Is Your Office Job Permanently Damaging Your Back to Mercedes CEO on Distracted Driver Technology

Rebecca Jarvis reveals what you need to know this week on "Real Biz" 7.1.2014
17:33 | 07/01/14

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Transcript for Is Your Office Job Permanently Damaging Your Back to Mercedes CEO on Distracted Driver Technology
Hello and welcome to real this I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what's happening could self driving cars -- for real in our future. And you trust this technology with your life plus college grads having a tougher time than ever before finding work. Could their careers be in jeopardy. And sitting all day in a death is causing some serious health problems should employers. Be held responsible. To do something about it we've got the CEO back -- and he's here to explain how he's trying to help your health. But first off millions of Americans to commute think that it's the most miserable part of the day it's certainly. When I -- -- Minneapolis was not my favorite part of the day but if your car could drive you instead of you driving your car to work. While it might alleviate some stress. Does buzzing about self driving cars like this one. You see on Google's lot Google's model as you see here it goes just 25 miles an hour so he couldn't possibly drive that -- on the highway at least not yet but industry insiders say this technology is the first glimpse of the road to the future. And I want to bring in a man who knows a thing or two about cars Stephen cannon is president and CEO Mercedes-Benz in the US that's -- -- to have -- with -- Thanks Rebecca -- to be here so we're just talking about the fact that. Mercedes is having a blockbuster year of these car companies are having a blockbuster year what's going on here. Stock markets could do housing is recovering we found ourselves kind of back to pre recession levels in the automobile industry so. Kind of back to 2007 levels the overall industry is around sixteen point four million so nice growth 5% over last year. So there's still a strong robust demand out there it's almost like automotive is leading the way for the economy. You feel like there's momentum and what's interesting about Mercedes in particular is. You're releasing a couple of very different types of cars this -- first of all one on the -- what you would call an entry level car -- 30000 dollar car so. I'm the less expensive and in the Specter and then. This. Electric car which this is the first for Mercedes right. A lot of this growth this is products are driven growth so great models are coming out -- -- capturing kinda interest to folks in for us. We're in a huge -- defensive were about to watch -- all new models this year. Kind of at the entry point -- all new Jia -- sporty crossover at around the 30000 dollar price point is -- and open up the -- invite new customers in for Mercedes-Benz. Watching the first zero emission electric vehicle in just two weeks for Mercedes-Benz that's the. Is really on that level of the spectrum -- electric car you know Tesla has their version of it General Motors Ford have versions of it. Is that you're -- real demand there or do you think it's more a matter of we have to get this out there because eventually there will be -- demand out there. It's a little bit of both so there is natural demand out there but out of at a relatively low level as gas prices tend to spike that interest increases along when it. But it's going to be a slow steady uptake of electric -- -- getting in the game. Now is important because. From now to 20/20 five as these zero emission mandates come in from the government there will be a much larger population of electric vehicles on the car on the on the road today. Because first of all you're gonna have to make them and consumers will ultimately demand -- an Indian particularly we've just been seeing for example. Gasoline prices now their highest level in six years for the fourth of July weekend so people are. Paying attention to that. Up the other thing that people are paying attention to is all of this new technology and -- my -- -- cars we showed the Google car can only go 25 miles per hour. Up in my conversation earlier this year with Mary Barr the CEO GM she said driver less technology will be there that it's only a matter of time. What do you think the real time line is before we actually see these cars and and is the American appetite the -- to actually have a car for example driving down the freeway without somebody driving it great. So the technology is there all the -- -- -- all the wielding the loving this right now. We could be doing this in fact Mercedes-Benz. Has got -- Prototype vehicle on the road today. It's in Germany it's its driver lists. So the -- the building blocks are there you are -- class today we've got intelligent drive which has gotten most of those the car can steer itself the car can break itself it combines a stereo camera that sees the road. Together with long and short range radar that measures kind of closing distance to the objects in front of it so all of those systems are in place now. And over time they're gonna transition from driver assist systems to autonomous systems. One -- -- the big bits of news in your industry right now is the crisis that General Motors who instigated by this ignition recall took the company. Over a decade to make the recall. And yet. We're hearing all of these recalls from General Motors and just this morning they came out with their -- sales sales are up 1% they have now recalled almost thirty million cars this year that's the most recalled cars -- any company in a single year ever. It seems like the American consumer isn't as focused on recalls is that -- get. I think there are they are focused on that I mean there's certainly at -- and -- an amount of noise out there in the market place that feels unprecedented. But when someone needs to buy car they go to their local dealer they go to a brand that they've that they're used to. And a lot of that muscle memory I think still kicks in so folks who went to their GM -- and and and buy another product so. Who's who's -- you. Feel like -- recalls are becoming more standard though because it its strikes me that. If you hear a car is associated with fatalities. But -- you continue to go in and buy cars from -- maker. The fact that Americans are shrugging this up -- I'm not asking you understand your -- competition. But it has the psychology changed but I don't. I don't think so -- the that at the end for brand like Mercedes-Benz that so focused on safety