'Shark Tank' Star One-On-One

Lori Greiner talks about her role on the hit reality show.
3:52 | 02/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Shark Tank' Star One-On-One
-- Rainier has often -- called the queen of QVC in fact she sold her own products on the network for more than a decade. But now she's immersed herself and different -- a little bit more dangerous. She's become I start on the hit show it shark tank and so now we welcome -- -- Great to media -- -- an -- -- I am I haven't watched the show let's just explain not the bad it's a chance for young not necessarily young but. Entrepreneurs to pitch new products you guys. And then you decide if you're gonna invest -- is not yet basic prime mess yes they come into the tank with either product -- -- business idea. A valuation. That they want to present and then the sharks determine whether or not they're going to help this person. Join up. Fight each other -- enough for you to react immediately so -- you just. Immediately tell -- something's going to be brilliant or totaled. Well I have sixteen years experience and -- you had tell yes I am I saying is I can tell instantly if it's a hero or zero and I I really can't have a good gut feeling. You of course are an adventure yourself in fact you hold more than a 110. Patents I don't know how many people can say that. What's been your most successful product. My most successful product is what I call my neared chiller cabinet it is -- full -- -- found near. That opens. Any is in chiller cabinet inside and it's also -- -- issue -- and women just love it. Okay in the show you're swimming with some other really makes -- -- suspect Mark Cuban of course one of them. You're afraid to make waves -- I want to take a lucky. -- -- -- -- -- Let's else I know is over here and -- more heat your. All its way to -- the kids. -- -- -- -- You're so competence. If you're born with were -- born with all of these ideas in this confidence in his business savvy urges that something one can learn life. And it's acquired I don't think you're naturally just born with that I think you -- -- through life. And I had been doing what I do for sixteen years. So the confidence came with the success -- and really knowing what I do I've been doing helping people and doing what I do creating products manufacturing. For along time now when he's the contestants come on the show and the pitch these products that does confidence matter in their pitch just. Yes it's is stay I believe yes because everybody wants to join up with somebody who you feels going to be successful is going to do what it takes to get things done so having that confidence makes you like the person. And they're more appealing to US partner. OK of course on the show your also could sort of competing with the other judges. I'm curious do you actually get along with these guys off camera what's the report -- alike. I actually do I like them all a lot I think they're all brilliant and I admire them and they're also a lot of fun. Paying their Sharkey -- Not -- -- today without being met but I admire the mall and I really had good time until an asset not -- the only woman shark on the show but doesn't make a difference do you feel -- you have to be any different. When -- with these guys canceling nine just land. -- just my south I think I have to be tougher on the show then I would be if you were to meet me in person. And because I'm swimming with sharks. It's an -- wind up -- and -- -- cutting back 88 it's now I think it doesn't matter at all if you know what you're doing. Man or woman it doesn't matter you can swim with the best of them and clearly you do Laurie -- -- -- thank you so much the queen of the QVC can -- -- shark tank. But this Friday and next Friday at 8 eastern on ABC thanks so much for stopping by in my great landing area. Thank you great to -- you.

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{"id":15577450,"title":"'Shark Tank' Star One-On-One","duration":"3:52","description":"Lori Greiner talks about her role on the hit reality show.","url":"/Business/video/shark-tank-star-15577450","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}