From Moments with Tinder's CEO to the Pressure on People to Look Good on Social Media

Rebecca Jarvis gets the dish on what you need to know this week on Real Biz 6.26.2014.
18:31 | 06/26/14

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Transcript for From Moments with Tinder's CEO to the Pressure on People to Look Good on Social Media
Hello welcome to real -- -- Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what's happening right now fourth of July as you know right around the corner but before you turn that rail line. We have a celebrity chef in house to teach you how to do it right also we're calling it the FaceBook facelift people literally feeling pressure. To look perfect on social media but not everyone is about glitz and glamour wait until he hears some of the most bizarre plastic surgery request. They're out there from snakes splitting -- took home lying alterations. We have the pictures and the stories to prove -- these really did happen it's kinda crazy. Also speed of social media the CEO of -- the dating at -- -- is buzzing about he joins us right here in studio. But first with fourth of July right around the corner and if you're like me you're already thinking about how you can host the best barbecue party for your -- because. You're all about the eating in the drinking. Don't stress that we rot in a world renowned chef to share his easy grilling guide secrets with you. -- you can impress your friends and we want to welcome to the program -- -- long he's the Bellagio. Executive chef it's so nice to have you thank you Rebecca all the way from Las Vegas all the way from Las Vegas from comes from the sun and the heat. From the so this is actually not so hot compared to Las Vegas in the summertime -- that this is lovely weather here. It -- -- even though it's very humane and approximately ninety degrees at night. Which we don't have that -- -- will we love that you came here to join us you brought. By the way we love when guests bring fun accessories along to share what's on the table. So we have a lot of great fun food. We have very very special -- it's it's a boneless corporates. Which has been marinated with their very own special are used by Israel and -- we have here is although little. Different ingredients that go into our spice route. And then we also have a lovely yogurt very case. That is perfect for this summer fourth of July I look forward to taking into that. We promised people fourth of July tips for the best fourth of July barbecue so what are -- top tips and tell me about the things people should be getting ready now. Well one of the things they can do now it for fourth of July is actually -- this place. It's on the great tips that wanted to share with you today is. Is to marinate your your -- humans. This car of his very -- to -- It's eight to ten ingredients in the can mix and match how you like to see if you -- to deliver more spicy you know the more Chile's. -- Though that more sweetness you can and more brown sugar. One secret ingredients that we have is to have an espresso powder. Which -- certainly a nice little kick to it. And how advanced because this is a big question for me -- love love that taste of barbecue with the spice -- But that's always up in the air how long in advance do we need to actually put this thing on the meat for its taste that way -- so we marinate -- -- between four hours at a time he can -- 36 hours and time. And let it really -- into the -- and let it -- -- get all that lovely flavor. And so then we took it -- very slowly on -- barbecue which is our second -- how do you do that. How do one thing to know how -- -- -- solely on the stove because you can turn the heat around but how do you do it on the barbecue what it takes a little bit patience and. Refreshing -- -- beer always helps it. -- What we love to use is sound charcoal. And that gives a little bit more flavor as well. And you can add wood chips to that and you can just sort of -- that the cools off the side and that that really -- slowly. And one of the things that we talk what is no -- so as you cook your ribs on the barbecue you close to live. And then you can go and enjoy and talk to your friends your family that's more cocktails have some how I asked how many cocktails -- re having here before it's ready but as -- like -- 123. You know. It's -- risks how -- would you say they they require on. On the ground we probably do -- third think -- six hours nice and slow six hours in nice in -- a lot of cocktail that is a lot of cocktails. That he can also. Pre -- on the little bit so cook them in a little bit of steam when you're still. What you hope -- cut down on the time little bit. And hope and horizon and then maybe just finished -- anger over what three hours and that slow. Slow process. Takes shape so what's it like being a celebrity chef at Las Vegas. It's a lot of -- -- you hiding from -- that the people outside. Know we really want to engage in it and embrace or against Pittsburgh. That's why we're there because we want to cook for them and we want we love seeing. Expressions when they taste great yummy food. And Austria awful fun part of it at all this is to be with our guests -- -- you're cooking with that yes. Because people are going to -- gold -- Las Vegas that we have a very own culinary classroom that we share our -- are recipes with. And we make it so that people can make it at home song we know that they're very busy. And that's you know it's a simple rest that they can do in the Winston angry after work and have a good. They get home made me wonder. Well we'll -- -- we so appreciate you being with us here thanks so much for joining us and next time around Las Vegas we'll see at the Bellagio thank you heard it. We're just removing some of the delicious things for Jeff Long that he brought a -- with us and we'll have those in a little bit. Also for anyone out there after you're done eating all that delicious worth -- night that you might -- in need of liposuction while we're just kidding about that they really. Our next guest is a plastic surgeon and he says that the cosmetic surgery industry. Is exploding as social media users aim for perfect for -- because a lot going on on -- right now. Literally as -- -- just dropped right next to me. Believe what a welcome our next guest is doctor rob think this year and he is a triple board certified basal facial plastic surgeon in New York. And it's so nice to have you with us doctor thank you America you made it through all of that chaos that was going on behind the scenes here as he walked -- the