Toys That Teach About The Election Process

Toy insider mom Laurie Schacht shares her affordable favorites.
3:00 | 10/18/12

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Transcript for Toys That Teach About The Election Process
Yet there you have -- event smile. You know -- met -- We think it's a -- -- I don't know. Barack again -- adding. Super -- is that that dark wind tunnel and -- -- -- and they quickly approaching now is the perfect time to teach kids about how we pick our president the question is how we make the process fun and affordable. We'll -- with help is the toy insider mom Laurie fact she had been endorsed of sorts for some of her favorite toys. That teach about the electoral. Right. Time to be talking to hit. Now the election politics and about their right to vote absolutely -- we have some great conversation starter -- Thank you for bringing the -- -- let's start over here step. -- encyclopedia. Is -- talking president. Interactive to sell all 44 presidents on here at 300 -- packs from when they entered the White House. Information on their vice president's first -- Just acts. -- Night he's elected -- and it's a lack of if you look at all these you know if there's not a female one must not be in the chain. Of pat -- -- -- -- -- have anything to -- -- that. Democratic Party in the Republican Party but it's also -- eat -- -- -- has found her. Hat into the ring that is right for advocate abstinence well. She's teamed up with the White House project and together they deliver a powerful message to girls that they -- Eat anything in politics at one day someone in -- even -- knee injury they feel they're still high in the if you. That. -- -- Pieces it's great. To get. Hot well. Eight timeline that comes with it snow in order going back -- a hundred years you can put any historical buildings. And monument fancy graphics the Ford. It's all about strategy it yeah. Strategy -- the presidential game and it teaches about the elect oral Collins and snow -- have to go to the game. They need to get at least 270. Electoral ballots to make it to the White -- has just like Kennedy like candidate right now speaking of the candidates and their wide. Via EP. First why isn't the US today that -- -- cards it goes Martha Washington all awaits you. Michelle you're and that he say you have historic -- -- one side and the other side all kinds of fun facts about the case and these are the president and -- and this is top trumps this is a card game. But again it has -- -- facts about the present when he -- -- office. When you report how many -- they had fact that the trivia blackened area tell these fantastic -- get to -- one of the time he might actually artistic renderings of both the president the governor. Com and basically it was that Romney campaign that brought to get to the forefront so they sort of embraced that shaking that message yes you can get this limited edition in either red bullet depending on your part is filling us that I can actually -- -- -- -- -- -- no idea what kind. Now the toilet paper -- If he takes you are right -- I'm. It happened around we will hear that apparently so I could again act pass out let's talk about this we have our politically incorrect -- how funds are to be President Obama I will be governor Romney by the way either -- -- Halloween. Halloween and we have our political pop Steve Chapman. I'm going to beat Republican outfit and added to -- We're -- debate. Or get it right -- haven't out. Obamacare. Might not work. Out but. That -- -- about the president elect. Laurie thank you so much that would definitely got a degree --

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{"id":17509604,"title":"Toys That Teach About The Election Process","duration":"3:00","description":"Toy insider mom Laurie Schacht shares her affordable favorites.","url":"/Business/video/presidential-election-2012-toys-teach-election-process-17509604","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}