Social Media Site Made Just For Kids to How To Make The Perfect Steak

Rebecca Jarvis reveals what you need to know this week on Real Biz 7.16.2014
16:46 | 07/16/14

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Transcript for Social Media Site Made Just For Kids to How To Make The Perfect Steak
Hello and welcome to real this I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what's happening. More than seventy million people have seen the -- very -- know how broadway's first billion dollar musical makes all that magic happen. The actors who -- him but and -- are here in studio for a behind the scenes look. And then there's this watch out Mark Zuckerberg a fourteen year old idea. Might trump FaceBook we're gonna explain that last plea Smith unless he's -- is here reveal his secrets to make the perfect steak you wanna stick around for that we -- to get right to it there is nothing. Like seeing a live show on Broadway if you've had a chance to it's so incredible the performance looks Wallace. And it's hard to picture how difficult the challenges that are going on behind the scenes are happening from those costly customs to the hours of make up. The Lion King produced by Disney which is our parent company. Is broadway's first billion dollar baby in its 16 Tony Awards and I want to welcome the actors who make it happen. Night after night. Airlines -- make the magic happen. Aaron -- place and -- broadway's musical ruling -- And shot -- -- please -- tonight to have both of you with us thank you -- for turning -- -- you been doing this now in the Lion King -- three years Aaron you've been doing it for a year yet. Look for somebody who's not -- behind the scenes -- -- world in one word what effect. -- -- -- Oh yeah. Well yeah. Because you have -- -- animals you have so much happening that. Two years like going on backstage yeah -- anger. You know if you step out of line rent this house races -- We have a lot of greasy hands and -- on board to make sure everything is super organized -- -- and gets out there on the time that needs to get there and put away in the times for the way. When there are so many elements that hacked them to get -- have to be -- and I think -- Your next so it's 10 AM eastern time right action always two. What tax that first of all thank you -- Beyond that how fast -- you have to leave on a daily basis to get there and get ready with all those moving parts. One while our call time is usually happen now reports those acts so we get there like today we get there -- there yet. And then if that happened parents and get paired Norma stretch student you get me at -- time and every once. -- Their output shows that you've been doing every year. Yeah. And nine I'm sorry I'm really. So this is not having -- for people who are. Looking at you they and I remember my very first Broadway Show it was about twelve years old I sat there and we need -- But this is a job. At the end of the day this is what you do us for a job yes how many you make that work in your life. It's been a struggle and you have to be a struggle for actors at least about public appreciates direct. Yet -- you know we're very fortunate you know this is and it's not often that you have a long running show like this in as acting humane thing is you -- it won't work so to be a part of you know companies like this and because the whole. Disney knows the family so -- always can can can rely on the job coming in and -- you know something Google Wave can come back. You know the visitors vacancies -- -- that his nose comes at them in person this is just great to be a part of a family setting it works very. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And could be at 530. I don't read that but the most out of her meat was when it first started. It is all new for me -- -- for three years but this is -- -- ever so incredible it was a matter of getting used to the apple. Theater atmosphere and -- with such awesome absence and had to keep up so. I have to work out every day and take vocal -- and you know it's very personal. -- I -- -- apparently. -- standard of -- knows only seventeen years. So you want -- Eight. I don't need to keep it right. And it's seventeen years two times that day. How do you keep it fresh every single day point you know every audience is coming in it's like their first -- I'd agree that the approach of the same way you know each -- don't -- know don't want assuming things just time listen to each other you know we have a bad day it's okay is connected to bring down stage that capping it yes yes. -- -- enough to send this type that they had just know me but I sent within the story but. -- integrate ourselves into the -- to -- takes an -- for thirty. That they what but what would your advice -- to others too are looking at you saying. What I would get to -- in years. You know I get tweets and I get you know -- to -- post FaceBook messages from people all of the world since. Saying you know how -- antegents jealous of but it took a lot of work to get you the auditions and rehearsals. It takes a lot of work physically as well. You know so for me and I tell them you know work hard because you know