Never Regret the Text

Mark Cuban's new app Cyber Dust deletes messages in seconds to prevent public humiliation.
2:18 | 04/22/14

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Transcript for Never Regret the Text
About your new venture -- duster which has basically been started out of necessity absolutely. I had a little. Battle with the FTC and one of the things that they did that. -- shocking and surprising or should have been but what surprises every message that I had. They created a new contact -- -- -- said sky was blue they took his message abroad in the courts that knows you really mean this guy was blue. You meant the sky was green and so they did this would all -- digital content. And so after right kick their -- in court. You know -- that you know what. I need to shrink my digital footprint so this doesn't happen again so I created that called cyber. And in a nutshell Farber -- this text messaging -- -- -- When you send a methods to another cyber -- user thirty seconds after they open it. Whether it's text or picture. It's gone forever never stored on the server never be found and what started off as a response to a legal issue for me. Has now taken off we are you seeing the biggest -- with kids we've been beating and in two kids that you have to be careful what you put on line. That any picture that you post on FaceBook Twitter and Tumblr it can be used against you that. Our future employers gonna come out look at these pictures you -- trying to get into college or grad school they're gonna go look to see what your social media profile is. And so because that we've seen a lot of kids go towards -- chat. Because you can take pictures ended and it's gone in ten seconds but there wasn't a solution for keep kids with -- whenever you send detects the minute you hit send. You lose on that your cholesterol -- could be the most innocent text ever. But if it's forwarded by somebody if it's posted on FaceBook and Twitter Tumblr. It could take on a whole new context taken out of context to what we do on -- does is we don't showed the name of the person sending the message so even if you take an actual picture. All of the phone or you do a screen shot. You don't know where it was actually it wasn't you drive me I don't have any paper just no point it's not so much that you're trying to hide something is just no point doing and you ancient -- yeah I got really catching -- we gotta increase I don't know. I looked at these reports and all the -- we -- that the number five application. In the iTunes store threesome like how to act and that -- -- -- -- hot net and never -- -- marked the third army know much they're we were number one.

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{"id":23428172,"title":"Never Regret the Text","duration":"2:18","description":"Mark Cuban's new app Cyber Dust deletes messages in seconds to prevent public humiliation. ","url":"/Business/video/regret-text-23428172","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}