Affordable Last-Minute Gifts

Ideas for people who haven't finished shopping.
7:58 | 12/23/11

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Transcript for Affordable Last-Minute Gifts
Here's a question you might now want to answer but we're gonna ask the anyway -- -- Bennett a bad Santa. Waited to the last minute to buy those gifts time is running out though you still have some options and they don't have to cost a small fortune to get those -- here to share with. -- affordable last minute gifts is dawn Bryant the founder of quality media. With some great advice Don happy holidays -- -- -- to you thanks for being with us today with wonderful he's even if people didn't wait to the last minute to get it. Other people that did plan and buy things online. We're having a problem with best buy right now that they might -- to deliver all those online purchases what do people do if they're not going to be able to have that -- -- time to -- We just have to tell the truth about the fact did you did take the -- you did take the time you did do -- it was a thoughtful idea. You can make a joke you know you can say all ordered to something really special live being there in time for China's -- there you -- all right that's a good excuse -- -- because that's clearly not your fault -- I think that the institute can do -- this -- little you know under the but when you really can say you know. I want to do something and it's not there yet even -- That's okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right now -- people that do need to get that last -- legitimately didn't plan at what you have porous. I'll hold on -- OK realize that this is not just last -- and passed last minute -- I am looking couple days ago for. Instance wonderful last minute tips but -- -- The last ones right now can deny that there's and it's been accurate about -- for the things I love to do in this -- ancestors here Kirk. Is to. -- Reproduction. Of that and the you when your cousins just on the news that the V inquiries. Can be. You know sisters on fiftieth reunion. You can -- -- you can he -- with a beautiful message on Christmas and every -- -- It's something very simple and very emotional it's got a real a real bond you can if you want getting photograph -- -- insane. The -- -- to you. Wow that's a great idea -- -- and affordable and office of -- said last minute. Now for the movie lover someone else that wants -- -- might be able to last a little bit past the holiday as -- -- Well you can I was getting -- that they can use after the holidays and these gifts can people and individual income before Coppola and even entire -- which is helpful thing. So one of the ideas that -- I was too. To go to your local movie theater and get to movie -- -- And along with movie passes. -- all things that you would have that is recovering of the great idea but you can -- in the ships and you can get passage union membership to -- -- membership to the zoo. Classes in memberships are really particularly good for retired people elderly people. What about gym memberships because -- has something to make -- really that's not an insulting thing. OK all right you know because you can put up put on and -- -- -- the. That's not necessarily know that's true that is very accurately ABC we always need to take -- if he's -- you need to drop thirty that might do it right where they -- in when else do you have that you said you've got some very unusual out of this world suggestion. Yes I think it okay this well OK so. There are two particular this well this is star and since the eighties people have been using stars. In this way and in the news stock for someone and -- -- -- -- But it's it's and it's it's become very different than last few years now you not only names. Is that you can put it in the and have since -- next they shop. There is the united news of Paper pregnant. You can do right now -- tonight into -- -- -- And have -- there in time for Christmas and they can watch the launch. From their own computer as a very -- -- -- of -- realistic suggestion all realistic yes. You want to -- lunar land I really -- -- starving. Star. You can see here that is very cool and you can -- obviously you get to have still -- absolutely and this is a certificate of registry for -- Did you -- of scrutiny and people -- news for me such. -- million people I don't know what the end. And many days but it's gonna be going fat is ending don't ask don't want to get it I think it's -- in the -- -- tranquility and close to -- the Apollo eleven and that every. You on fast are now we're going to be hitting a lot of big box retail stores where there were headed over to our parents' house -- friends family whenever. We can also find some last minute gifts -- -- -- with certainly mean to you if you go out the door to get. Paper towels or with an aggregate it is -- -- And you find their big basket from the union -- and gosh what to do right -- something got a big box stores and some really good ideas there and -- -- -- -- quickly and efficiently -- and one of them is to start collection of something for someone. And we went to. It -- -- -- I honestly don't think it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And this is a really great host or hostess -- If if you are going to Simms house instead of just winging in one box of -- one -- four hours. You know Clinton live -- it is. Re gifting. Learned it's not a bad day. But complaints implements -- ninety. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so one of the ideas is to bring a gift with -- upon. -- he version of what Everett isn't and I just for this as a as a who disagree that's great if people don't just crazy for -- and thank you. -- you -- please an -- -- -- the animals including -- and what about of the month -- because often times they get can sometimes get a negative connotation yet but there's one thing that -- the. Each month club within the some rank and -- using the he will you -- -- -- I promise you that there is a gift of the month club and four and three single person and then let -- promise as -- progress. I mean there are gifts in the months puzzles. That gets in the month -- part of -- guys then get surveillance for Chile. There and get amendment four and -- -- let's say you brought into the that I think that's -- gospels that lives. Terms of economics. That there are a -- of the you can get all year from fifty dollars right and you can constituents. Also you can get for 3%. From time to -- an extended out an estimated it would have appreciated and for something like softball you get three belongs each time in six policies and pool balls and -- forward to a -- vehicles which is when I think Atlantans for that equipment that we're gonna leave here in the. I don't go very quickly. And I want to ask you very quickly before we let you go gift certificates because often times people are hesitant to -- gift certificates they think it's very impersonal but people ask this question what do you think. I think his certificates are wonderful okay. But they need again like everything else here. To be thoughtful and personalized and become quality gifts and not get it generic -- caught up -- that might be specific to a store for example it well that but also for example if you get -- -- for some whether -- for their Kindle and then there. -- And you know that they collect Italian easy sell what you do is you give them the gift certificate for the book right -- and -- along with that you write a note saying. This is for you to add to collection -- -- cookbooks. And attached to it is a list of those books published in the last perfect solution right there Don Bryant thank you so much -- -- quote media -- entertainer happy holidays to you.

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