we've got a very close relationship with needs when we've. Find a problem in the marketplace we generally reacting well before -- that tells us to react so that's how we deal with things like recalls we -- proactively. Seek. Thank you so much for joining us Mercedes-Benz and that the new electric car coming out the two weeks -- -- take a look for other thanks Rebecca. The unemployment rate as you know is dropping but there are some alarming new studies that show young people are in trouble and an increasing number of recent college graduates are facing a tougher time finding work. And could be in long term jeopardy. I want to welcome Lindsay stemmed from Chicago she's an executive board member of jobs search television network and they say that their teen technology. It's part of the solution so tell me about this new technology at DG mean how does it work. Thank you for having me were so excited because basically what we do is make the process that marriage between the job seeker and the employer. Easier so you're the power of video which most people actually start their job search process on Google 80% of people will start looking for a position. Through Google. So in order to be able to come back with that job seeker you want to make sure as an employer that you're reaching them fast and video actually outranks. I'm a Google search by 53 times over taxed -- helping make that process easier were also reaching job seekers were there are already going so. Through social media are videos go viral so they hit FaceBook they hit linked and are on the company's -- page. There on mobile -- where people are going especially you're younger you know new grads who are looking for a job they're definitely going to be looking on their phone and they're definitely going to be more interested in viewing a video that tells them about a job and accompany. -- reading a long boring tax -- So if I understand you correctly it sounds like the problem that your trying to solve with DG me. Is that there are employers out there who aren't getting that kind of quality graduates that they're looking for. Maybe some of those people are going -- the hot companies the -- the Facebook's of the world. And they're ignoring these other companies in -- saying these other companies could really benefit. By making themselves more appealing to the millennial generation the young generations of kids coming out of school. Absolutely and I think you know probably want -- misnomer in the market is first of -- -- frustrating process on both sides rate I mean. The employers are trying to reach that more qualified candidate. The job seekers apply for a job they feel like they get dropped into a black hole -- don't know what's going on. I'm so it's very frustrating on both -- and what we want to do was really simplify. That process and make jobs more accessible for everybody and make that connection -- because. People actually understand the information in a video. Over 60% batter then when they read attacks postings so I think -- you think about you know your own behavior and just watching something on YouTube. He -- of -- -- so much more information when you watch a video -- reading something in tax. When you watch that 32 failure really taken -- Exactly for the employers you know it's about cultural fit it and I think you -- -- TV shows how much more about your culture as a company. By doing -- of these videos we really appreciate actually we really appreciate you joining us thank you so much and it's called -- me where can people find this if they're looking for more information. What they -- -- -- it did she dashed me dot com and they'll see where were working with some of the largest some players out there. Companies hiring for anything from engineering positions like. USG corporation -- corporation to the Hartford who was always -- for sales positions across the country. Great. Even though -- joining us from Chicago Lindsay these are nationwide roles we appreciate they are absolutely thank you thank you so much Lindsay. We know it's true -- -- get that job you sit at the desk all day and it can be really unhealthy and when it's crunch time -- -- to -- -- project for work hours flyby you don't even realize that you have been sitting with poor posture. In the same position will now more than 80% of Americans are living with chronic back pain -- reports show what's the number one reason employees call -- -- work. So should employers take this -- risk more seriously we want to ask being -- dying he is co-founder and CEO rather founder and CEO back joy who spent almost a decade of building a business to help your back -- named his company one of the fastest growing companies in the US it's so nice to have you with us thanks Rebecca. Is that how in -- -- -- -- -- that's a OK Anthony -- I'm really glad you're here with us -- -- -- very interesting company and I'm not this is not just a coincidence my back has very recently started to become a problem right can and it's getting more difficult for me descendant of the time. Well here that we're just not designed to do it that's the plain and simple truth and affected -- your mom was right. She said sit up straight company -- as we go around the world now we're selling in forty countries we ask that question everyone across the world. Everyone has the same answer your mom knew it we know instinctively. Intuitively we know we're supposed to do but guess what we're now spending at least nine point six to ten hours plus. At a chair every day. And I think it's a lot more because frankly that's just -- from a computer when your car we're having -- triggering -- you're going -- you're watching TV. It's sitting sitting sitting it's just not good for your -- not designed to do it. That's why our backs are hurting that's why it's an epidemic in really in a global scale that no one talks about -- talks about the fact that. -- the amount of money that's spent on back pain trying to find -- trying to pranksters is really right up there with cancer only a few million dollar short of the expense that we spend on cancer. It's interesting because a lot of companies they do invest an ergonomic chairs for example -- you go through opposites and you see them. I have something along those lines by her tail end up kind of what I would say it will riding in my her -- because like I fit -- -- is some of this has to do with the individual I mean it's not all the company. Investing in and they can invest integrated technology but if you're not gonna sit up straight or you're not gonna use it -- At the candidate it is still