Jobless Claims Jump, Stopping the Presses at Newsweek

Jeff Macke analyzes the morning's business headlines.
3:00 | 10/18/12

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Transcript for Jobless Claims Jump, Stopping the Presses at Newsweek
This Thursday October 18 hello everyone I'm Tanya Rivero in New York breaking news this morning jobless claims have jumped nearly 16%. In the past week. Plus the turning of a patent for Newsweek magazine. Joining me now to discuss the top business headlines at this hour is -- -- co host a break out on our partner Yahoo! finance good morning. Good morning time you're like a ray -- sunshine after a show our -- it's just wonderful. That's right that's why I wore the art institute to portray the sunshine act added that -- in and I think Fox Business let's do it Jeff let's with a weekly jobless data because the Labor Department says new claims -- -- -- whopping. 46000. Last week to 388000. Any explanation for this jump. To -- for the dark side these numbers we've set a million times are noisy and so folks look at the four week moving average which drains about 365. Thousand jobless claims per week. -- that's not. Going to you know my feelings about the jobless situation it's a disgrace we need more jobs we've had some noisy data lately it seems to be trending towards the happy side. Bad there's a little -- of step backwards -- not enormously unexpected. Given last week stated seem like there's -- -- the -- going on there you know 388 that's not good director jobs back into the picture on. What does it mean for the presidential candidates with the election now less than three weeks away. It's hard to say you know minute -- the next the next debate is not going to be sort of be macho square off let stand in front of one dollar and say mean things type of affair that we have last time. So hopefully we get some positive. -- we're stores we talk about foreign affairs actually so perhaps not right I would love to see more substance debates are all style points it's 95% -- 5% which -- actually talking about. I don't know I've heard anything from either candidate to be honest that addresses jobs to my satisfaction and I think that is a function the president largely not having. Really the power to drive this is much they would but it should be number one election issue I'm not sure it is right. I think a lot of others agree with they are let's move on at a news week which is making headlines this morning. The magazine says it will end its print edition at -- and his ex pat I've got to say but. What are what are what are some of the publications biggest challenge is going to be as it moves into digital only format. You know Howard it's trying to monetize -- -- hate that -- Monetize that people are looking out of from the of these magazines -- is anything I -- read from Newsweek I can read with a click. If they offered free online or -- one who dies. And you can check out our stories and some magazines have become these relics that at least when -- there was freedom in the gem I'm standing on something sweating like crazy. Right that's kinda what they're good for it you hate to see these things go away because -- -- a good magazine but. Like we've talked about before I know I know -- -- physical book. I -- castle and I like the -- that I can think about all those doctors' offices filled with Newsweek magazines and now they are going to be filled. Yeah it's a Smart business move sort of it's a move out of desperation obviously when you close your core business and go into web publishing. That's a really really cloud crowded space and you don't have that Newsweek imperatori give you an advantage that's right that said you know you can't there's money forever on a magazine. That's right our right. Some alarming new numbers step on student loans last year the average college grad with loans owed 26500. Dollars that's up 5% over 2010 what is causing this -- -- Probably -- -- intuition. Two things happened one is that you -- -- student loan as of 1993 without having -- an economic need to make it easier to do that so used to be your parents have no money. To get you a student loan now they've they've disconnect -- -- -- which makes sense but that increased student loans organically. And what you really -- to know is that -- question has outpaced inflation somewhat like fight by 400%. Since 1983 so which is just crazy and it's the -- go to college. Is up fivefold since 1983 whereas they would -- the price of a -- -- -- maybe it's 100% give -- take so. Of course that -- do blogs it's just gotten much more expensive to go to college. He's given -- Crowley's kids graduating with these lines and can't get jobs. Yet you know which brings to the fact that that maybe being in anthropology major Wednesday romance language minor. Isn't necessarily what you should be going to college for you know -- Saying it's wonderful -- -- very Anderson just doesn't pay you well to know a lot about the paley on this thing you're. And so it -- deep within these people -- don't have jobs a huge unemployment problem. That which his -- in the data right Gregory you're just about people who graduate to these problems don't go away. More gonna take care of that on the federal level because it's just too ugly to think of all these people under twenty somethings that are underwater it's like being underwater -- -- was only for twenty years of your life. Right it's just not a great way to start out and Irene outlets like Yelp because Yelp has unveiled a plan to stop business owners from -- their reading. Online -- -- consumer alert notification. You think this is a good idea. I think it's again idea. -- -- Yelp on making that happen here helps the business of via providing reviews and those are only as good as the people who are contributing about. And so if -- small business owner. In the -- you might be -- the sort of the ethical gray area but. You're gonna try to review your restaurant as much as possible restaurants make. More of a push to get there -- Customers' -- make those reviews as well. A relative basis sometimes they're they're pushing our servers on at a times they aren't if they're -- the surveys on your well and you're gonna get inflated scores and so -- should be doing this. Two way kind of maintain the integrity of their site. But then again that -- controlling things on the Internet my personal experience at least. Not you know I had to say I have personally enjoyed Yelp. But I have noticed that people tend to post when they're unhappy more often than when they're happy with her this. -- Robin Reid John there's actually a stand if if you're unhappy in a story tell ten people -- And if you're happy you'd probably tell no 13 there's like an 80% chance and I'll tell anyone because you just expected and so the carpet factory is huge patch things I. -- small business better for her it's it's. It's down at this morning. That it is as people watch this time out of Iraq. Can't resist couple here and they haven't -- good -- in the -- lines spreading that giant island -- and. --

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{"id":17507716,"title":"Jobless Claims Jump, Stopping the Presses at Newsweek","duration":"3:00","description":"Jeff Macke analyzes the morning's business headlines.","url":"/Business/video/obless-claims-jump-stopping-presses-newsweek-17507716","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}