Saving America One Startup at a Time to the Most Bizarre Beauty Products

Rebecca Jarvis reveals what you need to watch this week 2.20.2014.
3:00 | 02/20/14

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Transcript for Saving America One Startup at a Time to the Most Bizarre Beauty Products
Hello and welcome to real -- I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what's happening right now startup America. The kings of home decor and the most bizarre beauty products ever we promise you they are the most bizarre. We'll get right to it is good to be king -- when your company is valued at almost one billion dollars. Online home -- -- retailer one king's plane is revolutionizing the way that we shop for our homes. And how are they doing it well when asked co-founder and chief merchandising officer Susan Feldman Susan. So nice to see you see to have your company turning five and ten a month and -- time -- and having fun. It -- wild ride for AM insisted it's been insane but good kind of you're story's so interstate because you started out you -- at New York. You were in the fashion in -- history. And then you move to LA and and figured out that you needed to decorate -- hope he. Fabulous stores in Los Angeles but not on -- experience five years ago was pretty dismal. And you know really saw an opportunity to get in there and make it -- -- excited and really disrupt the space seize on this opportunity you thought. Here's an idea -- could make work and you actually did what do you think it was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- were marketed beautifully it was very it's a very appealing thank you brought some of the items today president thinking let's take just a little bit heavy written on it we want to -- Zelaya have 2000 new items a day is this is just a very -- -- planet and we sell everything on the site from. Really can't -- candles -- furniture and everything in between so. This is excited and some of this product here -- from two of our own product -- -- -- -- this -- to new bedding -- lines one is up from -- -- male lions beautiful. Throw great bedding products and decorative pillows from our solid in line. And this is really fun this is from one of our emerging artists it's that something that we really elected strategists help promote new businesses and new artists and things like that -- this has become a really fun part of our business in the art world. For people who are new to deciding their homes and it's interesting because you're black background was -- it was home to our wasn't -- -- but. For me when I want to buy anything for my home it's it's overwhelming because you think well if I'm gonna -- this pillow. I'm committing to a whole look in my house. I think I think yet. You should feel good here -- good companies like everybody sort of feels the same way so I think that's -- things we try to do and why we have been successful as we've contextualize. You know. All this product that's available for your home and -- you can take it what you can do with -- and try to help people understand that. If you do you buy that. It's not forever -- and have fun with that and maybe next season you -- something a little bit different in a change -- -- -- house so. Which we try to help people along the -- also because it is a very overwhelming process where do you recommend people begin the whole process of decorating -- space. You know I think when you're looking -- -- -- think you need to come up -- -- with a plan that changes -- -- one -- we -- is -- has never done -- you have to start -- like really foundational. Layer and then you know it's really a process that you continue to build -- but. I like to think about color scheme in I think that's a good place to start. And then landed forcing somebody to do is -- about Walt -- went and on the floor and then everything else you just sort of build on top and where can you say the most -- cost you think we're what are the areas that you should be focusing on. Doing inexpensively verses expense at and I think is a great person -- -- think you should definitely invest in some foundation pieces and things that you know you feel good about for awhile it could break counts for something like that -- -- You know decorative pillows and accessories things like that have fun with that you know and change about -- time Susan Feldman one Kinsley thank you so much for joining us. Safe travels back to LA and an have to wake up as early this morning get your -- -- tank -- it -- so -- season. Rather then complaining about the less than stellar US economy high unemployment and manufacturing jobs sent overseas one nonprofit. Is actually doing something about adventure for America is recruiting the nation's top young talent. To rebuild bankrupt cities across America one start up at a time we want to welcome injury -- founder and CEO of venture for America. He's also the author of Smart people should -- things you see the book right there. And also venture for America fell from Detroit Brian boat -- Brian is joining us on Skype -- right here in studio thanks so much to both of you for being with us thanks what -- having so Andrea let's start out with you because you're here in studio. You get dibs on the first question how did you come up with. Well back in the day when I graduated from college I didn't know quite what to do with myself so I went to law school which was one of the default pads of that time. And I found a law was a great fit for me so -- end -- transitioning to start ups -- events the last twelve years including an education company that train people on how to. Get into business school you might remember that from back in the day. And no while I was there -- realize that it wasn't just me going to law school that we actually needed to connect more of our young talent to start up companies that they could learn how to -- contribute develop. And hopefully give rise to a new set of businesses that will create opportunities around the country. And part of the focus here is starting those companies in areas where the economy. Is failing has failed in particular Detroit for example. Now we have 28 people in Detroit including Brian. And other having a great experience Detroit's in an environment where you can have an outsized impact very early and -- an example of that hasn't started company -- Ripe old age of I think priced when he -- we can we can ask. That right it's 184. Injury 23 a -- -- using the had a -- you actually on that one Bryant. In terms of starting a company in Detroit there are so many issues obviously that Detroit has faced over the years from the auto bankruptcies. To now very difficult times for the economy still. How is it running a business in Detroit. Yeah well I heard a lot less from Dartmouth and and the outsiders are eventually and coming -- -- it -- the last hour. Under the -- community. It's it is amazing how strong -- community is here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That I feel that I would -- -- there -- -- I'm curious because Detroit as a city and I spent a lot of time there obviously going to visit the auto makers who have covered for many years. Is what one of the things that's very difficult about that city is this school system. And eventually if you want to have a family. You're gonna want to send your kids to a school. Is that something that you think that start -- community there could help also attack. I ask you an example that rebels are not founded a nonprofit educational -- education program here. We're returning to connect -- meaning to public schools -- district of Brussels where -- -- sincere so there's more these are professionals and and more people coming to downtown Detroit working with the