Patent Wars: Samsung Beats Apple

Mike Santoli analyzes the morning business headlines.
7:08 | 06/05/13

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Transcript for Patent Wars: Samsung Beats Apple
Futures down this morning after some less than expected job numbers came out all of this following a big drop on the Dow had yesterday ending -- streak of a high note for 21 straight Tuesday's soda. Had some context all that I want to bring in Mike -- -- from Yahoo! finance -- on the job numbers along with the rest the business headlines this Wednesday morning Mike good morning to you. Good morning hey -- talk ADP jobs number is obviously less than expected so what are we gonna pull out of that. Yes the second month in a row the ADP numbers -- a little bit -- private sector -- seem like they haven't taken off or didn't in May although. We should keep in mind last month the ADP number was weak and the official government numbers. Two days later actually came out stronger than expected so it's hard to know exactly how they relate tends to be. A little bit on the on the low side if if there's going to be discrepancy so it's it shows you that at least you know still positive job gains in the private sector. But they have not yet accelerated at least by this measure I would point out Thursday's the weekly jobless claims is probably a more accurate kind of real time read I -- a labor markets doing that would tomorrow. All right and so we'll have to tune in obvious is that as well -- I wanna go to some very exciting news in the field of business and technology. Patents. No serious note that mean obviously patents obviously a big bucks and a lot of companies really can be very close eye on the developments for. Other competitors of whether or not going to be encroaching on their territory apple Samsung has really been -- instinct find out. How they've been duking it out in this patent court and it looks like Sam's son in fact may be coming out on top in this fight. Right in this latest round Samsung has won a victory now this is really a patent based on some small component technology of a lot of products like ipads and iphones and so back in the day you know apple and Samsung -- more partners and rivals and Citi shares in technology a lot of the engineering seems to be intertwined. Apple want a big case against Samsung late last year I believe. Now apples on the losing side it might mean. That apple is not going to be able to sell some. IPhone fours and some other sort of prior generation. Products that they have still on the market apple saying don't worry about not a big deal used on latest generation the me contest this. In court further but really just shows you so much of the value of all these products are in the intellectual property to the patent fight -- kind of a perpetual thing -- that they that they wage and it definitely you know defeat for for apple at least a modest level well. -- defeat may be in that area but in the same sense though apple is also got some big news on hiring right. While they do now they've sort of anticipating having that's a seven or 8000 more employees in a few years at the Cupertino. Headquarters that I take it with a little bit of a grain of salt not that I doubt that apple anticipates growth and its. In its headquarters or growth in general of its business but this is all contained in documents trying to win approval to build a new headquarters so they're gonna kinda over promise to the local authorities that they're gonna bring a lot more people to work there I guess as part of a campaign. To get this approved so I don't again don't doubt that it's likely but it it's not a specific plan to hire a specific number of people by -- I wanna talk discriminate and it moved away from apple and the tech sector over to Chrysler because they're doing right now with -- federal government can recommendations -- recalls. To their jeeps possibly catching fire in -- collision Chrysler though is kind of -- in its heels in refusing. To take action immediately -- what what's going on a. Case -- -- kind of -- obviously it's been a long running disagreement between Chrysler and the government as to whether a recall is warranted basically crisis says the gas tank design is pretty standard and all the accidents were -- the fatalities reported when he's very high speed collisions that basically any gas -- might have caught fire on. So I guess they're gonna take it to another level this -- several years ago with Chrysler as well as it happens. Where they contested it and actually Chrysler and their kids coming out ahead. In a court fight about it so it's definitely usually usually -- you know the car companies are willing to put out a big recall which usually just means in kind of minor modification -- the dealer. This may be is a little bit more involved if there were to recall these and so that's what price of -- is worth its while at least two actually -- this fight. Interest obviously a big bucks are involved in that same time Amin now lives and safety if drivers. Its first report -- -- a lot of people's minds. Repercussion is that if -- if Chrysler -- and act immediately. Well looks like it would have to go to -- and I think ultimately give the the highway traffic safety administration ends up. Winning if it goes to a court got battle I guess the implication would be that Chrysler would probably have to excuse to recall be ordered by courts do so who knows -- there be fines involved as well. But it seems to me at this point kind of an honest -- corporate vs government disagreement as opposed to. You know anything that's really gonna blow up into some huge -- no pun intended for this. Right -- -- as you know. I want also want to touch a sunny with a Euro zone because we talked about a lot is far is it different countries over there is there economic problems and and weighing on the larger group. But the eurozone is actually -- the prospect of expanding adding another country. So a lot -- is set to join got final I'll go ahead to join become the eighteenth country in the eurozone this process is years long. Whenever -- country wants to go in in the U says okay. So they will start using the Euro it is very interesting in the sense that I'm really more symbolic I guess that the the Euro -- can say look. People thought we were gonna splinter apart in fact we're still adding new members probably will have some benefits for lot via what's interesting is you know the country. Actually had a pretty bad experience in the financial crisis that banks needed to bail -- like everybody else is the EU actually contributed. To a bail -- and mafia refused. They they kept their own currency pegged to the Euro the entire time probably to its disadvantage in the short term but now the long term as they kind of proved. They could put the policies in place to win not. Win membership and probably a net positive all. -- will have to wait and see how that's going to be playing out again from the Euro zone to the Dot com. That's my lame attempt at a joke and -- Wednesday morning Mike. -- -- Amazon's getting to the grocery business. It looks like -- yet they're not saying so officially but in several markets it looks like they're gonna test grocery delivery service it you know it's probably. Obvious only in the sense that it's one of the enormous areas that that Amazon has not really penetrator tried to take over. It's not necessarily a slam dunk don't terms of making money on it I think it's it's been proven that it's actually very difficult when you talking about. You know fresh fruit food and produce to actually do it efficiently prevent spoilage you know stop stop losing money. So I don't know that it's it's -- again but I think Amazon just loves the idea of going toward any big category out there disrupting it and just enlarging its empire and now. Way from books to bananas now should be attacked her Amazon -- -- -- -- -- -- -- let's look at the Dow the Dow is down about 58 points at 151100. Nineteen -- Angeles and Yahoo! finance have a great Wednesday -- all right thanks a lot.

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{"id":19330860,"title":"Patent Wars: Samsung Beats Apple","duration":"7:08","description":"Mike Santoli analyzes the morning business headlines.","url":"/Business/video/patent-wars-samsung-beats-apple-19330860","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}