a lot of great business going on -- -- -- -- your interest in working for. You can get that information and an advance you know by virtual following the company and you can also see who you might be connected with -- that company and I think that's one of -- real surprises and -- it's -- -- -- that we could be connected or that we may have people in common. Who we can help each other from -- perspective could Jamaican introduction and that's what following companies helps -- -- -- So it's almost like making a proactive approach -- into the job search and not just so it not to saying. Hey I'm looking for work in the employers say OK I've got something for you you're able to actually kind of -- -- move that Islamic. The other one of the things -- -- used -- -- before. And about a minor right now as well but you know what are the things that I've always looked that is that. It seems almost I don't think impersonal but you know because it is a website and you think our people actually looking at this is -- Past and they are and you know I it I love that point now how do you make it more personal especially with connection -- -- say you and I wanna be connected. Use a standard connection requests you know otherwise you just. Dismissed that you say hey Dan I've really enjoyed your work on ABC this is what I know about you so that we at some level of report. So you know -- we build a relationship it's just like. In person you would expect someone you know just -- -- -- you for jobs and you don't know he wouldn't do that on -- in either so it's billed the report and you can build that report by viewing someone's profile by. Involving yourself in groups by filing a company so that. You have something to go into the introduction -- Because one of the things that just drives me bananas when you get that -- -- request. That is the standard tag line that says it's I'd like to include you in my networking you think you know it would -- 152 that was -- little more personal allies. Which you're going to be a little more inclined to say are now on -- take -- atlas delivers them. Absolutely and that as a thing and this is -- -- to adopting an if you get those you know in personal notes you don't have to accept everyone within. You know the and -- when he was asking you to be connected you should be discerning this is your professional roller Dex you only -- -- have people within your network -- Reflect well upon you and people who you can actually rely on to make a professional. You know connections so. It's not this isn't Twitter where you're looking to have millions of followers this is you know fifty plus professional relationships that you can actually leverage he -- Could we get hold so many times that this is becoming. Kind of the FaceBook the -- -- where you need to have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of connections but if they don't yield any thing what good of the numbers thank you very much are quite well picking. They want to ask you about it is obvious they're free services which is the basic service on that but there's also subscriber services yeah. Explain some of the differences in the first off why would that be a potential target or a potential red flag yet if you're a lawyer sees you subscribing some of these services. So there's a premium account especially for job seekers and this is absolutely option also appear out of work and you want people to know that you're -- -- port you can get a job seeker badge on your profile so that people here -- available you're out you're looking for opportunity but you can turn that off so. If you subscribe for the job seeker information you can. You get in now -- -- I can actually read an email to you that goes your email address it's just a way of making a relationship more personalized. Ends. I just have an added benefit of more information you -- you can learn more about people you can get more information about the companies are following it just gives -- that second level of information that helps you to stand up and cry out which in this mark. At the -- of the the F -- -- -- -- absolutely article and -- like to thank you so much for stopping by some great information thank -- I appreciate it.

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{"id":16925350,"title":"How To Make LinkedIn Work For You","duration":"3:00","description":"Connection director Nicole Williams shares secrets of the site.","url":"/Business/video/make-linkedin-work-16925350","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}