up to you and it's you know trying find solutions that you can accommodate your like easily and simply. We made products to help you do that -- you really have to take it upon yourself much like you're gonna make better decisions to eat well sure kind of the same thing -- was trying to go on a gluten free Africa craze or things like this I believe that posture is the same thing you have to take that responsibility for yourself. To find good posture to fix the way you said. To do it easily incorporate into your life because you -- the having bad posture is not your fault. But not -- sanguine about it is right OK so you know that's really as much as your company may do as much as you people are buying standing -- and with. Cardinals on the most dressed up and -- register in the world but the fact is if you're not sitting right. It's -- and hope you not yet. Not to mention the fact that people are everybody's looking down now to you as they walk. Walking into the building here today Brett I walked by about eight people who were look turned down at their phones as well. But did -- you -- not sitting right back. What is the -- -- said righty well. It's sitting with the UI I'm I'm cheating right now because and actually sitting on one of our products -- -- this is a back to OK I don't know what this is gonna do is as and you can see how -- down I take it away. This is not sitting right my -- sticking a Marshal Richard Hollis is gonna -- where we just think it's -- it's comfortable. But when you get in a good sitting posture your basically the -- rolling your -- -- -- just naturally lifted up I'm not violated not gonna breathe better. In what happens with good posture when you're sitting up straight it's not just in street the key is having your pelvis -- And when your post moves which like understanding everything works the right way you can breathe better better circulation all the ills that come from that -- -- and senior back. Go away you can keep fighting off that back in that you're starting fine because. -- there's actually a term for that now text -- Which -- which is really starting from kids all the way up. The more we use technology the more we are debilitating our bodies the more that the costs of this are raising for you individually in terms your own time -- -- in pain and pressure but also for our -- a hole in terms the expense that's going into covering ourselves. In making -- -- still better. How many -- have you sold we've sold this couple million of them a couple of -- and what is the focus as far as your customers concerned is it. Going to -- individual or is it going to the big corporations because I would think you know they get a big sale and in office with these back to her he'd be very happy. -- it's what we go to the individual because the -- -- -- people like yourself who say my back hurts and that's the message we wanted to do as we can help you can fix your acting not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And well done is we've expanded our mission which is to fix the way the world sets to -- with a world sits stands and sleeps. Because it's all about posture it's all about having proper alignment and every aspect of your life so we can give you between four bubble of protection for everything you do in your life. To let you move better to your body movement actually do things it was designed to do you're going to be more comfortable and be happier. Wouldn't of course -- to get big corporate accounts but we're trying to this is something that people don't necessarily instinctively believe is gonna work for them there's a lot of -- This is what is the cost of that this is forty dollars and where where the best places that you're selling that's where where they do in the past so we are now found what we're now -- forty countries and following up we're selling better in Asia that we -- in the US because there's an instant reaction of William -- the wellness. And traveling from back pain to the -- wellness in terms of I -- I need to do something better for my body. Seems to -- -- faster but that being said you can now find a Bed, Bath & Beyond -- -- -- target were opening in the bunch of other stores you need to be honest I'm off. You know what we're looking at that into the -- QVC. We do we do a very healthy business and -- in jail we do so are you got who picks it Eric collapses -- on -- I have -- on -- put to bed now we selling QVC in the UK and we're now talking Italy Germany in order puts its. There's I think it's a global phenomenon it is something important to us because when we connect to the person we get some -- on this product and -- -- -- there are new footwear. We get the feedback is amazing it makes all the people work for -- -- so excited because we literally have people writing us or calling us in tears. That they have relieve their back in the first time in something so simple and so easy to make such an impact -- Give change in their lives and Aaron Tuttle -- other products in -- issues hearing you have this as well personally. Yeah it's a revolutionary pillow that you know it I just ran into a permanent street yesterday he said his dad bought one and can't stop talking about it that just makes -- -- fun because. We're letting your body move -- that is what life is about movement is key in our product into a simple. Do you believe so heavily at this product I I need a lot of different founders of CEOs clearly. You believe very happily at what is that what got you started here. Well if only if I didn't have back pain but I thought was really comfortable and you have -- for -- -- face to make movies as fun you do is you treating emotional stories was bodies to. Now it's more fun to -- stories and much more tactful because I tried it out car that was uncomfortable and it -- -- great. My friends who had -- said oh my -- this things unbelievable. So -- -- start selling more and more and it's just the snowball effect where you can't help but it very passionate about it because you see the result of what something so simple. And magical truly can do -- people's lives. Well we really appreciate you joining us big thank you are a great sales -- If no matter what you at the end of appreciate that they are so much for joining us -- Allen -- -- back to thank you. And thank you for joining us for real -- we want to hear from you would you buy a self driving car do you think they're safe. Maybe use a back join yours between us that real -- with RJ until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York.

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