The Smartest Business Decision Wendy Williams Ever Made Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis

Episode 54: Wendy Williams talks Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis in the Glam Suite and delights and surprises in the Real Biz Rapid Fire.
9:57 | 09/11/15

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Transcript for The Smartest Business Decision Wendy Williams Ever Made Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis
Hello and welcome derailed is I'm Rebecca Jarvis and thanks for joining us than I think going to be glad you did. Because it's not every week we go behind the scenes with when of TV and radio's biggest most powerful. Most notorious personalities. Wendi Williams started her career more than three decades ago and now this haven't season of her talk show is premiering on Monday. Her agent sent clothing line is booming she's got a hit show death by got that on investigation discovery. And her office the glam sweep. It's be dazzled from floor to ceiling. It makes my office will I think Kate dungeon. The area's media mogul art for nor performer and bestselling author held nothing back in this week's real this spotlight. Before the wedding Williams we all know. The same person yet as you get older and more comfortable with yourself you give yourself permission. Exactly. You are I finally has that sweet spot could be in my mind where. I feel very comfortable. Saying exactly what I feel being exactly why am beginning Romans nice woman and certain to happen at three. It oh. So social media take solace. And bother. Him on good morning me getting to its people but. There's nothing at this particular point in my life. That would ruffled my battered the point where I'm like you you can save my mom worth combat wounds. You can call me a guerrilla. You may. Your son and it was picked it yes it's everything you leave. Doubt it. If you or do something different things differently or sign doesn't know anything except for Islam as a so he's over the whole Wendy Spain Spain just bombed him with a right. Love and appreciate my husband and I try to create as normal of a dynamic perhaps as possible. When his friends come over fine mrs. hunter I am there come on in Jeremy. You're too Michael come on the kicker she thought hi mrs. hunt there better not say Williams not on the Jersey side. Of the Hudson River. It there. And so are signed he totally get sick and even the cops didn't. You know he might see me walk out of the house when people sort. An in my view this short and my legs along. And I'm a whole lot of woman no 51 year old woman needs to be walking around like that. Might export sales. I'd like it. And it might get it if there was any other. Housewives. UC. It. With us officers eater XI. You witnessed this that left it. Oxley rankings. I loved the work the crowd. The money's nice but that's life you can see harder when you think your money. In my book how well think what do you think fit. I. You know. I wasn't born. With a silver spoons I would like for. My fox. Graham and the only and wife served five times and there. Or they didn't use the didn't get its you know I mean I guess that's number one of the two I would like to be faster. Yes in communications. A major university. And the reason why is because I graduated from within the university boys and I was a communications major and minor in journalism. And what I. Wild my professors try it. I think I learned more outside the classroom with my internship. Analysts are working at the state radio station that I get from these people you never cracked the Mike before help people. What it's like your forecast. So. Mike port is that there are a lot of kids. At least in communications. Journalism field. Who will be what white people who never got dunk I would really like to do that I would love to we're. Meanwhile. Communications and you. No you never know people that write me all the time this out. Did you really grab it are you ready. I'm not quite good there's a great to have this season at all about they have let you mean yeah have you ever done and. When you're younger it's hell of way while you. But you don't love them. Maybe yes are you. They now. Now. Maybe 1% of the time what contact. Oh yes. Because that happened on the all the taxes went up. Yeah. Up bar that. Or even worse. A shark. I'm not. And then. Your best at it. Pick my husband ordered my manager. One thing that we collect. I'm not going I'm. It's a crocodile broken back we're all kind of talk good on the outside you know the bad news comes right now but Google it. I like. And I'm not going through them. But I did it. Everything in my life it under a hundred dollars. Pardon dogs. To deal with only three months. Record. I think. If you for the you. Mind your own business stay in the morning. Observe everything and pounce when needed. One thing that windows that youth. I'm locally is. Let's five little weird my road Walgreens. You well. Do you think people notably while it even your hat a lot of that are exactly that when she goes. Thank you can really appreciate that donate. Eight due to their. Like what. Hood had. She is as hilarious an authentic when the cameras are rolling. I was extremely nice and welcoming to me and to the entire real this team so many thanks to Wendy Williams and don't forget you can check out her show starting again Monday. And if you're wondering how you can get more of her behind the scenes bedazzled action make sure you check out her YouTube page allow. Stay with comment below like us follow us and continue the conversation with me on Twitter. Act Rebecca Jarvis thanks for watching have a great weekend it. It the whole list of cuts. Look. When he's definitely know what I'm gonna start what does it Davenport Davenport is what my grandma calls a self. That is what you thought of it sounds very cachet it does senator it could happen and happen more apt. Decourt supper now never. Then ward to happen way. Yeah immigrant rights got out of your music that national Wendi it couldn't Davenport how does. Something went inside the I looked and I use that on this show relatively how all the human through Islam. But we'll probably I hope it's okay Neil Patrick Harris Annette September. Our team is the new season lender. It's been wagging beginning September 14. Number seven thank you so much everybody for watching. Neil Patrick Harris will be here yield me here and I am back up like constipation hot topics. So it's going to be a really good I can't wait to get back it's just a long arduous.

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{"duration":"9:57","description":"Episode 54: Wendy Williams talks Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis in the Glam Suite and delights and surprises in the Real Biz Rapid Fire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"33684998","title":"The Smartest Business Decision Wendy Williams Ever Made Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis","url":"/Business/video/smartest-business-decision-wendy-williams-made-real-biz-33684998"}