Rebecca Jarvis Goes One-On-One With Mark Cuban

Real Biz with Rebeca Jarvis 4.22.2014
16:14 | 04/22/14

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Transcript for Rebecca Jarvis Goes One-On-One With Mark Cuban
Welcome to this special edition of real thing is I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and zero valley ESPN's sports business reporter is here with us for the -- and here's what's on our radar for today we went one on one with Mark Cuban he owns the Dallas Mavericks. He's mr. shark tank and now he's got a new -- that he says will let you stay more stealth. When using your Smartphone to communicate -- -- mark who he'd rather be in business with. Mark Zuckerberg or Japanese some surprising answer coming up also today -- -- -- -- like we sat and he's gonna give us his two cents on Cuban. Plus will you be able to this is really the question. We -- to have a line with your Margarita on cinco -- out. Daryn we'll explain the real reason that lines are going extinct they really going extinct that's not a good situation -- we're -- get to that -- and we -- -- get started. In the digital age everything you do -- lives on the Internet forever and sometimes those -- ease the text messages the tweets. They can come back to haunt you in the future Mark Cuban knows a thing or two about that and it's one of the reasons he's created new -- Aimed at helping you hide in plain sight. We -- to him about that and much more the other day. What you're about your new venture -- duster which has basically been started out of necessity absolutely. I had a little. Battle with the SEC and one of the things that they did that. -- shocking and surprising or should have been but what surprises every message that I had. They created a new context for -- -- said sky was blue they took his message abroad in the courts that knows you really mean the sky was -- You meant the sky was green and so they did this -- all -- digital content. And so after -- kick their butt in court. You know items that you know what. I need to shrink my digital footprint so this doesn't happen again so I created that called cyber -- and in a nutshell Farber -- this text messaging -- -- -- When you send a message to another cyber -- user thirty seconds after they open it. Whether it's text or picture. It's gone forever never stored on the server never to be found and what started off as a response to a legal issue for me. Has now taken off we are you seeing the biggest -- with kids we've been beating and into kids that you have to be careful what you put on line. That any picture that you post on FaceBook and Twitter and Tumblr it could be used against -- that. Our future employers gonna come out look at these pictures you -- trying to get into college or grad school they're gonna go look to see what your social media profile is. And so because that we've seen a lot of kids go towards -- -- Because you can take pictures send it and it's gone in ten seconds but there wasn't a solution for keep kids with -- whenever you -- detects the minute you hit send. You lose on agricultural they could be the most innocent text ever. But if it's forwarded by somebody if it's posted on FaceBook and Twitter Tumblr. It could take on a whole new context taken out of context to what we do on -- does is we don't -- the name of the person sending the message so even if you take an actual picture. Of the phone or you do a screen shot. You don't know where it. Let me what do you drive me I don't have any paper just know when it's not so much that -- trying to hide something it's just no point doing and you mention Greece yeah I got really catching we have increased. I looked of these reports and all -- -- we were that the number five application. In the iTunes store threesome like how the -- -- that happened anywhere hot streak and number one to mark the third on the you know much there but we were number one when -- -- kid. You're an entrepreneur right from the begin as long as I can remember when I -- for I don't know because my dad -- did -- -- and cars. My mom was housewives that would in real estate now -- in making this making that that -- she might have had a little bit of the center. Yeah I think it was while in the -- -- -- definitive -- health. But -- I don't know my parents -- always -- that work you know how all this came on the me and my Brothers aren't like that so. You know just that's just the -- I've always been wired. And you -- of -- hustler reading in your stories that basically you were eating a lot of fried mushrooms yet to be limited political theater that -- during happy hour at three you're getting your answers again -- about forty pounds in terms of that first breakthrough for. We -- -- -- and what went through your mind did you know you had me. Made it made it I never feel like I've made it I mean obviously I'm a much better financial position than I've ever been but I'm just so competitive that. There's always some young 1516. Year old girl or boy that felt there with a better idea and I'm like no I don't want I wanna -- You used eight got my right thing to beat -- I'm that no one in particular but it's just like -- it's an ever going right I'm just so competitive you -- people. Don't know I don't know I don't I don't at all not even -- you get briefed every day this person is doing that thing and now. -- I read a lot allowed to compete it's like. To me business is a sport and no one athletes don't want to retire until the