Prices and Spending Both Rise, Groupon Troubles Grow

Jeff Macke analyzes the morning business headlines.
3:00 | 08/14/12

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Transcript for Prices and Spending Both Rise, Groupon Troubles Grow
You're watching live coverage of the opening -- -- ABC news now ringing the bell this morning. I got a lot of stuff in Hollywood Robert -- -- -- -- The opening bell for this Tuesday August 14. Meg Oliver in New York. Some breaking news this morning we got -- snapshots in the past hour of both wholesale prices and retail sales. Joining me now to take as beyond the headlines as -- MacKey the co host or break out and our partners -- finance good morning Jeff. Good morning McNamee say quickly that Kristin Stewart she -- deserve -- you will see absolutely -- -- he's he's a nice looking young man and and he deserves better. I think most of America's if there -- -- -- -- -- little -- let's start the Producer Price Index a little drier topic but. It was up point 3% in July how much of this had to do with the rising cost of corn products. You know corn had. A little bit to do with it not that much yet we're gonna see that work its way through -- food stream if you well food chain. I in the coming months really -- didn't did spike this last month but it wasn't something that impacted the producers that much because of a bunch a hedging stuff that's how complicated. So this inflation number came in -- tomorrow we see consumer prices in the CPI and that's really what the Federal Reserve looks out. Did get their measure of inflation and so all these people when they're talking about quantitative easing whether or not the Fed's going to prop up the stock market. That's their fear referring to consumer prices not producer prices so. It's reason to pause that would that we have a little bit of inflation we can't put it off all the corn but it's not so bad just yet. Also on the past our capital retail sales for July they are -- 8% that's their largest in the five months -- -- -- -- here. People are shopping you know the American consumer mighty juggernaut and unstoppable he -- People are constantly writing off the consumer that we're not -- shopping -- this summer came in very strong. Which is terrific because of reversed a trend in June were resigned folks congress and on the -- it's a little bit. The fact that Americans are shopping more penalize you be a little bit more bullish on stocks and in fact the entire economy people are spending money they don't have no matter what you hear. And so if there are shopping -- and even a little bit pointed obviously is not a huge gain. But it's better than expected a masculine good enough to give you a little bit of a thesis for why you might want to buy stocks high -- -- it came out earnings this morning. They beat the street what are the takeaways -- -- reports. They beat the street at Home -- is part of a bigger group and noise that we have this week -- I'm paying so much tension retail sales is that this is that we we hear from the retailers themselves home -- depot leads the -- -- in the housing group we target we got Wal-Mart bolt at the end of this week. And between -- -- -- on those are all the big daddy's that you haven't retail them so we're off to a good start with Home Depot. It doesn't necessarily mean that that houses are getting back going again but it's nice to see this company doing well in the environment -- -- -- last few years when housing was dropping. Home Depot was no great shakes we can and does a baby step -- baby step to recovery in housing all right now you're looking for a deal group on seems to be the -- ago at times. But their shares were plummeting before the bell what's the problem -- There are terrible caliber of fighters say -- it adds. They're just not any good whatsoever they they -- -- And they were part of this social media craze that everyone was all on board with and and these guys we're gonna revolutionized the wave coupons are sold in the dollar Groupon. But if there's nothing to spare me the business -- is essentially the yellow pages they go adored adored as a -- You -- -- give us a coupon just the way people fifty years before them -- you wanna be in the yellow pages and so that growth this kind of being revealed for what it was. And that street is walking away and the reason I like so many Wall Street people take a particular -- -- Matalin and -- destroyed as the Germans college. Is that -- kind of companies are what really. Makes people distrust. Wall Street on main street is the -- stories like this everyone gets all excited. And they get sold the village guards on the company and so the more of these we -- have just getting out of the way. The more trust we can start rebuilding in the street and I mentioned housing before and after a long process. Man Wall Street has a lot of makeup to do with main street and while folks are getting hit I'm group I'm not that many people were really long this stock. And if they words they're paying tuition at the school life. But I don't think this company is going to turn around anytime soon -- I think there are things that you want to play around with and their stocks that are just theater and this is the latter just watch it and learn from it don't get. Involved all right well before the -- -- one last look at the big board -- -- -- -- -- the Dow is opening -- -- -- -- territory about 47 points. -- MacKey from Yahoo! finance thanks so much for joining us this morning -- -- ramming.

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{"id":17001791,"title":"Prices and Spending Both Rise, Groupon Troubles Grow","duration":"3:00","description":"Jeff Macke analyzes the morning business headlines.","url":"/Business/video/prices-spending-rise-groupon-troubles-grow-17001791","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}