Mega-Millions Mania

What will you do with your money if you win the $586 Million Jackpot.
3:00 | 12/17/13

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Transcript for Mega-Millions Mania
Now we want to talk to Lauren -- from Yahoo! finance and we've got the Big Three spending big money here in America Big -- kicking off his swan song at the -- -- -- lottery jackpot up for grabs tonight -- dealer's choice -- where you wanna begin. Let's Mega Millions -- -- the we star and everybody really cared about right yeah. -- your ticket actually having -- when this time I usually pretty good about it but the snow has kept me from going outside -- Can't just means you're not a -- because your chances of winning the jackpot are one in 259. Miller and and they weren't since just October. So -- that I think it was interesting things about the spending millions of the jackpot has increased at 586. Million dollars this jackpot started ages twelve million dollars in October and -- failed to produce a winner in 21. Straight. Drying so people be scratching their -- going why we keep I -- these -- But no winners -- not told they actually change the rules they need the poll numbers that you choose from bigger cent higher chance of winning a prize and got a little bit better in in one and confident that game that you play but in terms of the big jackpot your chances and gotten a lot -- the -- is used to -- -- and 176. Million and now as I said that went into their 5990 years is already -- getting killed by an asteroid org and having death -- shark attack but haven't even worse but that doesn't stop people from playing one of the things that and experts in this area -- people involved in the lottery is it. And that jackpot gets bigger. More people -- more people that wouldn't ordinarily play because it's a little bit and small price to pay an -- ticket but if you win you're gonna win huge three and -- Three eggs of people -- very big now have a chance tonight that's when the drying it and if there is still not a winner. You have and a chance on Friday -- Hitler. I am not urges a ticket I am not a -- but I'm surprised to see how popular is gonna have to say when I go into the little corner store every morning get the newspaper. -- went in is buying a lottery ticket now like 6 AM it's -- with. I did top -- to a lottery winner and she told me that her secret to winning the lottery and she won like 35 million dollars a lot of money. She said she believed she genuinely believed with. All of her being that she was going to win and she thinks that come all of the people who believe 99%. That they're gonna -- that's why they don't win. -- I'll -- guys yeah I you have to own it why get -- acre signing this one you wouldn't -- -- biggest jackpot that. Came out last year was 600. All right Lauren Lister thanks so much for joining us. -- gratis I look do you get a stories like -- after the Mega Millions who really cares about exactly nothing else this dream big America. All right so much for joining us Lauren Lister and -- you so much for joining us on real -- is until next time. This is Rebecca Jarvis from New York.

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{"id":21248159,"title":"Mega-Millions Mania","duration":"3:00","description":"What will you do with your money if you win the $586 Million Jackpot.","url":"/Business/video/mega-millions-mania-21248159","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}