Recon Robots to Aid Marines in Afghanistan

1-pound robots are affixed with a camera that can be used to spy on the enemy.
1:47 | 03/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Recon Robots to Aid Marines in Afghanistan
This is the newest recruit at just over a -- and don't let that fool you it is tough. And it's possible. In this scenario Marines move in on a building in Afghanistan. Snipers on the group our big concern but the Marines have a tiny solution grown up. A small robot with a camera is thrown onto the roof a marine quickly spies the enemy. Five seconds can turn -- -- -- where you needed to be it is the recon scout robot. Got a single joystick and with the help of a joystick the small robot can be sent to -- tossed into critical situations. To detect enemies booby traps and bombs from a distance. The robot holds a key advantage over bigger robots its light -- Now I can have that pass that was me when I really needed and not have to go back. To a vehicle to pick it -- Marines can also use it at night thanks to infrared sensors manufactured by -- robotics the devices have been tested by Camp Pendleton Marines in Afghanistan in the past year a few days ago the Marines bought a 126. Units at thirteen thousand dollars -- -- very excited about it former marine areas -- and in town for our conference is director of military programs for the robot maker he gave us a demo of the robot in action. The robot crawls under -- car and -- images two months. We tossed the robot across a parking lot you can -- to -- you want. Designed to take repeated thirty foot drop on concrete Marines are counting on the robots to take that pounding. Retreating deeper -- and save lives. Michael Jan -- news.

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{"id":15963442,"title":"Recon Robots to Aid Marines in Afghanistan","duration":"1:47","description":"1-pound robots are affixed with a camera that can be used to spy on the enemy.","url":"/Business/video/recon-robots-to-aid-marines-in-afghanistan-15963442","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}