takes a lot to get -- -- to -- but -- to dream -- and never give up. Treat you wanna be on that State's you have to be extremely tenacious it -- -- Five years audition for five years before -- so yet they know the person -- isn't that salute we just have to keep going -- extremely tenacious. Greeted by -- so -- years I am let's be so proud -- Well. Lying on Broadway won't let -- -- on your way to ask if I immediately taken. Batman that's that's that's. Up. Thank you. They view that -- And parents definitely understand why you worry about your kids on social me want to protect their privacy keep them from encountering creeps. Up to no good but be on the dangers there are many learning benefits to of going online and that's why 114 year old. Might be giving Mark Zuckerberg a run for his money -- marks treated as social media site for kids. When he was just eleven in eight years old his site is called Bronx social and it now has half a million registered -- it's a nice to have you with a -- If you hanging. And as -- understanding rom is your your social media network and it is a family affair your whole families involved that this yes. Yes I present -- -- that may help me out this the hallway so they're getting involves. So explain how it works and why you got the idea to create -- Definitely it's amazing how it works there's a lot of like speeches -- like something ugly game -- if frank you can post on your wallet and sent private messages. -- closed doors and things like that that everything you just specifically for kids. And yet yet I can about went out as a lot of apathy that account and that my dad is felt it was seen me. And up after Heatley had -- -- -- twice Tyson fight payments is that for kids that. He said in -- and now we started -- I certainly don't buy out the sisters and so close. Friends and got a -- society aren't just got to me. Well -- -- very very happy for you very proud of you as -- trigger parents are as well but I do have to ask you if there's a thirteen year old -- -- -- on FaceBook how were you going out there aren't constantly creating these accounts. Yeah and so right now across social. Eight -- me -- stock sixteenth. -- and let you once you turn sixteen you haven't yet it got me -- -- Bold lettering across profile on that says adult army and went -- don't yet. You know from requesting like you're kind of limited we can you -- you can. -- looking -- what that he wants him. But geologists and -- haven't. A lot of what the saying now we have a lot of our future -- so we can keep the older -- I can't let. Top veteran how to what extent there you know featured -- -- -- -- young but up. You know I still I wanna be a partisan pew last asked my life -- definitely. -- younger Brothers sisters are definitely out. You know -- -- is -- -- come along for the ride the wild rabbit exactly marks. How do you. How do you keep the people who are sixteen plus off of your site if you are able to get on the FaceBook site when you were below their age minimum. How do you keep -- maximum on your site and keep the scrapers out. -- -- Fees on its site for example -- one may sixty is that we have is up 24 cent a lot -- chance. So there's -- here is there is. People that we -- -- check in everything actually gone inside 24 cent and they -- near share your reasoning monitor -- site 2.5 percent instead is weak arm and everything that we have is you know curse word filter on the web since he can't terrorists and not. What grounds sides you're required to put the parent -- so when a parent -- -- you also you if you want your kids I'd. Apparently to you -- an apparent act it kit Kat. So what's a parent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And by the boards -- that we -- happening is. And concentrate our -- every month yet you know they -- -- street -- card. In that great or aren't is a breakout of everything that -- has done so like every -- every post every message -- called friends act cute she has made -- -- -- absolute a lot of seats features on the website and it keeps -- what accused him. And you are just launching this new feature at the solar skate video game tell us about that. Yes definitely socialists can't really excited about that actually any apps are out -- the IOS App Store and now. I haven't actually right here there. Target CD screen but it's it's definitely a really really really aren't aim at work -- Twelve months doubt -- should start. It's amazing a lot of my friends -- being -- lot of my. Sanmina as a leading centrally -- -- All the kids up in and out of the game because it. It does teach 583 patents aren't -- it's -- -- -- that it. What last question for you and that is what are the big time investors telling you about your idea is -- a billion dollar idea. I mean I -- I'll let you know how. Eighteen in NASA's or aren't they definitely help is out -- -- will gladly go to the investor meetings. All of yes actually yeah they are Galileo want to stop you my dad actually present the company -- now he's dead then they have they -- -- Jason tags they may be everyone's it was pretty easy. Sounds like a great reality show but we're glad I hated the real reality -- -- and rob social thank you so much for joining us best which eight. Turning -- page island state. But making the perfect one at home can be cutting tricky and it always taste better when you -- out and New York city's historic state -- Smith and once he is famed for their mouth watering me. What's the secret well who better to ask -- the executive -- himself. Who want to welcome Lawrence that it's a nice to have you -- that's very much having me. And I love the jacket that I didn't know we're gonna pretend you are I don't look at it and he's supposed to put out. And you also one of the things we do look at real this is when people bring on -- which are very excited to see here so tell me about what's on the table. Well on its it was -- because the quintessential. Middle it's -- dinner and practically my favorite. -- possible. We have that Colorado cajun -- not creamed spinach hash browns and of course red line. It -- that yes all of these things together perfect I love the creamed spinach I always this item as. But I think I think every table against. The -- what. Are the makings of a perfect steak because even -- OK obviously not everybody is going to be able to hit -- Smith and wants you but you have a very special way of keeping your -- Yeah I think. What specialists medalist is only about a handful of righteousness the is that we have a 3000 square foot -- box in house. So butchering are dry aging process is solvent in house so there's lot of I design -- -- -- -- consistency there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This smells. And -- -- how so many recreate this at home. If I wanted to track. They wanted to try. Why they're not getting -- at 3000. My god I get their oil and I get 50000 dollar -- -- -- -- her that's where as though we have. -- various ways to you go to hi -- -- local butcher or even restaurants you know your income was smitten. -- -- he's and we do -- states if someone wants to take one home I'm not a problem. And I think that's the -- -- -- behind buchert. Check out your favorite steakhouse maybe they do it two. But that's -- -- his way to get the state. I'm looking for when it comes to a really delicious well I think the biggest thing for me and my personal taste is you want USDA prime -- Prime beef it's like the Olympic gold standard -- goal you know you have select. Which is the bronze medal choice over. And prime -- he could see a different marveling in each month don't from almost nothing that it's okay and then this is what we serve in the restaurant the more fat more flavor. -- -- This is this is one of Warren Buffett's favorite -- interviewed -- about it. Inside of -- -- yes what what's his order -- -- on his -- actually an occasion rabbi and a cherry Coke pitched. -- -- -- -- Is Jerry -- -- -- Jericho while we were doing it incited the Polanski and that's -- he had indeed he likes the classics and six. Howell however in the increases in meat prices the rising cost of multiple -- -- that impacted your business are you cutting corners are you having to find ways to sort of maneuver -- and things around on the -- Well I think Natalie -- businesses in but you don't assume my every family every family -- -- in -- that everything is mark. One thing we -- estimates and that it's something that is. Been installed -- instilled by owner Alan Stillman is we always get the best no matter what. So -- always get the USDA prime beef. We always -- the top quality products we can. And what if that come hard times when rising prices is team effort from everyone from the -- me some institution -- the stewards that cuts. Maybe -- here there's no -- The butchers are doing their job -- again. If you need the United States out of a one sided beef and -- maybe one too -- and they losing hand -- the whole collective effort to. Provide a customer. With the best product no matter what and it's a big team effort that we're going through now is make sure everything is correct. I can imagine waste at the restaurant industry in general you've probably in -- and kitchen. Where top aides -- hits if this is. As not easy job. But. The one good thing about this is the team -- -- the people in place that history of the building. You know everyone it's a big family everyone works together and that we do provide I believe the best state in New York. Well it certainly looks fantastic I'm looking forward to enjoy it one last question for you what's your nickname in the kitchen. -- I -- -- a couple days big gallop big LAL -- law. -- She -- the most comes yes that would mean especially if it's your first name you're not necessarily. So who. You know there's other ones I can't stand TV that I've heard -- -- hearing -- in the future. Thank you so much thank you for having out much we love it with the -- take it take a look at when you're on your next trip to New York City -- -- you know it's really appreciate it. And they you for joining us on real this we want to hear from you. Parents would you let your kids use -- social -- is that reopens with RJ until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York enjoy some state.

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