Menurkey, JFK Auction Craze & Foot Locker's Ad Goes Viral

Darren Rovell's Rovellations on what's generating the biggest buzz on the web
4:59 | 11/20/13

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Transcript for Menurkey, JFK Auction Craze & Foot Locker's Ad Goes Viral
And I want to welcome that the person who found that for you dare -- -- and an ABC news whose rocket November I am. First time ever and you -- on on any platform wearing a beard on TV in my history -- and what was it. That got you to do the beard is just to make this different my efforts to hear you've got to be on real yes -- -- what we appreciate that. What do you think of what Eric said about sports being different from all other content -- did you that's why in starting next year the NFL -- gonna get seven billion dollars in TV money. Because sports is the only play where you have to watch it live for. That's it in my my wife doesn't want anything alive I watch every issue -- now. Just wanted to make sure -- -- I -- -- American -- -- -- -- Yeah new terror. I mean I don't know that they had in 1918 they might have. But it would have gone viral I'm I'm really upset that I did not get in on the monarchy. That ended at nine year old who started that -- weintraub. They reached 40000 dollars in their 23. Mean the next one is in 27. Two -- I don't think that you that you can get in now will be talking about it -- but is it -- that's right I want you is our guest Friday. The fiftieth anniversary. JFK that JFK assassination and you. Have been following all of the option memorabilia yet everything I mean it the amount of auctions have come on line for JFK -- -- -- -- just came online from Christie's by the way which is the watch worn by the doctor. That the -- -- care for him that that looked at the time for his time of death. But there's a lot of other ones we -- the keys from the -- the limo. There in 1031000. Dollars for that we have the Texas -- -- theater that never happened and for 200836. Dollars this is that it means I'm sorry -- -- possible. -- -- 108000. And in the west what is the phones. From his last night. Ever on earth in Fort Worth in the presidential suite they put little things on the phones the White House logo on it and so -- not yet. Burnett that that sold for about 30000 dollars 30000. Dollars and they probably make -- call better than the fountains that MER. Currently is this that this is not the time to buy that stuff you -- to wait a couple years to be the next buyer really it's all at the height is -- -- you -- -- -- because it's what happened with that the Titanic last year. You know if you're gonna buy -- -- -- fiftieth of -- hundredth anniversary. Just as it significant what the next anniversary is and by now or maybe -- -- but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Larry that's just a cool little you know. This is wooded area does in -- -- his spare time when she recently from a foot locker at. I'm sorry -- can. If -- here. So mr. -- -- shipped to North Korea for. OK so it's it's this really went viral yesterday it -- called their week of greatness what happens if everything was right with the world. Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield giving back his year. I just can't -- selling anything here well it's their week of greatness I guess -- you -- that that's the question does it translate into you going into a footlocker. I think this is just this is the world of clutter we live in right now right I mean you you'd have to get to the viral. -- -- that the people that just advertise are no good it's all about what they call in down marketing it's all about. Having the you know making sure that your content to and they certainly got -- -- I was the most viral thing that was going on yesterday. Well another big viral thing that was going on yesterday forms out with its list of the world's highest paid musicians this year -- down from number three Bon Jovi. Earnings 79 million dollars mostly because. Are rather mostly because of his because we can to -- at number two lady -- that she brought in an eighty million dollar. Year -- that was on track to make much more -- hip injury dampened her style and this one's surprise me -- Number one -- -- -- way she grows -- 125. Million dollars that's really hard to believe it's. I can't believe the material girl is still making although although the Michael Jackson. Mead -- 120 million dollars last year these there's no injuries him. Jittery in his hips and intact yet -- her about. Somebody -- -- we appreciate.

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{"id":20950680,"title":"Menurkey, JFK Auction Craze & Foot Locker's Ad Goes Viral","duration":"4:59","description":"Darren Rovell's Rovellations on what's generating the biggest buzz on the web ","url":"/Business/video/menurkey-jfk-auction-craze-foot-lockers-ad-viral-20950680","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}