Sonic Employee Denied Medical Care After Robbery

Michael Lartique, Jr. can't get insurance coverage for a fractured leg because he failed a drug test.
2:08 | 02/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sonic Employee Denied Medical Care After Robbery
Michael poetry is hobbled by a broken -- he's been on crutches for more than a month but can't help but he's still in pain all the time. -- Paramount. Yeah. For two and a half years military worked -- -- -- on 1960 Vietnam most recently as an assistant manager on the board of midnight shift. He has no health insurance didn't -- trooper came to rob the place in mid January. Aren't they would get the money -- the monetary. To keep him from going to protective co worker the robbers grabbed Michael's leg and pulled it through a door. I heard a -- that they anomaly with -- weather and publisher. Group. House crime. It's got about two dollars cash to co workers responding micro devices to the hospital a hidden treasures singing in -- home. He's long been a lot of pain and he my knee surgery you. He may still but has no idea what he really needs he caved -- to see a doctor. Sonic opts out of workers' comp and -- its own and not flammable today. -- with an -- assessment. Michael admits smoking marijuana few days before the robbery and that's why he failed the company mandated drug test a few days after the -- You -- it happen now. Regional in the night of the robbery and no delusional with the robbers no additional. Under way to work not -- -- in the ambulance know where you under the influence when the sun was robbed now did you do anything. Work that night. That would have contributed to you being -- now was your fault at all not but you don't have insurance no. His bosses -- father and son duo both named Bob -- -- insurance companies rules the insurance administrator says -- sonics rules and the burger chain's corporate PR office says. It's out of their hands but the plan does require a drug test. Neither the bosses nor the burger chain said anything about how spirit is to deny care to the victim of a robbery. Why do you deserve to be covered by insurance. Talking. You know they've been working -- -- -- bombing and was -- as you know mother feels when. -- -- her name can demand home.

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{"id":18608171,"title":"Sonic Employee Denied Medical Care After Robbery","duration":"2:08","description":"Michael Lartique, Jr. can't get insurance coverage for a fractured leg because he failed a drug test.","url":"/Business/video/sonic-employee-denied-medical-care-robbery-18608171","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}