How to Become a Paid Speaker

Tory Johnson talks to the president of the National Speakers Association.
3:00 | 12/02/16

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Transcript for How to Become a Paid Speaker
Our first guest says you can become a paint speaker and by do so many doors and opportunities may open for you Kristen Arnold is that president elect. Of the national speakers association and she joins us from Phoenix hey Chris Stanton. Hi Tori and all right so first stop how do you know if becoming a paid speaker. Is viable for you not just someone who may be addresses a group here there is a favor or for fun but. Is a real viable path for you to pursued to get paid. It's viable at number wind you have an area of expertise or a topic that you're passionate about it you just says so. This might not be the route for you but something that you're passionate about C have a message that you think that you can make a difference in the world by sharing. To you need to make sure that you've got an audience for that message that somebody is interested in listening to you. 38 you need to have a degree of comfort of standing on stage in front of people which by the way that's a huge issue for a lot of people. And it fourth you can figure out a way to monetize it so that you can make some money in it and do it to lab at the same time. OK so let's talk about especially that last run assuming that you got the topic your passion they are good speaker. Lot of assumptions there but for the purposes of this let's assume somebody has that we you begin to market yourself. As a speaker how do you find the audiences that potentially would be willing to pay. We'll teach here what you've got to set. Well you use tear your current network. Just like any entrepreneur who starting a new business. You reach out to the people in your community. Do you think might be interested in your message and usually if you're a business speaker that would be that kiwanis or rotary year chambers. If you are speaking about may be a women's issue you might want it talk to some women's groups are you might want to reach out to. This community centers or community interest groups. That you reach out locally because number one to low cost option. And you want to build that word of mouth that referral. Now you can also use some web strategies which I understand you are tools T is later on you're going to be talking about using the web and blogging so I won't go there right now. But is it then first that you're reaching out to those contacts are using social media because you're looking to Lance. Potentially create opportunities like should you expect that you're gonna have to use and speaking for free before you get paid to doing. But it did somewhere you're entering into the marketplace. A lot of people already had given a lot of speeches maybe through their company or through. Just their local resources so. You might be coming in at a level that you would say you know I have I have a valuable message and somebody's actually willing tip pained me. I mean when I got started sixteen years ago I don't charge anything because I didn't even know if I was any give it. So you might buy a speaking for free verse is a fee you can try out some staff and a little risk and load low. No no harm no foul kind of situation. I think you Annie get hot in your mentioning it in note your Annie get hasn't discover if you're Annie get is that you know not you know fact that. They didn't cheer you that it frowning in your way but is there away and there's certain type of feedback that you should. Ask four or some specific cues and clues to look far. Absolutely you know the market place is a pretty good indicator says usually at the end of your speech people she will come up to you and say oh thank you that really made a difference could I have your card. And that parlay it into some interest or maybe some spin off business offer that. Or made EU offer some expertise on your website or in the back of the room. Or are people ask you about what services you provide in addition to your speaking so there's all these ancillary things they can help you number one and I get the word out there but also to monetize the business and that's kind of the whole business. The business models at sharing your expertise and speaking. He's one avenue of the so it's not just making money as a speaker but using a speaking platform to make money from Mac. Right adding I don't know what anybody who really woke up 1 morning and said she I want to be a professional speaker let me go find something to speak on. That usually you have a message that you want to convey and that might be face to face. Or virtually and speaking as one distribution sector at that you could be an author you could be. Trainer at coach a consultant at facilitator. There's a whole different way that you share your expertise teller in the. Last question if if if I suspected cold call organizations were I'd like to speak are different groups that want to talk to you how should now how much I can charge. For my speaking opportunity or what what my fees should be what the what's realistic how to get a sense that. Well it. It depends somewhat senior resident may I mean if you've never given a speech before and you don't have any clients here come in from a place. Eighty for freer media a small honoraria and if you have a client base or people that you've spoken to before and you have some testimonials behind you. Media have a book or maybe you've got a well read blogger or all of those things contribute to the allure and then the name. That you would half. All right some eighty poke around a little bit of research have some video of yourself I know that there is good to help show what he's done in the past that some of Markoff absolutely hanging if you Charlie Crist and Arnold thanks so much for joining us. My pleasure great if you want to know more about becoming a public speaker Jeffs is it Christians website it's NSA speaker dot board.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Tory Johnson talks to the president of the National Speakers Association.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"9119803","title":"How to Become a Paid Speaker","url":"/Business/video/paid-speaker-9119803"}