Air Jordan: Shoppers Get Trampled

The popular sneaker causes a scramble at an Indiana mall.
1:47 | 12/23/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Air Jordan: Shoppers Get Trampled
People who waited in line all night long to get that new air Jordan basketball she used. Flooded -- to lobby at square mall just after 7 this morning. They literally broke a door off the hinges several people were trampled while others rolled over them to get and -- QB but it was on the ground -- government campground. You know Michael Jordan -- what do you do -- one as most of those who haven't had cars exclusive. -- shoppers in a hurry to get in line left behind she used that had been on their feet in some of their clothes. Dozens of metro police officers responded to malls around the city to help with crowd control. Police raced to Washington square to help as hundreds of shoppers tried to be the first in line. Catholics -- square mall. Police and mall security. Helped -- people to their cars. After they bought their air -- because they were concerned about safety it was while you know people that -- -- around couple fights broke out at one point they were throwing. Things at each other and other police officers. Some of that shoppers tells six news. They welcomed the police presents. -- in the opposite. Of its top officers were caught. Obviously to restore our kids act would arts issues cost about a 180 dollars -- -- -- -- price and everything and it goes through we asked people that was really -- And yes. Based on the smiles -- song it's obvious they got what they want --

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{"duration":"1:47","description":"The popular sneaker causes a scramble at an Indiana mall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"15222530","title":"Air Jordan: Shoppers Get Trampled","url":"/Business/video/shoppers-trampled-for-air-jordan-sneakers-15222530"}