Real Biz Buzz: Bargain shopping, Bitcoin & Coin Card

Rebecca Jarvis highlights hot topics of the day on Real Biz 11.25.2013
3:00 | 11/25/13

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Transcript for Real Biz Buzz: Bargain shopping, Bitcoin & Coin Card
I love is real -- I'm Rebecca Jarvis -- new York and here's what's happening right now we take a look at things -- starting a week. At new highs this Monday at the opening bell the Dow is heading higher yet again. Next year Wal-Mart is going to be getting a new CEO Doug MacMillan will take the Helm of the retail giant current CEO Mike -- He's going to be retiring effective February 1 that is up next year and McMillan is 47 years old he currently runs Wal-Mart international. And that the -- bonanza I -- this weekend reaching new heights in just a couple of minutes we're gonna show you. The new sign that the currency is here to say it's what ice on the streets of New York. We'll break down the headlines now with mikes and toll -- senior columnist from Yahoo! finance might might agree to CEO good morning Iraq. New place new time real -- -- What -- -- -- market highs in the market right now pointing higher at the open. I saw this statistic that we could be -- the best track for the year since 1997. If these gains hold. Yeah without a doubt it's been a relatively gentle effortless kind of upward march here. But 1995 -- -- reminds me of most it was kind of middle year -- the ninety's bull market and obviously. Sort of belatedly paying for the great profits -- corporate America has been producing for about. Three years now. So the question is next year is at 96 or is it 2000. Yeah I don't think we're really on the verge of 2000 I do think that it gets less easy from here just because the market have come so much farther than the underlying economy has. I think the reason people are talking about the possibility of a bubble is that we still have such an easy money policy at central banks around the world the question is. You know does that really remain in place even as the economy improves -- financial markets. Get overheated world may be on the cusp of that I don't think what -- what. Think -- -- deal with Iran is going to mean for the markets and especially for oil prices and looked at them this morning they're pointing lower. But we've already seen all year long -- at least most of the year gasoline where it -- the consumer has been relatively well. Yeah I mean I do think you got that reflex move on the Iran deal -- -- -- oil prices I don't think that's going to be. Really in enduring move I don't think we're gonna see kind of markets be -- pressured too much more here mostly because the markets were not really. Clenched up intention ahead. Of the possibility of an Randy another -- not like Syria what we thought -- there could be a military strike at any moment and when it didn't happen we got a big relief back off in crude prices so I don't really think we're gonna get. They too many dividends in much cheaper oil from this but it's an incremental positive. It's an interesting point that you bring up because. You know spending a little bit of time at the nymex in the oil pits you -- -- the traders are very focused on every headline and they did it with Syria they've done -- with Egypt. They did it with Iran but now that there is something of a deal in place they might just turn their attention elsewhere in that'll be consumption. And consumption is. -- -- Consumption is pointing lower the incremental supply from Iran is very very modest if any measurable level. You know it also I just feel like the overall world oil supply demand picture's gonna really. Predominate much more than headlines and again this is a very long term simmering conflict with. Iran it wasn't as if something was going to happen tomorrow -- get this deal. Open houses for multiple different apartments in New York City and you see below -- dollar price -- -- bitcoin crack it's. Is atop a -- point. You know I think it's rising to the level of popular gimmick for merchants for for somebody -- selling something it's a way to signal that hey I'm with that I I kind of get -- tech savvy buyers might be -- in this but I don't really think in general even people who are accepting bitcoin. Our pricing things in bitcoin it's really just kind of medium of exchange -- -- convenient it's cheaper PayPal is the way I think about it. Would you take that deal. I don't think there's a reason to take it or not take -- the reason you -- taken as if you were -- wanted to remain anonymous for some reason you can't remain anonymous if your landlord so I don't really see really what the benefit from renting an apartment is and paying in bitcoin unless you're going to just doing electronic transfer -- -- rent every month and you wanna do it somewhat cheaper. See that's -- -- made me wonder who the landlord is less about correctly the buyer is that I'm I'm wondering if that landlord has a big stake in -- points. Or will or wants to our you know get the money placed somewhere out of limit out of reach for for the authorities who knows or they just want to see their sign on real beds. -- -- -- -- bank might steadily thanks so much for joining us all right banks take care. The countdown to the retail Super Bowl is on Black Friday sales started this week and I saw some of them might may have participated in some of them. And forget Turkey this Thanksgiving it's all about shopping something now being called. Great Thursday -- grade Thursday the man who coined that term is with us he's mark -- And he is author of the book bargain fever how to shop -- a discounted world mark. So nice to -- else I was actually I was wondering about this like we have Black Friday but you say Thursday sales Thanksgiving Thursday that's -- Think that we had a -- -- that credit recorded its own but all cult like the army at orange Wednesday. Basically have to think what -- don't look right. -- if you think about it two years ago it was the phenomena and when stores were opening at twelve one on on Black Friday this extraordinary black midnight. Two years late Patton now Kmart is living at 6 AM on Thursday it's accelerating so far I don't know when it's installed doesn't -- art Kenneth. Why does it keep Alex I think if you look actually this is very interesting way essentially sales amount or lose the -- retailers like -- look in my book welcome people we talk about how between forty and 45% of products sold in America -- you around. -- -- promotion and that number is ticking off. But isn't kind of a problem I -- when you think about the psychology of the consumer I will not buy something unless it's on sale and I need a big sale to buy it because I know they're coming. So that is exactly -- problems that -- of the recent assault that. They have been where a lot of recent cases of retailers getting cold now. Not seeing the prices up a little so that they can -- start -- they can discount more so when is. The bargain of the century when you get it. But I teach it now occurred but discovered -- -- -- the but I don't think I didn't Black Friday as the date for the Balkan of the century January off the course -- that's what I would -- on everything ought. If everything everything so buy