Minnesota small business owner’s tragic loss

Korboi Balla discusses his bar being burned down by protesters, and the significance of George Floyd’s death.
4:54 | 05/31/20

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Transcript for Minnesota small business owner’s tragic loss
Starting tomorrow restaurants and bars in Minnesota are supposed to start reopening for outdoor service only. Unfortunately some small business owners in Minneapolis are now facing a different reality after having their business is vandalized and burnt down. Core boy Bala was getting ready for the grand opening of the sports bar in March when Kobe nineteen. Brought the country to a halt and just as he was planning for a phased reopening the building was burned down this week. I'd miss super amidst the protests. Korb what thank you so much for joining us right now you are a member of this community you were a firefighter. A father and you've invested your life savings. Into this bar I do want to be very frank with you what when we talked to our producers today and our our booking team. EU would be only. Person I really wanted to talk to tonight is that I wanted to hear from a business owner. Who first of all lost so much with -- nineteen. And now has pretty much lost everything because of some of this violence will where's your mind at tonight. I'm more potentially happen from group premier honoring our. It's been our home this and counselor for a happened. It was a long process to get around what that for a group of business. And did you see it go away in this photo. A date work on crazy so it's due. To it originated that's what do you have insurance. No I didn't have insurance at a time when it happened. So have you have you lost everything. Did lose it wouldn't cook out when I first got silently used to the property back in the Rivera they have insurance. And who took over in 1990 and we know when we're gonna opens bidding to run insurance agent. You tell me to just kind of suspended and has put it you know week or two before. Problem though when so I didn't have insurance when when the building was burned down carpets. You know we're seeing the photos he sent us of that the coming soon sign and then. This that windows broken in and and the sign going down. We've seen the images of of of your hometown burnt out buildings graffiti. What would you say to that to the people who did this to your business. Are actually shoot outs outta panic they got said before I'm not trying to take in January from deplored it. You know I was out there protesting out out accidental death. You know I'm still Beijing's flat happen but just when you when you taken away from Mecca bustle this is only Myanmar open. You know Coppola small business owner. Are here you know that support its Opel army purple. You know because who worked so hard to get most of that we've got and we still trying to right. In any grown to a coup in nineteen flick on with the remote or no income especially if oil and bars and restaurants Butler debt. So is already hard. Come into this time and and not just African chicken way you know. Most of us go this program we've gone and most moral the roof solar is broken in order opener reopened and are. Parts of its. And and so what is your next move now. Class I figure out just gonna kind of sit back through a little bit and his Ghana. Come what a good idea that it planned the world do mix Martin would described American community. Truckers have viable way I came to clean Bob donate. So whoever needs help we're not just to kind of get. Get back to some kind of just do something to give bet. So that's not what we're in now. OK and just last question sort of what I classes again if you if you could talking to people who walked and sheer. Your business and and and and sent that place on fire wolf what would you tell him. I'll tell him to I'll put this up in our shoes. You know this could be lonely affair remember this rubio mommy or daddy your awful your bread sister you know it's who you want if I remember that their own business. That would burn down to the ground. So you know you've Bremerton sorry I did you know I'd give it took pains are mad men got them out front in the data were from anybody I get paid you know what I hear protesting. But my personal pay gap filler in different beat him protesting. And right. You know also weakened protest all of our hero markets logistic you know let them know gone you know biggest did in Virginia protest and arrived and you know destroy our crops so that's that's become popular guess Tim I urge you to. And knees and George you know. Parity we're not a violent person. He also was gonna right now don't be whatever support. Crow boil ball a man who has lost to small business because of of some of the violence in Minneapolis and it's still. Took to the streets to protest when his family because he believed. What happen to George Floyd was a crime. And that it needed to be protested. We wish you luck. I II hope you can turn things around I I hope there is there is something for you in the future and it seems like you used you have. The right mentality and your heart's in the right place. And and I really hope things turn around free thanks so much for talking us tonight. Are they appreciate Jeremy thank you.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"Korboi Balla discusses his bar being burned down by protesters, and the significance of George Floyd’s death.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"70988859","title":"Minnesota small business owner’s tragic loss","url":"/Business/video/minnesota-small-business-owners-tragic-loss-70988859"}