Best Buy's Bet; Facebook's Unseen CEO

Jeff Macke analyzes the morning business headlines.
3:00 | 08/20/12

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Transcript for Best Buy's Bet; Facebook's Unseen CEO
And there's the opening bell for this Monday August when he -- hello everyone I'm sunny Hostin in New York. We've got a number of big stories breaking this morning including a health care takeover and new CEO for a troubled company. Joining me now to discuss all of that business news of the top business headlines as we begin -- new week is Jeff -- Co host of break out on our partner Yahoo! finance good to see you again step. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well first up let's talk about that -- it's already one of the largest health care companies and it's now buying a smaller competitors. Give us the details on the deal. -- there's a few details doesn't has about eight billion dollars witches and Aetna is huge they could find that under her couch cushions. But what they did here is there -- acquiring customers that are based -- Medicare Medicaid this is a vote that says that Aetna thinks that Obama's gonna be reelected it enhances increases. The size of their government business. Ands -- and interest in play by about my -- for more acquisitions based on that as we are closer the election another thing of this as a sign there's a lot of parts here. Is that at I was able to get really cheap financing. And -- debt is cheap at as they make and I bet on the economy are making a bet on the presidential election all that folds into one. And ya mergers and acquisitions and boy there's not on Wall Street likes more. -- we'll keep an eye on that one. And let's best buy store that most people go to his -- -- new CEO his name is. Hubert Jolie and he has to try to really turned the company around while fighting a takeover attempt. From its founder and does that seem possible to you. Now. Actually not. -- -- responsible let me use that everyone -- the best buy it not anymore they don't pay your stereo. Best I've got a lot of problems -- they've got this acquisition offer that's kind of a squishy offer from the UV founder he's got 40% of the company already. I'm not sure why -- want to be there is over seven years old and he's got a few billion dollars or seems like a huge headache. It's interesting that -- -- -- over the weekend they report earnings tomorrow morning. So I'm not sure how much they're gonna wanna -- from Matt and say you know we just -- mr. Jolie and he's he's got all -- stuff on his -- -- -- talk about what we're gonna do turn this time around. I don't think anyone has turnaround plan for us -- heard anything even resembling a turnaround plan -- -- -- shuffling CEOs in the Titanic here. I'm sure mr. -- a nice guy but I doubt he -- feel like cure for what -- fast viruses obsolescence. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's go let's two -- about -- Closes out with earnings this morning and -- are -- doing compared to Home Depot which previously reported a pretty strong quarter. And gathered on around Deaver as weaker kid brother and me I'll give orders slaps on the back -- Logo is reported they -- -- and their whining about it they're kind of point fingers and and complaining. In a -- -- Home Depot didn't know normally if things were equal sized companies and if there was a fair fight. You would say we got mixed picture right because some people it was kind of optimistic last week and -- this kind of pessimistic this week. And so -- be real confused in this case -- is just whining because they can't keep -- I think that lowers its own separate animal Home Depot was a huge economic calendar it's we want -- all kinds of things about them. With lows it's just kind of a lesser type of store here and so whatever they're saying -- with a huge grain of salt MacBreak Salt Lake if you will. -- -- this morning Jeff. Let's -- -- hooked up well. What -- comparing contrasting. Companies apple did hit an all time high on Friday right -- based book. Hit an all time low and I want to know in your view how much of the successes and failures of these companies which -- -- on their current CE. Use of their currency as you know mr. cook who runs apple Tim Corky is doing just fine he hasn't been there a year yet. So he needs -- go over a legacy there is just going gangbusters obviously our Apple Stock some completely biased. But it's it's just a juggernaut they've got apple TV coming up we'll see how their during the summer stock recommendation is just -- company hitting on all cylinders. Which brings us to FaceBook and back to -- -- crappy mood is ash. You know it adds I don't have you heard from Zuckerberg lately have yet heard a word from the guys and they went public mayors like Intel is -- taken shareholders' money and gone on a honeymoon. He -- I've no idea what kind of CEO yes I you know editors how's your boss her boss doesn't show up for four straight months. -- got a boss is a guy you know absentee I guess one on -- long vacation. FaceBook has a lot of problems and and sunny I you know someone invested in the company -- -- -- someone that bought the stock and and they told -- there's a billion users. And that doesn't cut it at this point that companies and a lot of trouble because reputation only. No one signing up for an outrage there everyone talks about to -- POO was great because there is a ton of money for the company. No one that FaceBook wanted to be the butt of everybody's joke or sob story. Over the weekend and -- -- hear from people is -- they're under water they're getting trashed by their FaceBook shares. Or it's just a high class joke on -- and on FaceBook. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he doesn't seem to be will be able to hold people's heads up -- and keep this thing going managers very -- out. Out Jeff -- -- in the -- and those are exactly. Lots of market rally like apple let's there's -- -- the grade -- That may make -- so -- for any need to end let's take just one more look at the -- right now -- it's down about. 28. Points my goodness and acts. Let me just got here after -- -- I say maybe it's just.

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{"id":17041433,"title":"Best Buy's Bet; Facebook's Unseen CEO","duration":"3:00","description":"Jeff Macke analyzes the morning business headlines.","url":"/Business/video/opening-bell-wall-street-best-buys-bet-facebooks-17041433","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}