for next year if you're buying for others. Piper next year in -- prominent. It gets an -- items -- -- that next year I think -- I think you use you as Black Friday -- there -- some -- simpler deals but the issue with Black Friday is so much of the inventory is boards and specially. To be sold cheaply so it's not a -- a -- like the price was reduced. It was always meant to be sold cheaply so -- -- little different. That's a good point now when we went shopping. You and me and one of my favorite experiences because not only where the prices reduced but -- you about the reduced more by negotiating. You can always negotiate you can go to sales -- and economics and you'll polite and smiling it's like hey this -- so -- I love this. Expensive -- what would be on the price they're gonna take 10% off at least. Perfect time to trend that is Black Friday morning at the -- to -- really in that line. You're literally getting a lot you would be -- crazed counter and say I'll excuse me I get some more money half of them. I -- have a Black Friday because I wouldn't want everyone around me punching me I would. I would I would definitely Matsui took a check fusion definitely warrior football helmet on your gonna get higher -- But I think you can -- that weekend when suddenly roles aren't totally give the -- you if -- why exactly and I like your advice to me also about online shopping is that there is a way to haggle online. What I like it's something called cult abandonment were essentially what you're doing resume making the system works for you put something -- just -- called close the windows and that retailers and tracks a -- only but I lost -- customer so it will send you a reminding you know that you lost left something behind. And -- that reminder and although use would be some kind of problem. A -- I happen to get more off for free shipping or whatever it is something summoned to close the sale so make that work for you they -- doing it because that happens stated -- people abandoned. -- all the time but -- don't do it deliberately seem like -- are -- of this Wal-Mart is that there might be getting any CEO I'm astonished but one news but it's almost speechless because -- long while it isn't performing financially. Exceptionally well it's fine. Wal-Mart has changed the way it does business before its competitors like integrates and -- -- and digital -- equals an endless -- That's the way forward so why did I lose the -- for actually doing the thing that everyone should be doing. I know that the person that they're replacing him -- he's international. And he's young and there really focusing on the international market where business is much stronger than the US market. Exactly and I find any business -- be focusing on China because in China there are lots of studies that show the Chinese consumers index. As willing to pay more for quality -- -- -- driven and we all these days so you'll margins are going to be much better you can make trying to work. Mark Allen thanks from the -- -- have you back I felt okay hagel I need another 10% -- -- -- thanks appreciate it. -- is out with its annual list of the most popular travel destinations this holiday season. Apple New York City is number one would love for you to come here and take -- visit the ever so popular warm family destination Orlando -- Disney. And in third place the windy city Chicago when in my hometown. Now travelers be -- it might not be -- anywhere there is a wicked winter storm it's -- in the northeast. And it's supposed to hit on the busiest travel day of the year this Wednesday I am so sorry if you're traveling that day it's probably not going to be a fun one. Now I don't know about you but sometimes. I have trouble closing my wallet and by the way it's not because of cash and there. It's the membership cards it's the gift cards -- the credit cards and honestly I carry a lot of receipts ravaged right there. Well a new start up is trying to solve this problem and give you more room in your pockets point -- it's a digital credit card. That holds all your cards in one device. It's the difference between a coin and any other -- -- -- All these cards are inside according to connect your paper -- with -- many of them did. And -- should the parish are is CEO and founder of point and he joins us now it's nice to see it -- age. And good morning thanks for having me so this card holds a bunch of cards all in one how to do it. I simply did it -- -- all the information and then uses the coin which is that divides. -- basically become -- needed to -- Fraud because that's how it's going to be a concern in the digital world and you have everything in one place doesn't that make it more cents -- By the -- to such a problem. You know first is when you're -- a car over the cashier so we're -- gonna do it is gonna prevent. Anyone from any -- over who actually doesn't own information. And the second part where -- they cashier can. Get information the coin -- -- a lot and downs cash -- -- be able duplicate information. I understand though a lot of this is based out of your phone and -- your phone battery dies as the device stands now there's going to be a problem. Actually know what could happen as that of your own does you'll -- to unlock a coin. Through that -- -- all they'll be -- one button basket had been used to do that. -- you're telling us you're gonna be fine if your phone guys have a partnerships because you look add. The digital payments space you have square. Apple Amazon all of these companies are trying to get into that do you have any. If you're looking at. But right now we're just focused on the product we just launched a -- our campaign -- successfully. So now we have to get these coins and everyone plants languages is right now just focus on creating them and make sure that check in in the summer. Rites of summer 2014 is when they come out Howard merchants gonna use these how -- you educating them because if -- merchant and you get this new carting your hands you might think what is mess. We don't -- not much -- merchant that sort. What happens -- -- on the merchant yet declined to just let denied that normally were the difference between then and then and then when they -- -- -- Is that. Coin guarantees that the person pulling the -- actually owned the national data. The person who's holding the -- owns the -- Exactly those. Is there develop products that emergent and get artifacts on fraudulent cards what we're we're taking a look at the commercial the viewer can watch the commercial right now we're showing it. And -- it explains how essentially you you have this one card you decide as the user of that card. Which credit card you are essentially handing over. Exactly the way that it works -- you look at it got a -- out of your wallet or your purse. Then using the screen and a button you toggle. Through until -- -- the card you wanna use and then you would have been over parts like it like you normally -- it's like a part. All right thanks so much the CEO and founder of -- thanks so much. Peninsula and we want to thank everyone for joining us for real business keep it tuned to For all your news -- -- next time. This is Rebecca Jarvis from New York.

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