Healthy Work Habits

Susan Solovic has tips for staying in shape while on the job.
5:51 | 01/05/12

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Transcript for Healthy Work Habits
A lot of people resolve to get in shape for the new year and living a better lifestyle isn't just good for your health it's good for business to. Susan Zelnick ABC's small business contributor not there it's your -- -- putting your work before your help. Can't have a negative impact on your business joins us now with her -- For some new office habits that'll help -- start the year off right Susan great to see it hi Stephanie it's great to be here -- the city's. And not feeling your best at work does impact your productivity -- limit the ability to reach your goals is it's drastic -- We'll stress of the behind a lot of its Japanese stresses the number one cause of illness in this country so if you're stressed out it's going to impact your health. And it is gonna hurt your productivity is when you're not feeling well you just don't get as much accomplished. And it is it alarming thing that I read recently is a lot of small business owners like me. Really put our business in front of our health. And it's it doesn't make sense because if you're taking good care of your health and yourself you're gonna be more appropriate and productive and you're going to be able to accomplish your goals. OK so there are few things you recommend small business owners do throughout the -- to help them take better care isn't. Care of themselves at work and first say could take weeks maybe even take an outside. -- -- That's right you know I think a lot of people -- no matter what kind of business here in. You're busy you're overwhelmed -- so much to get Don and particularly if you they had downsizings in your company. And so you just keep pushing forward to get all of that work done. But the research shows that you need to take a break at least every ninety minutes if you're not taking breaks. Your productivity actually starts to fall off -- -- thinking you're working really hard but you're really not as accomplishing much as if you just take a short break. The other thing is if you go outside. No -- today Stephanie working cubicles. We've got artificial light around us all the time so just go outside take a deep breath of fresh air even if it's a rainy day or if it's cloudy. Are -- cold just being outside kind of rejuvenate you. But also you can take -- brisk walk around the block you'll come back and to be more creative to be more energized -- you're gonna get a lot more work. Nancy you don't mean take a smoking break during yes I know we're not even gonna go there -- I think you say is that you have a comfortable ergonomically correct work area that that's something you should never overlook. That's true it does it puts a lot of strain and stress on our bodies. Can cause headaches and a lot of like physical strain on our muscles so it would take a look at your work Gary you want to go out and spend a ton of money. But -- tried and analyze what's going on here are used raining at your posture bad are you constantly crossing your legs. -- getting headaches because of the way you're sitting at and they have putting your hands on the keyboard -- your computer. Those are all things to look at you should have good posture you should have your computer where you're not having to reach way -- for its way down below you. And you know just really kind of assess what's going on in your work environments and make some changes so that you're taking -- stress and strain off your body. Aren't let's talk about what we all do which is eating while you're at work eating at your desk yes -- -- to keep water at your desk at all times yes. Both things are -- critically important. The first thing is you should not be eating at your desk and trying to do your emails or continue to work on your project project. One of the things that happens with that kind of mindless eating we tend to over -- we're not eating nutritious -- and it's just not healthy -- So you find yourself in a situation where you absolutely have to take your lunch at your desk then take a break. Shut off your emails put everything aside and sit there and enjoy a nice nutritious lunch the other thing -- -- -- really important to do is to hydrate throughout the day. Now the Mayo Clinic says that he -- have that cup of coffee in the morning it's good for you kinda -- -- revved up and going. But you should really be drinking water throughout the day -- keep the pitcher of water on your desk or some bottled water nearby that's handy to get. And you know I've actually seen some people who put a little note. Like on their computer screen or something that says drink water or third lines and to keep drinking and stay hydrated throughout the day that's an important tips. -- you also say sitting all day that's a pet -- re do you recommend we try to work standing even exists eyes aren't asking how outlook not having -- our colleagues here at us. -- who cares -- they stare right I mean it wouldn't typically average person sits at their desk about six hours a day. And the research showed that sitting like that all day even if you register it regularly exercise outside the office. Sitting like that all day increases your risk of cancer and heart disease and of course obesity. So it's not a healthy thing to do so consider just standing up while you're doing some your work. Some people have actually have standing -- that they can put up or if you've got to counter that you could put some of your work out -- on and do your work standing up. But also exercising in fact I just saw the need his desk recently it's a panel death so you can sit at your desk and paddle or you can turn it into a treadmill and walk. What you're working but you you don't have to buy that kind of equipment there are great waste exercising your desk. You can find them on line. And a lot of places that WebMD dot com is a great location to start looking. But simple little things let's say you've got some -- -- your four arms from typing in working on all those scripts Stephanie it is simply put your elbows out and push her hands together like this for candidates. I mean it really helps relieve that stress and indeed out of -- I -- -- -- feel good idea. So little simple things that you can do at your desk can really make you healthier and -- -- -- a little bit away but certainly help you improve your job performance. Really did tips his hand economist about things you so much how we're hearing -- I'm going to be watching us it is if you're doing this yeah. And I'm gonna stand to the other guy it has been known -- season -- buyer paying.

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{"id":15300334,"title":"Healthy Work Habits","duration":"5:51","description":"Susan Solovic has tips for staying in shape while on the job.","url":"/Business/video/solovic-susan-health-job-business-work-15300334","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}