Loan Freeze: Ice Cream Shop Offers Bank Services

Pennsylvania shop owner serves up ice cream and offers interest, loans to customers.
3:00 | 09/14/12

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Transcript for Loan Freeze: Ice Cream Shop Offers Bank Services
We're side of -- -- ice cream waffles and shady side and the only viewer says he's about the put the banking system or -- That's because he says he has his own banking system that's offering a sweet deal. About this week as his ice cream you see here. I promise. People transform the way banks do business pretty big -- Some people do over of a little I was the one who shot 31 year old -- this place the chocolate chip revision. It comes to things he says it was critical sales days. That we -- were one. And I can't beat it. We just overweight. It's like ice -- -- over the weekend you have three days of your earnings. At banks hold onto it over the weekend. And he wouldn't that your account until after the weekend was over. So there were sometimes very I can just really use some of that money. With an idea start his own little thing called little -- people are invited to. He's Iverson is beautiful -- could cause problems if he should be put the money and once you get paid back in interest for international investments that money no longer you know I have access of that money. But you can still receive benefits that that investment is down this -- Please business and what. Smoking customers -- they could become eligible for a small little. One how look at into the room -- what do you know there's an excellent lively -- colorful but because you have money invested. Small room. Dressed yet and there was no credit check or anything you know -- just submit my words and -- agreement for. I was gonna -- him back. So they'll play as a shock and while we're. Ice -- at the banking system -- labor. But the state department of banking says plague does not have a license or -- Not to that this novel idea to sit and -- to weigh in times. Pretty soon. This is going to be to -- on the block. Do whatever it takes to make just. -- from channel four action news.

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{"id":17234685,"title":"Loan Freeze: Ice Cream Shop Offers Bank Services","duration":"3:00","description":"Pennsylvania shop owner serves up ice cream and offers interest, loans to customers.","url":"/Business/video/pennsylvania-ice-cream-shop-offers-bank-services-17234685","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}