Soundwall: The Art of Sound

Startup pairs tech & art canvas to change the way you listen to music.
3:00 | 03/18/14

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Transcript for Soundwall: The Art of Sound
Forget about the outdated speakers an ugly wires hanging on your -- to give your homes surround sound startup sound wall is tapping tech in traditional art canvases. To change the way we listen to music David -- -- co-founder and a sound wall and he joins us now from San Francisco on Skype David nice chatting with you. It's great to talk to you sell -- this artwork -- has a speaker and batted yes. It -- is more magical than that it's art where where the speaker is the art. So the whole front of the speaker is is what makes the sound. But in effect for people it is beautiful artwork that makes. And just like artwork tends to be relatively expensive -- speakers are. Not cheap speakers they're like 950 dollars to star. Yet that's what that's we have started the -- being speaker adult court costs in the Moorestown. And of course if you have -- -- -- Then -- like any art the -- go from there. Your biggest clients that. It's anybody that wants to make their place a little more beautiful have a unique. And unique sound. And play music from their phone so it's been people with offices are people that want to make their their bedrooms look nicer. It's a broad set of places were starting to do some things in the hotel market. The hope I can see the hotel market being a good place for this I can also see law firms pinging -- in their front hall with that. But I can also imagine probably there are some. Artists that they're musicians for example who would be into this idea just to show their friends hey look at you might think this is a piece of art it's actually my speak. Absolutely there is this wow factored in just like -- Well a bit like the nest as an example another brilliant and all the -- right when -- went no people would buy these nests including me. And when people came to your house -- on the show but it was also very it was stability directive that much better. And you -- sound wall -- that perfectly. Kenyon -- it to a Monet or Picasso like take that million dollar Vincent van Gogh painting and turn it into -- speaker. -- want to tell you. I suppose the that anything's possible I personally would recommend that the event -- you -- -- -- get a print of a -- and we would custom printed where you. You can. Or select from anything didn't -- our own gallery we have artists that are contributing new kind of work and and wanted to be part of salvo which is fantastic. And and we just launched a version where units and -- where we should he laid blame campus. And you heard the artist in your life and patrons well how many of these and -- soul. We just launched the product and so we're supposed to. That was you're over 55. The cost and zero right. They're all custom built in Boulder, Colorado. I mean it's -- hand assemble and test about you know that says you mentioned it's not a cheap products we do very high quality job. And deliver a decent custom products but the reason we just -- our hearts at south by south last is that. The reaction been so great it's standard to bit of a lot more of these at the -- over. Did you get any sign ups at SXSW that he would sign up for what. I asked bluntly yes and need to win back one thing we did was and art battle where we had two different artists eating on -- sound well each had their -- -- -- They were listening to their music from the sound all to go back and forth between their -- lists obtaining a lot in at the end of that night -- -- -- and David of -- Walt thank you so much for joining us best wishes. -- -- --

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{"id":22956880,"title":"Soundwall: The Art of Sound","duration":"3:00","description":"Startup pairs tech & art canvas to change the way you listen to music.","url":"/Business/video/soundwall-art-sound-22956880","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}