Save Money and Win Prizes

Learn about the free website that helps you do both.
6:17 | 03/20/12

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Transcript for Save Money and Win Prizes
-- -- problem singing money and making good financial decisions. What you are rewarded for doing the right thing with your money well that's concept behind the web -- save up dot com. Joining us now to tell us more is -- -- hygiene the company's CEO who came up with the idea. And next David Chen who want -- thousand box on its website their vote. And San Francisco Dave wanna hear your story. -- -- -- -- understand. That this is a website that -- -- folks. Making good money this. It's a really simple Stephanie it's basically you come to say that. You register any account where you're already saving your money -- could be your savings account your 401K. It could be also any debt that you're paying down it could be a car -- -- home -- student loan and once you register that countless say about. Every time you take the right financial options you -- save up credits. And then you use those credits to have the chance to win all kinds of prices the largest prize is a two million dollar jackpot. And then we've gotten all kinds amazing brands like banana republic. Virgin America is -- travel. We've got all kinds of great prizes ranging from 50000 dollars to start your own business to Latin vacations and trips so. It's a great fun way to stay motivated as Americans come out of the recession and people are trying to save money and pay down their debts and we want to make it fun and exciting. And the most important part of this -- is that it's free for anyone to join say David you -- this site I suppose you needed some help. Some motivation to start saving and this is sort of like a game is that what attracted you to this site. Yeah I mean I've always sort of been -- and personal finance and keeping attractive you know how much money had -- -- money and spending so. I was actually browsing we -- -- about personal finance when I saw this post -- save up. And I heard it's free and I you know I have a chance. You awarded for just doing what has already doing saving money and paying them a bills. -- -- -- You -- give it a try and to signed up registered my accounts -- it up to save up and sort of playing and became. A daily routine pretty quickly every day I wake up. Sign on to save get these reminders to save money and -- see these notifications that say. You know you get -- points for. Putting more money into your savings account hands and out of credit card bills and then -- these those credits to you play the games that -- mentioned. Right hands. And now under -- thousand dollars ahead now free I assume this is -- I assume you came up with this website not just to help folks like David who are already doing the right thing. But maybe to help some Abbas that aren't always doing the right thing and to inspire is is that what led to this concept. Absolutely myself and my co-founder -- -- -- body we both and looked around the world accident actually at examples of things that have been successful. And helping people to increase their savings rate. And to engage more positively with their personal finances and we came across some examples of what are called prize linked savings. And some great research around that and when we saw that research we thought how can we create something like this in the United States that could be a positive motivated her. And really fun and so Sammy is a computer scientists he actually built our site. And I hadn't had -- not doing all the partnerships with the brands to get all the prizes and and also -- we're working with some banks and financial institutions to -- I'm actually -- -- -- to their depositors at any American can come to say about and start using it today it's totally free. And we launched in November and we've got tens of thousands of people all across America like David. That are using it and some of them aren't like David very financially responsible already. We got some really great testimonials also people who had never really been motivated campaign governor -- -- -- -- getting mad -- People who started their first savings account he's insane that's it's really exciting. David I'm curious you know you've probably -- already done some online banking where did you have any reservations. About. You know the security of of a site like dance any reservations. Night I wasn't really concerned because -- easy to other web sites percent of similar to how save a works where I would supply -- I want banking information in the -- on my account information. I know that it's it's pretty secure and never had a problem with this before and an ending for years. And Stephanie just to chime in on not saying that actually uses bank level security. And we have a partnership with intuit which is the same back -- system. That is used for Turbotax. Or four -- dot com. And so everything is encrypted and very secure and additionally all the -- credentials are actually stored on -- -- so. I think people can feel very assured and secure about what we're doing and there's also been a lot of security reviews of our site which you'll see all that information on say about. Is there any catch at all because it seems like such a win win. No catch yeah. I don't cell user day that we don't. -- people anything that they're not interested -- all we do is. Give you motivation. We have these great brands coming in to help us do it because they want to help Americans succeed coming out of the recession to. And then -- we also do give you financial suggestions where it will say OK you've been saving your checking account. Now maybe it's time to open a savings account and then it'll give you suggestions like here's the best interest. Savings accounts -- you try one of these and so little by little every day when you check in to play for prizes it's also helping you to make. Better financial choices and progress and so we're really excited we think it's a great tool for American. That sounds educational and motivational Austria -- the CEO of save up a dot com. And David -- one of the web -- winners thank you both for joining us. Our pleasure and we're excited to share what we're doing with your -- Stephanie thanks a lot.

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{"id":15961693,"title":" Save Money and Win Prizes","duration":"6:17","description":"Learn about the free website that helps you do both.","url":"/Business/video/saveupcom-save-money-win-prizes-15961693","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}