Moving on Up!

Wall Street on the rebound. Will it be a 4th straight day of solid gains?
5:16 | 10/22/14

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Okay. It's Wednesday October 22 to market to New York are open and today's big number 215 and take a quick look at that there was a plus sign in front that big number 215. That is how much the Dow came roaring back what are the biggest one day jumps of the year in fact. Wall Street gaining a little bit of ground after some pretty scary dips last week the NASDAQ also and one of its best days and 21 months. Everyone I'm down Cutler in New York so the question is will be another day of gains adding stabilize and on Wall Street some answers now. From market analyst Joan Allen Drina from Jill good Wednesday morning to you. Take and how Mario on doing well thanks socialists is we've got three days of gains will last week at this time investors are worse sort of freaking out for lack of better words what's going on now. Well again it's almost good that we are exactly one week clear from when you and I spoke last at that time. Oil is trading at 79 dollars the market was incredibly volatile and you and I we're telling our audience. It's okay keep some powder dry air market volatility it's natural you need up and down days that's what creates. Averages that's what creates opportunities today eating in out of new IDS. So what we're seeing this week is in fact BS and 500. I had 84 point 2% gain in just four days so while last week were looking at a flat to down market on the year. We're now up 5% on the year and that's why were always recommending to investors. Filter out a lot of the noise that you hear on top in terms of volatility what's the treat now. Almost have been nice stable stocks in your portfolio with are going to ride out. He's markets it dips at and I have to be that we had market volatility is natural and we want to see that investor as investors could always lands to new ideas and we certainly saw that yesterday. All three indices the NASDAQ S&P 500 the Dow. Had a great day down with a triple digit gain of 215 points and in fact the S&P 500 in the NASDAQ had their best day. For all of 2014. So really those bottle lies that there isn't just one factor it's not just the price of crude that's necessarily driving he's kind of lose market act movements. Well one thing I like to point out when we look at crude is what we spoke last week eight. Bake part of that conversation wise we need energy stocks to participate. In the rallies again because oil and gas stocks make up 10% of Assam 500 and that's exactly what you're seeing now because last week oil was at 79 now it's just at about 83. And that's where you're getting that participation from the energy names and we've recommended to investors. Don't worry about rushing to celebrate now you would have sold at the bottom and energy stocks just like speak conglomerate story industrial Neeon sore. Our space and defense these these larger companies international exposure that that have to balance sheets. A lot of cash there here's to getting paid those dividends to see and wait while the market writes itself out. And that's exactly what we're seeing now the energies participating again Anderson just across the board through. Most sectors. Earlier this week IBM Hattie pretty big. Earnings mess and that contribute about 7880 points we traction on the down. Now look what happened next at 215 points the market is digesting. Earnings news and volatility. Quite well and that's we'd like to see with earnings where. Investors in the market place have the ability to pick and choose their spots story. The house and have nots and companies that are performing well. Managing their cash managing their expenditures and there are unlocking shareholder value not just by dividends and buybacks when investing and world. Getting rewarded and that's when you see all those metrics come together and you see it great today across all three major averages. This is a will you talk but I BM west is that a company Boeing also has some good numbers as well right. I'm sorry Woodstock a convenient Boeing. A Boeing had some great numbers in fact there was quite a number. Aerospace and defense company is out this morning and they all have really good numbers. Boeing was just absolutely blew away the quarter. Earnings were up 18% on a revenue gain of 7% and again that's what we'd like to see where they're growing revenue. See the bottom line and that's revenue. It was through commercial aircraft which is their core business and in addition to having it blow out quarter. They took up guidance above the bottom end of the range pounds at the top end of the range so what that means for investors for the full year. They're expecting earnings to increase. On revenue as well and that's what we liked to seen another thing with following. It's one of those nice dividend paying companies see you have that in addition to capital appreciation of the stock. And longer term fundamental investors want to look at names like that particularly as we write out some market volatility. Aren't well we'll be right in along with everyone are killed hundred of mystery that can't Jill thanks so much have a good Wednesday AM. Pushing keep up with latest headlines right here at You can Washington big number I'm Dan Cutler in New York.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"Wall Street on the rebound. Will it be a 4th straight day of solid gains?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"26370495","title":"Moving on Up!","url":"/Business/video/moving--26370495"}