force to. And fortunately you know it's not my body -- work with -- my brain and and I just want to keep on. Pushing -- -- Cyprus is a perfect example to start a company basically from scratch and put in the time to try to really make it take off from blow -- that's what fires me up. And that's what I love to do and so it's not so much what other people are doing but when -- talk about wanted to kick other -- that is this like okay. You guys every lot of people are trying to do this watch me lot of people talked about doing this watch me. And it it's zero -- -- around when -- make or ominous fail and it's that fear failure. It just keeps me going what the first question -- -- to determine whether something is 50 whether he'll even -- Who else is doing. And not just who else is doing it now but to -- is done -- in the path. I think for new -- for doors they make mistake it just going to Google and do an assertions that loud doesn't look like anybody's doing it right now. And they fail to realize that all the companies who have tried it and failed well they can't pay for the servers anymore and you can't just do won't buy because they're gone. You don't just start the start -- -- everything's great hall and saw all the -- year the public company you know years that you got to grind you gotta get up we grind and when I was sleeping on the -- six guys in the three bedroom apartment. You know it just in the nasty -- that nasty situations my my idea of a good -- was taken five dollars basically and going to some happy happy hour. By my two Beers in an -- fifty dollars worth of fried mushrooms. You develop that would that was that was -- healthy. OK so where did you a -- fired out our way ten seconds in two minutes ready named Irina the first -- apple or -- and get them. The sun and air carrying an iPhone -- rest -- -- -- announced an android bingo to it yet to go into business with Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff if those who get it divisions. Most underrated CEO today. -- I don't know. Factory. Next specific. And torture you're gonna regret saying by the way bigger tortured dinner with Donald Trump. Watching an old episode of the benefactor. Donald Trump -- requested. Should be NBA season could be 65. Now. Now know went -- Because that we won't make as much money people come to the games to the like should college athletes get paid no. How many hours -- keep it. Best piece of advice -- got to grind worst season by -- All your passions. You shouldn't your passion to all your effort if you could be anyone other than Mark Cuban -- -- -- Mark Cuban. You know regret the benefactor -- had a blast doing it you get oh yes it was great I really enjoyed it I mean. You know there were a lot of things that changed midstream that punishment of the show but. I think is that a great message and you know did do very well and I would I learned a lot from it but that they got in front -- share -- yeah exactly Tyler block from. -- suffered a few what I realized deep UST. Always dramatic 08 -- Now the fun conversation with Mark Cuban and there and you're here to you react to it because obviously you know this -- pretty well I had a little Twitter battle with him I. We actually at the -- -- you mark human spirit obviously bought the Dallas Mavericks in 2000. But when he called Eddie Rush and -- officials -- he said he couldn't manage a dairy queen. I was the one who asked Mark Cuban if he could manage a dairy queen. Which led to Mark Cuban going to dairy queen and managing one -- -- blizzard yet so yes so -- this is what I love about mark not only does he. Do what he does and when he sees problem he looks an opportunity like cyber cuts but he also goes -- -- on Twitter. He had said that the Milwaukee box at 550 million dollars sold last week that two hedge fund guys was a bargain. And so -- kind of sub between him. You know what that means sky it's kind of like you're not tweeting act what you're like you're you're kind of mentioning it so it's obvious he said. I have not found one sports anchor who is said this is a bargain. To which mark then responded back to me. And basically say do you think that bankers know more tonight. And you do you. I think this -- the ones that I've I've talked who have done fifty or sixty -- deals they should know as much. And he he -- pointed out look at LA Dodgers deal. The TV deal that your and -- teen who fought for two point 15 billion. So with that he goes back and -- this is what's really -- about market mean he he's willing to getting it. He he said he would only be himself he would be -- how -- he loves doing when he isn't. 100% himself -- even -- privacy and exempting them props for the fact that. Our executive producer real -- sandy candles had his kids here that day his two boys. And they had no idea they pitched it to mark and not only did mark listen to the idea but he even gave them advice so some people you know maybe they would give. The listened to the kids pitching their idea but very few would actually take the time to advise them and give the really good business yet and how that gets bigger and that's his. Passion that's that's Mark Cuban loving what he does and also knowing it the more effort he puts into it. The more that -- kids are gonna remember it. And I guarantee you if -- -- -- remember about experience. What surprised you the most about the interview what was the response that caught your attention. The 65 games thing because I always contend