Rumors of Fed Changes Worry Investors

Matt Nesto analyzes the morning business headlines.
6:36 | 05/13/13

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Transcript for Rumors of Fed Changes Worry Investors
Futures in the -- this morning after last week's record rally. Investors scaling back a bit when they heard the Fed is expected to scaled back. On quantitative easing Q we of course right now I want to bring in -- -- from Yahoo! finance let us know what's going out said. Break down the top business headlines for this Monday morning match have a good weekend. Idea is on the -- all weekend with Ben Bernanke's -- can become a busy -- -- -- well mr. Listen when when Ben calls you would answer the phone with absolutely are already -- that the second -- don't talk what's -- out this morning retail sales unexpected rise for the month of April. Yes it is -- -- candidate in this is a number that's probably better than expected you know we always like did you know tweak out pull apart ex autos ex autos and gasoline. -- gasoline -- this that the other thing but to headline number will be -- 110 of a percent increase economists were looking. For about a three tenths of a percent decline it marks a pretty good snapped back from a half a percent decline we saw on March. And it also shows that we're seeing some of that confidence coming back. Now some of those -- numbers are important the ex autos numbers is big but what the one that really declined the most it was the biggest headwind on this number was gasoline. We're down about fifteen cents per gallon in economists that I talked to say that works out to about a 22 and a half percent -- when Soviet backed out gasoline sales from the number we would've seen. Retail sales rising about six tenths of -- percent and that. -- a lot better than 110 of -- -- We have absolutely no doubt about that so -- if you can kind of put in the context for our retail sales play out as an overall indicator of the the economic -- -- and sort of a temperature for where were. Sure maybe have a job and you have confidence -- you feel like here. You know where your own and you you can't count on your paycheck then you'll spend money it's it's just that simple. And that has a trickle down effect -- it also is not just only your job but if you feel like. Your home value was secured rising. That's important as well and so those issues as wells a rising stock market for certain sectors of the economy. Give consumers confidence disbanded this is supposedly. Going to ultimately lead to hiring as well for businesses that make more money. -- -- as well. Perfectly stated as we can possibly make it thank you Matt ICT don't know about -- of -- -- talking about his successor. Com and -- possibility that that person would end a quantitative easing program. Yeah well as early Bernanke talking about and it's the Wall Street Journal's reporter who covers the Federal Reserve. And you know this is a parlor game Ben Bernanke's term second term is an up until the end of January. So we still got in how good six months ago. And do you plan for a fire drill -- and now we we had a good discussion here my colleague Jeff -- -- this morning. I think he signs on for a third term and does some or all of it. Because as work isn't done. Mac is more of the school that hill kind of wrapped after -- had a -- eight hard years in this battle particularly the last five or six have been really rulings that we think -- Ready to move out so we get back to the articles that are getting going in that -- Well the vice chairman would probably be capable of stepping -- taken chairman Bernanke's position -- San Francisco's. Janet Yellen and so there's a big discussion on that some say it's a trial balloon to -- the markets freak out over the notion of Bernanke -- losing at the same time. There's this whole discussion of when the current Bernanke. Policies are going to start to unwind or taper in terms their bond purchasing and that's going to be increasingly in focus as every fed meeting. Passes. Right well now we've got less than six months of two continue of the game and that the name dropping -- in the event that that doesn't fact happen. Talking bit -- it about Bloomberg. The company come under under some scrutiny because reporters reportedly had access information when. Some of their users logged into those Bloomberg terminals -- -- break -- the store for me what exactly is being reported. Well I used to work a Bloomberg saw enough I mean if your Bloomberg user it's an Internet system its and its its own -- system. -- -- Bloomberg males people can contact each other do you know it's a nice system it's the benchmark for financial data systems and if you want -- look up on a user where they work. There are addressed their contact it's pretty much widely available for people there and everybody does it. So a level that reporters were look at is they were able to see when people last login that's kind of a routine thing -- Pretty much do that on FaceBook. And so you know and again as the story goes somebody had said. They're trying to track down an employee who they thought it left golden isn't well you know here she hasn't logged in their Bloomberg and X amount of days in Maryland how do you know that and so here we have. You know people looking into whether or not this is going on Bloomberg as reported has blocked reporters from any access to this sort of function perusing. Ability that they had and now it's just pretty much -- use the terminal and report the news. Aaron indeed are -- and I don't -- and it with as well what's your favorite late night show. Of course -- ABC program. He had -- Jimmy Kimmel though quest Danny. He is the one who is definitely funny is -- a male and -- and Jay Leno is you know walking towards the -- so yeah. Of course -- vibrant the reason why -- because SNL veterans at Myers is actually follow in the footsteps of Jimmie Johnson take over the late night show. What do you think biggest NBC obviously has been kind of re branding itself bringing in some younger comedians and some of those -- they've been waiting in the wings -- for awhile. Bomb but for the longest time I mean NBC's really kind of -- you know -- -- its name on now on Leno. Yep it's amazing I thought Matt Lauer big good choice for you know -- -- -- insularity as a zero -- up. Why not. -- -- -- well Seth Myers and -- in the head -- -- SNL so there's a big opening there right now so -- could be some changes there the effects on late night will be probably small because as a small audience. That he's inheriting and and that late show that follows the Tonight Show. Which of course going to be Jimmy -- -- gates so yeah that'll that's going to be urged him to see how he does -- that more prime time each time. Slot. NBC has lot of work to -- I mean I joked about The Today Show but -- as one of the problems -- -- kind of dealing with -- attorney get out of fifth place. Well and and we will wait to see test that will progress art winless look at -- out of college ago the Dow is down about 28 points at 151089. -- -- From Yahoo! finance have a great Monday -- you --

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{"id":19169002,"title":"Rumors of Fed Changes Worry Investors","duration":"6:36","description":"Matt Nesto analyzes the morning business headlines.","url":"/Business/video/rumors-fed-worry-investors-19169002","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}