5 Reasons Why Your Life Will Be Better in 2014

Bob Doll reveals his positive predictions on jobs, home prices and U.S. economy this year.
3:00 | 01/08/14

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Transcript for 5 Reasons Why Your Life Will Be Better in 2014
-- -- to the most anticipated predictions there any impact your money this year he's one of the most highly sought after strategists on Wall Street Bob doll chief equity strategist and senior portfolio manager and you -- asset management Bob. So nice to see you happy new year seem to you -- and you come out with these ten predictions every year and you've got a couple of them to share with us today one that really caught my -- Was the question about -- Because everybody's wondering how are we gonna grow this year and -- -- really pick up and that's speed the velocity of growth pick up the -- -- say that. My answer is yes the theme for this year is less fear and more confidence. And to the extent Rebecca that's true. That will. Permit encourage allow. Faster growth and where is cedar -- specifically like for example housing has been a big chapter of growth this year or last year should. He will continue and it will continue to grow steal from low levels. We forecast the house. -- new home construction across one million units this year. We haven't seen that for five years but prior to these five years 1950s. Last time housing starts were below a million little. So all we're saying is growth is picking up but in some areas like housing for very low -- so if -- -- homeowner right now what would you say that's going to mean for me and especially for a -- or someone who wants to -- it probably means home prices are gonna continue to rise. Now we saw in the last couple years some very strong price gains I'm not sure won't keep up at that pace -- for most areas of the country. Home prices a year from now will be hired and they are today which -- -- Buyer's perspective -- it's not as fast of gains that's actually for a buyer's perspective a decent -- employment. I love this prediction you say employment is going to go to all time highs in a good way. Yes that is. Private employment -- people working for private companies in a few months absent I don't foresee a recession hit -- new all time high. All this noise about how much trouble we're in how bad jobs are there is a statistic that pretty important one. Not obscure any way shape reform that's about to hit a new all time. Which would be great to see it would it would mean that corporate America is going to really be spending money on its employees training its employees expanding. Internally and not just on stock buybacks but you also -- talk about stop. Acts absolutely right so the last few years with all the cash they have -- all the free cash flow corporate America has they've been buying back their stock and raising their dividends. I think they'll continue to do those things but to your point. They have a little more confidence -- less fear my theme and as a result they will do more capital expenditures more reinvestment. In their business. To help it and -- the economy grow a key ingredient. If that wasn't the case let's just say corporate America decides it's not going to do the kinds of investment in its people and in its actual business. And it does continue to invest in the stock market do you think. That this economy is going to grow at the levels you're suggesting. If that doesn't happen as part of my thesis to get to a 3% growth for level hires in the two where we've been living now for some time so we need that ingredient to get the -- you also have some predictions about politics makes that. We do this is a political year every other year we have a prediction it is that. Republicans capture. I think additional seats in the house. Take more seats but fall short in the senate as you know the Republicans need six seats to win the senate our guess is they get for maybe only three. Why is this important. I think for most of us Washington DC we need to think -- two things one we have a very accommodative Central Bank the Fed. And the federal budget deficit falls every day Washington DC is not as bad for the investment economic climate -- lot of people think. But the big question of the year will -- asset management have a one NC a Smart ones it. They take a great great great point. I don't brands something that Connecticut Delaware as Smart Smart idea after all the subject you've been talking about it show. Right but -- you so much they have -- thanks for hearing your predictions. Bob dollar Nubian and they use so much for joining us for real -- until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York have a --

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{"id":21463794,"title":"5 Reasons Why Your Life Will Be Better in 2014","duration":"3:00","description":"Bob Doll reveals his positive predictions on jobs, home prices and U.S. economy this year.","url":"/Business/video/reasons-life-2014-21463794","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}