there should be fewer games. -- I understand that he wants more volume. But. I don't know I think attention spans I think that you know the key is it's not the people that show up 99.9. Percent people watching -- game on TV. To the TV networks. You know -- they -- all seeking more inventory so I think it's it's less about that people enjoy them and they show up and more about competing TV networks who need more inventory. And that's the reason I feel why. They can't go from 82 to six. When it comes to making money though. How much money they make up -- -- TV -- verses that ticket sales and everything that goes a lot with that including all the merchandise well what what's happening is a couple of things that mark mark. Has been the number one advocate of the bad deal that he -- he he hates the deal he gets with the NBA which is kind of this socialistic deal that all teams split the merchandise sales equally. Only if your number one you don't get it over the benefits and then right exactly. The only thing you reap benefits of his only your teen store in this in this in the arena that's the only. PC yet but I spoken -- -- about. Tickets being -- declining. Piece of the their revenues and that TV is so big now in the -- coming up on -- -- TV deal next year. That TV is so big that tickets mean less and less and this unity. You kind of sold out the TV but. It's -- it's a good deal. Which -- very interestingly. Is. Part of his thesis on why he's investing in access TV because basically -- is all about live events -- Coachella playing. You know for multiple hours on end so that you could be. In a place without Coachella happening next to you and you could be participating in the experience if you have access -- his TV his TV. Answer reader I I remember in 2004. At the end VA tech summit which is at the all star game. He -- in a fight with David Hill who's at fox sports and David -- -- 3-D TV is next. And mark said HDTV is next hand three he's gonna go bust and that's another -- -- Mark -- was right. This -- fast. The look -- -- air. This is really fascinating and mean long one of the first by the weight quick strike pointed out -- are okay act pointed out before. Everyone was on -- okay so let me tell you about the lines. And I I just noticed that I noticed it through -- -- outline just kind of anecdotally so forty ounce box of lines okay. That months ago would cost twenty dollars now but -- 120 dollars you are in a bad situation in that. You have. More like everyone wants lines is more lines -- -- and and this is the crazy -- 97%. Lines that we had in the US. Are from Mexico so decent and their. He did it. My understanding is some of the farmers and -- -- of multiple reasons for this but you have a shortage because the weather track. We also have the farmers. In some places where lines are really hot they got together -- they. -- and always think that. But that's the thing when you're 97%. Of one product in one place I mean the -- and the problem is that there was a line business in California but they just couldn't match the prices so. The prices were low that cause it to go out of California and now there are so high I mean it's you know I mean this is here. -- prices going up there are you going to be able to get your hands on the -- midsummer. -- area. Concern about -- at a mile there is concern that you -- thing. -- -- There is concern that should be trending two record the DC a serious -- right if you have to put -- lemon in your Margarita that's just that's just not right. Go strap -- there there is a traditionally called true -- and -- line which I enjoy it's like a line salt and online and you put -- in your drink. Sponsored there's not -- and that's -- I I I truly enjoy it and not a paid endorsers. It's except what do you think of the Boston Marathon yesterday while men could really -- and -- -- -- was he winning is just cool and and the business story. In him being 38 years old. Him wearing Skechers because -- really want to know -- in the industry really -- and and to see the stock go up a little bit yesterday you kind of wonder. Are people gonna -- was running as a huge category Skechers really hasn't benefited from it. So you wonder if if that'll give them a -- -- Brooks got so -- into that category shifted their entire business model. Protect sneakers in -- specifically running -- yet I performance yes I'm talent there the running market is is the fastest growing market. It's -- it's ahead of these deaths will market in the US and so CA I mean -- had that that issue with the FDC and I think -- of the opportunity. Well what we love having you -- -- is -- I don't think you so much for coming and you gotta keep us posted on those lines I will you'll be tweeting about it I don't care about that's right. -- thanks so much Daryn and they so much to Mark Cuban who joined us here on the real -- is. And basically we want to hear from you what did you think -- Mark Cuban what do you think of his advice we think about his. Best tips and his worst hit were the things that you care about -- he's on -- was even more. About shark tank as we know that's something that he really cares about something that a lot of you care about you revealed some of the most shocking secrets of shark tank and the number one reason. He says aren't ignores fail thanks so much to you for joining us on real -- until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York.

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