Has the Market Reached its Peak?

Matt Nesto analyzes the morning business headlines
6:28 | 04/11/13

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Transcript for Has the Market Reached its Peak?
Market futures were mixed this morning ahead of weekly jobless numbers. But this comes after yesterday's record day when both the Dow and the S&P 500 -- -- all time highs. We're gonna bring in the Modesto from Yahoo! finance out of break -- the business headlines of the day good morning Matt. Good morning John -- -- day yesterday. What -- day amazing we'll see if if that can be sustained but with his weekly jobless claims numbers what did they show. Well in improving you know we had that big out -- number that looked that we were maybe you -- losing -- momentum that we had in the first quarter so we were down. 42000. Last week -- and 46000. That is a sharp improvement from the 388000. Before it also brings that four week moving average down close -- the 350000. Level again we -- saw a slight dip. In the number of continuing claims that the initial filers but those that are continuing. To file week after week that's getting close to three million flat. And and that is about a five year low also looks like we're back to our first quarter trend line if you will of about. 350000. New claims a week. The markets are watching this week's jobless claims so closely. Well it's you know it certainly gives us an idea in terms of how we're doing economically -- we get these every week records reviewed the payroll number. But it it gives us an idea of just the trend and whether or not -- that one. Blip up was one off which now it appears to be that -- -- or where four or whether we're improving. Our -- good news anyway and not the the market has is that earlier had a record day yesterday the Dow breaking the 141800. Mark the S&P 500 breezing past its previous intraday record. As some analysts are saying they reached their peak and will start coming down -- -- indication that that could happen. None whatsoever other than that everybody thinks so that's a good reason why well Brian I'm about to put a piece up on Yahoo! finance on the it's called risk on baby and the that this is the story because. You know way you know three long weeks ago we -- all worried that the world was coming to an end and we all had to go and look up the countryside -- become familiar with things like that and yet again. The sun is up the -- -- deals are blooming life goes on in the truth of the matter is we're seeing. This great rotation. Towards riskier assets in the stock market right now the big winner yesterday wasn't so much stuff all time highs of the -- the -- -- -- was the NASDAQ-100. With a just a huge move and over the last five days is outperforming the Dow this tech heavy index. By about a 21 margin so we're seeing or -- a rotation. Towards riskier assets at a time. That we are already as you said -- -- -- all time highs. I guess the the spring fever is hitting the market to the euphoria is up there -- -- out. Interesting side note about yesterday's trading the Fed -- minutes which were big driver word leaked early to some firms will there be any fallout from that. Italy was as it wasn't even if we just took the -- it it just. We'll get to the -- -- and the -- that the note itself was. Was fairly -- but I you know there's ongoing dissension within certain members but that's healthy at a rate setting -- we're supposed to have. Different ideas and views of how to handle things that we have some people that want more reasoning we have people that want not at all we have some. There with the chairman and his crew in the -- That want to keep things pretty much where they are right now so down to the -- that it it's really preposterous and having these things happen from time to time but. It certainly doesn't look good the Fed is looking into -- but all total more than a 150. Different individuals and entities got. This report. The march meeting the minutes of the march -- a day early what's also interesting to me it's not a single person and all over I've heard of yet. Came forward that said oh yeah we got this until they are rather without that they got -- these other defendants received -- They kept quiet investigation -- continued. I'll see what happens they're -- as you mentioned earlier yesterday the S&P 500 was led by the tech sector. But today it seems to be holding back a little bit because of those -- PC sales what's going on. Well PC is the word right there and I'm not talking about political correctness. People like tablets people like Smartphones more than ever that's where the growth is in the business PC -- are certainly going to be always part of the equation. But they were down more than expected and it sort of makes a look at the individual makers and manufacturers. And such but you know I gotta tell -- semiconductors. Are the best performing group over the past week as part of the ship -- -- this shift that I talked about. -- up over 5% during that period of time so you know this monthly data is certainly telling him. And worth watching but it. -- at this point doesn't appear to be a huge him break on the market right. All right now finally at wanna bring conversation around to Taco -- -- -- -- to pick -- appropriately asked. Its competitors have been trying to go healthy so Taco Bell seems to be following the trend. And says it wants a third of its products to meet federal guidelines for healthy food by twenty -- But you don't really go to talk about the healthy food to you I mean there is -- -- outside let this with a side a water like you know every. There thirtieth instantly makes sense for the company -- had absolutely. In this -- the thing they wouldn't do -- it didn't make sense you sometimes lose sight of us who think that they're being. Pushed her somehow you know made forced to do this by different -- but the fact of the matter is the company its -- our customers' tastes. And needs. Are evolving. So they're adapting part of their -- to try to make it you know cheap and cheerful for people who want to do that I think it's interstate. That Yum! Brands which is the parent company of taco bells and Kentucky fried chicken and Pizza Hut is doing this because you know those brands are -- -- -- for a little. Menu -- over themselves mean just a week ago we are talking about the new Pizza Hut creation which was the crazy cheesy crusts. Which was a pizza that pockets -- literally little ponds of -- surrounding your pizza so I'm not sure that's gonna get on the -- healthy menu. Now chase is evolving to that yet well look you know a lot of people love Mexican -- -- -- -- -- -- Mexican you can become synonymous with healthy -- -- Now I have to thank you so much -- as they're written on what look at the doubt for alleged -- not really moving anywhere just yet we'll see what happens today. Matt thank you so much my pleasures.

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