Markets Open Flat

Cali Carlin looks at how jitters in Europe are affecting the Dow.
4:41 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for Markets Open Flat
Dow futures were down this morning on worries out of Europe particularly Italy and Greece. During an -- discuss all the business headlines as we Begin this new week -- Cali Carlin from Bloomberg TV Cali. Great to see you thanks so much for joining so. Are examining it let's start with Greece and Italy prime minister George Papandreou is resigning. And now premier Silvio Berlusconi is being pressured to do the same in Italy -- how much we'll changes in the leadership really house on the debt crisis at this point. That really remains to be seen obviously those pushing the -- are hopeful that it will have an impact. But what we have seen so far is indeed leadership changes are certainly affecting the markets really saw that this morning as headlines were crossing about prime minister. Berlusconi we definitely -- worldwide markets move in knee jerk reaction to these. -- waiting headlines so it will have to see how it affects the crisis but certainly it is affecting the market. OK we -- about -- for some time but why Italy suddenly more of a concern. What's happening right now is the cost to finance debt is rising and so there are concerns that Italy will no longer be able to afford to finance. Its debt for example the ten year note is what we're specifically watching today that's around 7% and there's concerns and we can't afford that. In perspective it really has 2.2. Trillion dollars with the debt that is more than Spain Portugal and Ireland combined -- really. -- -- -- -- Right so that's the next problems and -- -- right let's switch gears a little bit talk about Warren Buffett he's been on apparently -- buying spree. What's even adding to his portfolio and what are the implications. -- for small business -- -- -- -- Today -- bottom of -- he definitely saw the slump in third quarter as a bottom and an opportunity to buy. And we're doing is he's really diversify his portfolio and it is worth then he spent about 24 billion dollars his Berkshire Hathaway. Did that is in the third quarter and that's the most Berkshire's stake in fifteen years so a substantial buying spree he's diversifying more in the past. -- been really focus on consumers like Coke and financials like Wells Fargo and more recently he's been diversifying into commercial and industrial specifically -- the chemical company. Members loyal to get a big -- -- that and members a year ago by the Bremer and company M Burlington northern Santa is definitely diversify. -- people definitely always watching what the Oracle of Omaha is not all right. It was a week ago today an address global declared bankruptcy in this morning we're learning -- -- the regulators is removing himself from the investigation why. That's -- what you can call this is too close for comfort or conflict of interest. The head regulator of the commodities futures trading commission had some close ties with Jon Corzine had had enough -- they worked together -- Goldman Sachs also works -- -- Capitol Hill so Akerson nudge is. And to remove himself he had decided to distance himself from this investigation because obviously it is little question. Yeah okay that makes -- -- you've -- -- news for us first of all -- -- sending recent car buyers some sort of an upgrade what's the story there. -- this is a necessity here because there been some problems with the dashboard touch screen. In several -- -- -- it's been not functioning. And so they're going to senate software patch and -- specifically and explores and seventy edges and focus is. And because of these problems there consumer ratings have -- -- -- so they're trying to air combat that it. Right correct the problem -- and Toyota. Is among the companies reporting earnings this week what are we expecting from them. That's -- -- reports tomorrow and and fortunately. Investors and analysts are concerned that Toyota will not be able to hit the targets of the company sent out because of the flooding in Thailand is really hurt some of its. -- production and in some of its distribution and support Toyota actor. All that they went through with this not -- quake in Japan and now they're being affected by the flooding and. OK anything else you're watching today on this Monday Cali. Clearly aren't keeping our eye on DreamWorks puss in boots that was big winner at the box office for second weekend around and that's missing DreamWorks shares a -- Herat or 3% this morning's -- And taking one -- look at the Dow -- Right now I'm -- just edging up a little bit up two points -- NASA looks like investors are sitting on the sidelines for now. Just waiting for more. Firm headlines may be honest Berlusconi C absolutely I CNET is headlines move the market very quickly and can cartel from Bloomberg TV thanks I have great morning -- ebony.

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{"id":14897057,"title":"Markets Open Flat","duration":"4:41","description":"Cali Carlin looks at how jitters in Europe are affecting the Dow.","url":"/Business/video/markets-open-flat-14897057","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}