#RealBizwithRJ Episode 48: Back In USA

Rebecca says cheerio to London, the Shahidi brothers stop by Real Biz to talk 'Shots', plus your week ahead
9:43 | 07/31/15

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Transcript for #RealBizwithRJ Episode 48: Back In USA
Hey welcome to the newest edition of real me is we're back in New York City this week just in time for a magnificent heat wave. And a big out of stock market excitement. Elsa sat down with the creators of a cool new enhancing bullying app. That you absolutely. Need to doubt. More on that in just a minute but first Twitter shares taking this week interim CEO Jack Dorsey announcing on the company earnings call which was live streaming on periscope. They use or growth just isn't what it should be sure twitters got 316. Million active monthly users. But compared to Facebook's one point five billion. Twitter still little fish in a very big ponds without a permanent CEO no word yet on Matt. Meantime in China stocks getting clobbered the Shanghai composite index where Chinese stocks trade. Plunging this week in just one day down and half percent that was the worst single day drop in nearly a decade. The Chinese Government stepping in trying to stop the selling and that's a move that a lot of investors don't like because it creates a false sense of security. So why should you care. Well first off China is the world's second largest economy. It has one point four billion people and how when where they spend their money impacts companies all over the world. Like apple which did 16% of its sales in China last year. 10% of Starbucks sales come from China. And young brands the owner of KFC. Happen their sales are in China. That is a lot of chicken wings the bottom line here is that China's crate during market starts hitting those consumers and they stop spending. And then you'll feel it here in both the stock market and the jobs market eventually and you're already feeling it at the pump. Where prices are falling because oil is falling because China is such a big consumer of oil. Knowing China pulls back on that consumption while prices drop. Finally this week big news for your health care to the country's biggest insurers are teaming up amp sound bite Cigna. For 54 point two billion dollars creating a massive insure that will cover 53 million Americans or about 17% of the population. And already runs blue cross blue shield in fourteen states and Medicaid through the Amerigroup brand in nineteen states so what does it mean for you. Well in general consolidation means higher prices the insurers say they need to merge to stay competitive in the new Affordable Care Act world. But we'll see what the DOJ says since closing a big acquisition like this one is always pending the review of the Department of Justice. And speaking of reviews conditioning heating Brothers are getting five's stars all over social media. For their new app shop it's the first social media app that's all about embracing the stealthy on a positive platform. Their goal a legit way to share pics and videos without letting the bullying and and I sat down with John and Sam she he eighty who founded shots lest any year ago. With a little help from their friend Justin Bieber. Wondered. Ewing is this act hot shots which is supposed to be positive explain how that works. Well we built shots because we felt that there's this problem with social media especially teenagers report. So we felt that. We who built something where we you could only. Really share in in Iraq and positive way you're tech so what does it do you share photos and ideas we'd all I hear from here Kimbrel. So Eric can thank live reading it's very authentic. We don't allowed spokesperson. Tony no no confidence. And we also don't share. Eight dollars. There's no popular it costs a lot of people don't know this but you get things I didn't put something out there on the Internet music once they've. That ugly coming when more make will play whatever but why do you think social media wise likely pictures out if this problem is such a big deal. It's just our habits I mean it's just been grown so much is just everyday part of life and we still want. Interaction with others especially around the world and then and there's a need for that we in. And what shots you can still communicate however. It's personal Justin Bieber and. Is a big investor how did you get Justin Bieber on board you know we were talking about gains or conversation was. Was afraid McCain. That is more than one about. Man that would that and infant like halfway through tonight. Think the more I meant give a huge number of Twitter followers and I was reading an article about how would you that's something out. It gets reach weeded more than anybody else. How do you do that yet not Morton a video from investment certainly gets off. A friend named Justin Bieber helps a lot it's been very Smart they know that life all about these guys they're actually. People they're actually doing something for the other night he doesn't you know we've what are we right back from July actually in Iraq you're interactive. Yes and that's really him you know a lot of deals have people pleading for that might. None of that and we that's always known groups and everywhere Twitter reported earnings and they talked about how difficult it is to for that user base they have 316 million users right now you have how many. Well last summer we announced that it serves about five. Yeah right so there. How or even a brother that on how the EU bildt's. User base when you see a company like Twitter which is so massive struggling to build their own user base we focused. Publicity of the products we had a tense second video couple months ago pictures removed a lot of different features that were kind of barely being used I don't really noticed because. It was so sad about that video would you like to replace FaceBook means to Graham twittered do you want to beat. The think that people turned channel or would you like to play in the field with everybody we're not in this indeed. You know replacing you'll want her or will be the next. FaceBook or not we're we're we want to the first. Anti boys so. The first anti bullying social work very well number one piece of advice to entrepreneurs with your mom. Within your op Ed. Number when he's been nice the best vision and that their vision just remember that initial vigilance we're sticking to a no matter what anyone says we're. Thank you so much guys appreciate it outshot them. You can find it in the App Store. Thanks so much to dishing heating Brothers and shots check it out. Is situated for the week ahead with the real biz rundown. And turning to stop at number five a penny for your thoughts or a thousand bucks for your referral. At least that's what you get with Tesla Catholic EO Elon not announcing that any current Tesla Eleanor. We'll get 1000 dollars if they refer a friend. To buy and model act. Disclaimer the model us runs about 70000 dollars. Not exactly a deal for everyone. Is an interesting approach to selling cars must says it costs about 2000 dollars just to sell one of its cars in the store. Some really getting the guardian here. Well anyone with five referrals and gets to go to Catholic gained a factory near Reno Nevada. For the big grand opening party and the first customer refers ten friends gets a free model. Which hasn't even hit the market yet so nice for that. Coming in at number four of over Amazon there is a new kid on the block and its name is in jet dot com. It's a new website that works like Costco and Sam's Club one year membership costs you 4999. Or you can try them for free for three months. Jet promises to set prices even lower than Amazon. Who wins the price wars we want to know boomer and commerce crunched the numbers on 100 popular products across nine categories. And found that teen 1% of the time. Jack's. Eat Amazon but it is still very early too early this how we say who will be the ultimate Victor here standby. And speaking of time. Number three on our run down the apple watched it's honestly hard to come by with online back orders and no in the store options until weeks after its release. Will finally meet on shelves very soon. Outside of an Apple Store starting next week you can pick up the standard apple watch an apple watch sport edition at 100 asked buys across the country. As well as their online store. And if your in the shopping spirit and happen to live in the right states. We'll be happy here about this week's numbers US sales tax holiday in seventeen states that profit country. Starting next week. It is just in time for back to school shopping clothing footwear school supplies even computer equipment in some places tax free. Can you believe it's already time to go back to school we can't really. Pulled on the summer. But don't count the summer over just yet because our number one story only comes once in a blue moon. Actually so called Clinton's happened more often than you think creature in three years when two full moons fall in the same month. Also actually live but it will be the first time in almost three years since we've had a blue moon and as they say. Anything can happen on the blue man. They do say that right when a bat. And with that we're out of here realize you back here next week it until that like best sweetest subscribe. To us he want to see on our show. Have a great weekend.

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{"id":32816095,"title":"#RealBizwithRJ Episode 48: Back In USA","duration":"9:43","description":"Rebecca says cheerio to London, the Shahidi brothers stop by Real Biz to talk 'Shots', plus your week ahead ","url":"/Business/video/realbizwithrj-episode-48-back-usa-32816095","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}