community. I think this slows things started -- -- more resources and become a pleasure people are already dinners and -- missiles and -- I understand that Israel has done some of this as well within the country. Tell me what we can learn from that. Well Israel's by any metric objectively the most -- -- country in the world. And one of the ways that's come about is that they have this huge break but before college for their young people including their top educational prospects. Where they had to military service -- most of them travel around the world. And so I think that. That an eruption of -- this continuous stream of schooling that we put most of our young people through where they do nothing but go to school until they're 22. Really benefits. The perspective of young people and gives them a sense of what's possible. We look at for example a lot of the big tech entrepreneur or is of our day are -- we started and school and then dropped out. Before ever finishing I think about Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates and Ann and Steve Jobs these are people who were on one pass and then shifted but that doesn't always work out you know going after the start up isn't always. Going to end up in a win. And that's one reason why we think -- for America addresses a vital need because most college seniors. Are equipped -- -- Mark Zuckerberg and start a world beating company you know before they graduate from college. So if you wanted to be an entrepreneur in your graduating from college what's the first step. Right now the first step might -- -- go to a very large Furman and gather experience. But we think another set of very valuable experiences would be to work -- entrepreneur in a city like Detroit like Brian's doing. We get a sense of how these organizations. -- grow and develop and then you yourself can can -- tried yourself after that experience. So besides working with your organization what's the number one thing any young person watching right now when he went missing college or even earlier in their lives. What is the number one thing they should do to start their company. Well. Starting a company is a very very difficult endeavor and I know our started a couple of companies some -- worked -- -- -- didn't. For most young people it's actually to their advantage to to think less about starting a company from the -- And more about trying to join a team that will help them both contribute and develops they can get a sense of how to build an organization themselves. Two years down the -- the people. Yeah I really because that's how I learned I practice to some more experience partners myself my twenties and I think that's how you grow and develop. Very cool -- thank you so much Brian thanks for joining us from Detroit and absolutely stay warm stay strong future. All right thanks so much to both of you. Who doesn't love -- beauty products well you won't believe some of the stuff that's out there ABC news travel and lifestyle editor Genevieve brown is here with some of literally. The most bizarre beauty products we have ever seen first take a look at this video. -- it is there. Thank -- being accustomed might anyway. -- can't -- a -- here pieces but today. I say it looks David. You know they could see the future well here to talk about what actually has become beauty products to point out. Genevieve brown thanks so much for me that's been having me so what do you have here this is some crazy stuff OK I don't think the first thing isn't -- high -- -- -- and so bizarre little -- casino who -- thought. That bald Eagles for such a problem. That we actually need to create links for them than deciding where and exactly I didn't think this is a real thing and it would cost about thirty dollars that -- -- high. Totally bizarre -- king of brush my own hair but again house nationals but -- -- my kids but very happy if we're really starting pitchers this is so this is real. And their parents who are buying new album where -- I guess but I mean they really don't want their baby girls be mistaken for being able -- So there you got out you get it -- like it's that lipstick on and away you gotta analyze either avenue and I think it could affect other. Is this that perfume that smells like pizza yes this is heat -- now I love -- sound like I love it -- I don't know how much how you feel I'm a fan OK but you want us now competes -- nothing now -- but. It's just take a little list the next -- -- -- -- -- Well. It does smell -- smell like pepperoni he's going to be. To me that it's not -- inside about some -- him but you know there's a market for this pizza -- at your girl created a limited edition pizza -- and people like -- were so this company Demeter fragrances library has created -- pizza pregnancy she prepared and some other one. Sushi if he -- not race picked currency meeting you you -- think. He did -- -- what we -- -- -- -- perfect and they also make it could clean laundromat you know some other kind of where low place I see it as a novelty -- actually -- a joke. Let's take a look at this commercial. Feel fresh and -- with fresh balls and you'll be doing -- -- -- sack dance. Order your true today as -- -- dot com. Is it really what it sounds like it is -- it sounds like it is a product for the guys to -- this company called fresh bottle. Is making a product called. Crash balls because according to their web -- every guy suffers from wetness and sleeping in their -- -- I did not know that's. But apparently it's trail and here's the product. That they're going to use two two to combat that issue doesn't apparently these conference prosecution. Sweating problem role in your past Kelly what does -- smell like -- have a -- Which is I think that's kind of the point. Last I love this product because everybody is aides to grammys and putting -- that there whenever. And here's a product that's as you can look like it -- different picture in real -- god. I wish I wish I could look like ideal audience to -- which which -- which it -- grip coloring do you wanna look I like I'm or how and that's one that you -- -- -- using new product called are by the brow I'll have basically it. Does that contrast agents -- -- eyebrows. Makes it look a little bit more dramatic this is the other product out of this one is -- heat are -- basically gives you a shimmering Hugh. I'm really bumps up the -- -- -- -- you can tell that it's got. -- -- -- and gas and and Oracle -- China apple you can see the before and after picture you tell me what you think I mean honestly I'll get a better confidence to -- to be honest it yeah I love it. You definitely at which which the after picture which which -- to -- coloring is that that isn't just with the make up without actually mr. -- wanted to see how it felt it now. A -- you know I think I don't look phenomenal underlings wait let me take you so much crazy crazy things he. It is and by the way anyone will buy anything I think that's this and the end of the day if you you're told that you're gonna look battery gonna feel better whenever. We're gonna spend money on it as consumers eat in pizza perfume. -- perfume I can't get bored with the great enemy -- say yes. Hear what you think about wigs for babies and pizza perfume tweet us at -- is with RJ they so much for joining us that real -- until next time. This is Rebecca Jarvis from New York.

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{"id":22601532,"title":"Saving America One Startup at a Time to the Most Bizarre Beauty Products","duration":"3:00","description":"Rebecca Jarvis reveals what you need to watch this week 2.20.2014.","url":"/Business/video/saving-america-startup-time-bizarre-beauty-products-22601532","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}