sentence spices were being thrown every which way. Going green mean to me -- if -- -- look at. Well we'll talk to you about oh hello what are you bringing out with you. -- lessons so Google glasses tell me about that how are you using the. So we decided to use these as little bit of advance technology into. Better. Video and electronically document are patient encounters -- to do a lot of teaching and when. Other positions. Medical students are watching surgeries they can be in another room watching -- on live TV when I'm have these on and actually doing the surgery. This is the incredible promise of Google -- when when they first came out everybody was wondering how is the consumer gonna use these but one of the big things was that the medical community. Would be using -- But when you think about the world 2.0 and what the medical community is looking into we're hearing about some pretty crazy surgeries people are going through -- -- of pressure really pressure from social media you hear that from patients. We hear that -- thank god for -- fees because that's increased. Patient. Self inspection and -- come in and our rates of not just our rates in our office for national rates. Surgeries. Injectable procedures cosmetic procedures has gone through the -- Good for business. But does it concern you at all that somebody would walk in and say I just I'm not liking myself -- I want to change myself. Well -- I think the -- he's just bring attention to things that have already exists in America. -- Jarvis says filters through gotten decide what's -- and Mona -- and what's not. We are hearing about some pretty crazy surgeries. Beat the snake tongue. What is this. You know -- just recently heard about myself. It's something of you know I would have to say -- to. That's that. -- -- -- of the pictures -- of some of the wild things that bit plastic surgery years seeing these days -- and you would -- no evidence. I absolutely -- singer that anything that's not reversible -- problem. So what other crazy things of people asking for people ask him about. You know it's doing rejuvenation to the hand because their engagement rings or show off their hands. They want to show off their arms. If they've had massive weight loss and they have. Harm -- skin hanging that's doable but just because someone -- -- -- congressional -- doesn't mean they're gonna get a -- from their elbow to that are. Armpit what's most common procedure your -- So the most common procedures were seeing and over all age groups are noninvasive non surgical procedures that involve no down time -- recovery. No garments no needles so those are cool sculpting. Involve freezing found that can be done during the summer you -- have to Wear compression garment. You can do injectable -- us and collectibles like little mind and you can do energy devices -- Are. Sound waves -- radio waves that tighten your skin inside out. They tighten your skin inside they tighten your skin inside -- there's no downtime they work. On the right patient they're not surgical face -- but for somebody in their thirties and forties are really beneficial. Your ear doctor in New York yes things are a little bit different New York -- they are in other parts of the country absolutely. What is the average patient spending to come see you. It depends for nonsurgical things anywhere for a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars and surgical procedures like face limits and run a positive several thousand homes. Several thousand dollars yes and and it there's people who are doing this more than one time in their life -- -- They are again this is not Hollywood we don't. We -- the Hollywood -- -- So we are proponents for something natural we even had processors confidential last year important to prove. That proper lead done in the right patients. Surgical procedures were there cosmetic procedures -- -- surgical and nonsurgical can be just right and actually help people have better self esteem and live better lives. You do think they have -- better self esteem after the fact. You have to be around when we -- -- -- -- noses are faceless and look look at the patient's eyes and then you'll answer my question. Doctor -- tickets here thank you so much for joining us we appreciate it thanks for having me appreciate it. After you get your medical make over to look like a celebrity -- you now have a shot at dating your favorite Hollywood star to. -- really you do there is a matchmaking tap out their call -- it's disrupting the dating scene with over one point five billion matches made. And big celebrities like Katy Perry and miss USA -- Caldwell. Our -- Tinder looking for a lot we want to bring in the CEOs John -- he also co founded -- nice to see shot pay. Thanks for having this so OK so what you about the tender. Meeting new people as a challenge -- one of the biggest challenges you either have to put yourself out there and walk up to somebody. And you feeling you're about to be rejected -- another and somebody's coming after you and it's just overwhelming. So there's -- like natural friction between people and we just wanted to break that down and make it simple and it's simple and you know that somebody you -- -- meet also wants me to back it just. It's almost like that moment when you walk into room and you look at somebody crossed the room and they look at you back everything just -- or simple. But -- area we -- actually in her saying. And here are just swiping through people's pictures right what I mean in the room you're sort of doing the same thing you're looking of people across the room in your making these initial impressions saying yes and -- -- your head. Satinder is meant to emulate the real world. And in dealing now we want to improve the real world and sort of lead to more connections -- created over two billion matches in the short time that we've been around then. I think we've we've had due to other people looking for -- lover looking for like. I think it beats beats everything it's all of the above I mean it's whatever you want in the real world this what you. What you search for -- tender all we're doing is making connection between two people what they decide to view is totally up to. Do you know it and give any research on this yet about what people. The majority of people decide to you because there are other dating website at their right and who -- -- all about saying we've matched X number of people who got married. Do you have any of that data. I can say they've been invited to more weddings and a container that are intended lifetime. You -- that he it's -- -- we -- you have some survey data and some anecdotal data and and that we -- through -- but. Pretty much it's it's diverse and it sort of emulates the real world there -- people out there who. Might be younger and now looking for something so serious and somebody older and people are using tendered their walking as they travel around the world to sort of make connections and figure out what to do it night. It's not -- A lot of people who think they say no -- Cisco great city for -- New York City and not -- city pretender. Yet an act I think part of it is people are making what they want -- -- so there's like. They're using it to -- friendships to you get social recommendations on what to do at night when their frequent in the city. -- really is up to the user all we're doing is making connections in the easiest fastest way and then. He's very fast that is all of -- dating sites that exist out there Tinder you basically put your picture up. -- that's it at that if the user wants to go any further than they swipe left or right right. It's quick and the users in control so nobody can contact you unless you actually like them back and we want them to contact you which. Which is a paradigm that is very different than most other social platforms because and other social -- -- There's more of an open ecosystem and hinder you control your own ecosystem and that's. That's we wanted to bring power back to the users. Back to the is that I'm amazed by what users are using that power to post the pictures. -- -- people are putting -- I mean you guys are controlling. What people put up as -- profile picture -- There are some ridiculous ridiculous I -- even say some. There have to be millions of ridiculous profile pictures you know it's it's a reflection of who people are and what they got they ears blacks and who are people and I. There are. Well there are ridiculous things that are beautiful things I think it's just a reflection on society and what people want express -- there's definitely a lot of tiger -- fees that are. -- -- starting to be band actually in New York ironically enough. They're -- and how senators there is. There's a recent. The city of New York actually decide to ban I I don't know about it just announced it has -- -- the tiger yes how is making money. We're not yet. It is something that's in the road maps on the question of if -- when so you decide that you like to make some money. -- added there there's a lot of things we can charge for in and out premium services at helping make the most out of your experience. You know when we're giving people value proposition that we are we we just people pay for it and it sort of -- if you look at other dating sites. At some new people are willing to pay for -- com. -- there's there's obvious things. Like for example you might want to pay to go back. Which is something that people keep asking us for and what does that mean to go back to go backwards in time yet no and -- just like a human. Accidentally said yes or no to somebody. Because you're swiping so quickly -- and I watched people if for people who are familiar with -- what -- the 32 elevator pitch that you explain. You we show you said of people that we think he should now. And all you do easy swipe left pass on them -- right to like them and if somebody you like also likes you back and you -- -- -- -- -- and you can talk to them. I don't know what other cities are like on this front but when you go out New York City now and year out in a bar or restaurant. You literally just see people on their phones -- -- like this this yet so so there are people who regrets. That they didn't like somebody usually just thought too quickly if in that half a second -- Now that's not the -- of my life. We use that we do a billion swipes every single day and there's bound to be a lot of mistakes in that fillings like well you don't really consider your book again for more than half -- -- I think -- Immediately we underestimate how powerful our minds are particularly. Act. At certain visual understanding. What's in these -- what they -- and contacts are especially now that we're -- social media savvy. There is a lot that people are trying expressed us and that we can pick up in milliseconds -- -- just. Think about the first impression how powerful it is and you know you walking -- -- in in milliseconds you. Looking at some of these body language their facial expression everything you pretty much know if you want to approach that's. That is true -- -- to maybe even more true because. It instead of just superficial first connection people are choosing photos -- express who they are and we can pick those up in -- He also have this new thing called moment yes explain what moments is so we did a really good job in the last year helping connect people. And what we realize as we created another problem which is we're creating so many introduction of creative and why other problem -- I'm probably some other stuff but. -- now that would meet so many connections we want hope people get -- that -- -- their connections and that's where ten that's where moments comes in. You can match with somebody needs somebody new and then moments hopes to get to know them by sharing sort of moments in your life and letting other people react and start a conversation around them or vice Versa. So it's like a great conversation -- it's a great way to get a glimpse into somebody's life. I'm -- learn a little bit more about her parents and there. Of course from -- that's been there. What's that like being the CEO and being and -- and dating site I it's I you I use it mostly ask users what they're thinking in how many dates at the event as a result of that I'm I'm in a relationship as a result in there. -- yes I had. How I think you're here congratulation to what we really appreciate it -- -- you CEO Anderson I mean thanks for coming on thank -- And thank you for joining us for real -- want to hear from you are you -- in third. And why do you like this dating -- above the rest tweet us -- real business RJ until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York have a great life.

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{"id":24322421,"title":"From Moments with Tinder's CEO to the Pressure on People to Look Good on Social Media ","duration":"18:31","description":"Rebecca Jarvis gets the dish on what you need to know this week on Real Biz 6.26.2014.","url":"/Business/video/moments-tinders-ceo-pressure-people-good-social-media-24322421","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}