Meet the Company Behind the Coconut Water Craze Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis

The story behind the coconut water craze and Vita Coco. CEO and co-founder of Vita Coco joins Rebecca Jarvis on Real Biz.
4:47 | 02/17/16

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Transcript for Meet the Company Behind the Coconut Water Craze Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis
Butler our president Martin Laurie side with an investment. And we've sort of talking to these two girls and be resilient and they mentioned at the scene in me most about Brazil was would you Coke which is coconut water we'd like the idea he actually moved to Brazil couple weeks later to be with the girl. How. At pocono. It went on a visit. And they were right Coca one at the time with every word herself just. So there's no real is this plan. Go on about what type of business start went into that business and been an amazing solve your Jerry's. And you know anything that any group I just kind of felt like it was a business opportunity here OK I need to get on shelves need to figure out how to get distribute and then I made my own way of selling right so. At the time roller blades still kind of cool. I struck my roller blades and I think it's sixty stores in New York City in a game as compared to do like well I was walking. She ever cheap labor me and narrowed this thing out. Consumers. Like instant gratification that's what energy so well you drink an energy drink when you're tired and weak when you drink a coconut water when you're really thirsty coconut water works and works quickly at heidrick bought do you worry about the coconut water has been a massive category in the entire tropical the world for generations Todd Leitz. If you wanted to sit fresh coconut water well you had to become treating active. With a machete only done is bring it to North America and bring it either and bring it to places where didn't. For about half sixty coconut fiftieth it. My focus is a heavy lifting. We started this business we were selling in thirty blocks in the works were selling in thirty countries around the world running. And countries. Hillary. Pastors. Man Madonna's manager guy theory for half an introduction for summer. And he suggested that we be higher Madonna tune being paced by like for selection of fort. Federal unify gave her something. Advertising budgets went to. And I suggested why don't you guys invested. That's exactly. We sold part of the business to Madonna she actually brought in Matthew McConaughey and computers anymore at that time they all invested it was amazing they took a state of the business. And then went and worked for spying actually talking about the brand. On stage in the gym in interviews whatever they were doing. And really helped drive the popular business you had to it was a break I didn't realize how big time but. Realized that quite quickly that day we announced it and the media attention measurements first heard your story it was like old hat on attacking the right people's easy I don't come from that industry. I don't have those types of connections that key was the product. If it was me introduce to Madonna with some other product some other brand. Wouldn't have been so successful at getting in QXX. We're cracking million focus. And the beauty of the coconut is you can use every little piece want to create other products at an old. That we can use that seeing coconut or second thing is we built the rain and the people we've spent twelve years building a business. Consumers give hostile places to play in all things with an artist and Louise stick with your gut instinct. You know one point again I strayed when somebody everybody was telling us your packaging early two packages to. To choose hired its designer to design new packaging was released we can really cool it went on the shelf. And literally I saw. Consumers looking within three months we've switched it back to the original design. And in from that point oh orders and stick with what we've got because working like change my father was not. I was starting businesses with my dad when I was nine years old. That is where I learned to just resilient in start. Up realized there. When your starting a business you might not know everything that you can always figure. We wait to figure out who work and and get a coupon coupon don't.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"The story behind the coconut water craze and Vita Coco. CEO and co-founder of Vita Coco joins Rebecca Jarvis on Real Biz.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"37004387","title":"Meet the Company Behind the Coconut Water Craze Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis","url":"/Business/video/meet-company-coconut-water-craze-real-biz-rebecca-37004387"}