Security Questioned at Occupy Dallas Protest

Tent city in Dallas was housing a convicted sex offender and a teen runaway.
1:52 | 11/02/11

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Transcript for Security Questioned at Occupy Dallas Protest
I mean is really nothing that nothing too fancy. We're. -- I'm really comfortable the question tonight who is living in this tent city. Among them last week a convicted sex offender -- a teenaged runaway. It's raising questions about security and criminals I'd like to say there's an. Easy explanation an easy way to solve we know he's got a problems from happening but unfortunately in the position that we are here dead. You know we are going to have to be dealing with some. Security issues. 41 year old Sarah peace remembers the girl who told police she had sex with the man. Who is now accused of assaulting her. It's an extremely serious issues to the fourteen year old girl. And I spoke with hastily she was nineteen years of age we now know we have learned from this that we need to check that. Protest leaders told us they will start asking anyone who looks under -- to prove how old they are. Even with the arrest he says she feels safe. However nothing is foolproof and we don't have had a barrier as people around us we'll have a -- correctness is really really easy to walk up. We started asking questions about the residents of occupied Dallas last week. Conducting our own survey asking a series of questions to nearly forty protesters. We found most are from north Texas seven live out of state. Ages range from eighteen to fifty. -- only half voted in the last election. The majority of this group is educated. Most having gone to a college or junior college I guess. -- I'm doing great the demonstrators formed a group called fire watch committee that serves as security. -- teams of four that guard the camp in rotations each night they walk after they -- -- keep an eye on things they look for disturbances.

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{"duration":"1:52","description":"Tent city in Dallas was housing a convicted sex offender and a teen runaway.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"14867633","title":"Security Questioned at Occupy Dallas Protest","url":"/Business/video/security-questioned-at-occupy-dallas-protest-14867633"}