Occupy Wall Street Through the Mail

YouTube user urges people to send back bank envelopes to start a conversation.
4:49 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Occupy Wall Street Through the Mail
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- Moses and -- is unsolicited credit card offers and others Occupy Wall Street -- just offseason -- But Occupy Wall Street got me. These offers from the same financial institutions. Ruined our -- speculating and housing market. This is -- job. This is an opportunity for. -- we'll see inside everywhere he's credit card offers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The bank's contracts that the post office to get these envelopes and it already pay -- -- -- -- back and exercise. Use these envelopes and dinner credit card applications but we don't want our credit cards that we we certainly don't want them from the big -- -- -- the financial crisis. We use these envelopes and other ways. So they'd want this is the easiest everyone can do this just take a look wicket -- -- sent back and it's quick easy -- five seconds at the mailbox every -- at Boston when that. I'm means banks it was propose that we you. Police let's that -- They certainly put a little more work into it would be to send tactful. Take all of us here -- -- people. It -- itself. But it. Mean after all evil is the -- Hoffman both. Eight inches again as the products. Hopeful that -- actors at eight. Being in the world that your first -- I do its ascent and it. Record out Washington's on my partner as -- what one each envelope that way this wasn't just this community. Actually wants. This is absolutely. Clear pleased to me. Phase three and one with a little. You need a little bit would be. Of which this is election. Since he's. It looks like it's that he's worked yet -- well these are rumors or about it. Now -- -- you put that in -- The message -- that is actually communicate excellent -- tax. Wall Street. Should any envelopes and suddenly the -- becomes really. More for it becomes. Why does that matter well. -- cost more postage to mail slash Netflix has to pay more money TE handlers and you haters that schools are. You can go further at this site. I think the gold standard for postage paid protest to be something like -- who finished its beauty heady days probably. But it's important that this is -- communication so I think that putting some sort of message. You know clear rational debate -- slogans so it is time thing that matters. Think. Seen them when they get a few dozen roofing shingles a few hundred which ends of the few thousand -- -- -- -- And that's the point that this is really about -- the postage bill on the date book and inside that. The real effect of this is forced banks react to us. It started getting hundreds and thousands of weird responses to their credit card applications. Well they're going had -- Procedures. Every hour banks and acting. Is our -- -- and -- congress but screw us it's. It's our don't think we're close in on our houses. So I think that's progress. Now. This postage -- -- This is no substitute for getting out in his -- is there. Occupy Wall Street movement started industry for the time being -- quietly this that's it. After you've been out there lending -- -- of the crowd -- patent redundancy in its way from the bases. -- William Voss spent five seconds -- your job now. And -- and stuff activities guys if you can't Occupy Wall Street. At least keep Wall Street. -- out. --

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"YouTube user urges people to send back bank envelopes to start a conversation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"14838787","title":"Occupy Wall Street Through the Mail","url":"/Business/video/occupy-wall-street-mail-14838787"}