Sparkle Like the Hollywood Stars For Less Than $60

BaubleBar designs celebrity jewelry you can afford.
6:16 | 07/24/14

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Transcript for Sparkle Like the Hollywood Stars For Less Than $60
It's -- a look at the fashionable bowling on the red carpet but. It would be way cooler for the average woman. -- you actually Wear those jazzy jewels and to be able to afford them. -- after being frustrated not able to find an affordable brand to best friends in their twenties came together. Street and go to designer jewelry destination and now their products are exploding in popularity both online and stores. I want to welcome to the -- Daniel yak about -- she is co-founder of Bobble bar and it's so nice to have you with us. I struggled with your name a little bit but I'm glad I'm no that was accidentally BMI capital of the a nice little lesson that -- -- -- because I -- sport but you also brought some beautiful bowling with you today. And it's very interesting because you started out -- bar completely online. And now you're at Nordstrom stores. Which have to be huge sense of accomplishment -- -- -- -- It's been amazing you know like express -- we're starting -- -- we knew that since we were starting a brand from scratch that's really important for customers. To have access to multiple touch points to be able to you. By the product online be able to -- on purchases offline to so is it. A big part of our strategy ultimately be off line and we experimented with a lot of different formats. Nordstrom approached us it was interesting in carrying the product Hussein. To -- partners it's been such a wonderful collaboration for us you know so many entrepreneurs and people with injury -- her idea for -- business watch real is. And they're probably getting told right now. Right now -- somebody. You we're told no a lot of tactics when you can get the -- I mean I think they're probably told -- you know 90% of the time aching feet you have to you get there used to rejection when you do some thing like -- think. Ultimately the people that really -- the tops there are the ones -- -- so passionate about their idea on and so excited about what they're building that they're not. New discouraged by a lot of the now and obviously think. A lot of it's coming frequently from a helpful and constructive criticisms are replacing you have to have the ability to -- to listen when you hear pushed back and listen when -- statement when I think about changing -- -- -- I think ultimately really believing in your right TN and seeing through this is what gets to end -- If you're -- -- the price points on your jewelry very important obviously selling a line of jewelry -- more affordable price points. We're talking about range from 2400. Dollars there's generally. I think the product on our site is priced from I think I'm -- -- about twenty dollars on the high end he sells some products actually 3350 dollars. And -- view is is that some Jewelers -- really fun product it's something that you really want it used to change what it is that you're wearing to update your wardrobe. And women frequently want to get the look but don't necessarily want when vast. You know 200 dollars -- that look for something that's only going last season. Do some products that if you know it's something you're going to want to -- with regularity so we'll do. Solid gold mine Gramm's name plea -- -- -- peace and I say invest the money how to be something that's gonna last for a few years. If you really just you know want to get the look -- that you want to experiment with something edgy. I think this is a really great -- -- this necklace and you can throw -- on over a little black Strasser over a white T shirt. Get that look but it's not gonna break the bank and you're not gonna feel bad three months from now when you realize the you don't really want -- -- much anymore. You're still relatively young business I mean yeah you're you're online. I guess you've sold there was one necklace that sold I think. 2500. Copies of that necklace online in a matter of a couple of hours so you arguing very well for young -- and how -- in Nordstrom stores. With the -- bar. -- -- smartest thing that you have done along the way to guarantee the success of your. Business -- I mean I think consistently the smartest things that we do you are always related -- hiring decisions. So -- always it's always people -- and I think that's always Kennedy where we really make the business so Amy and I. Obviously can only do so much and we have a vision for what we want to do you think if you don't surround yourself incredibly Smart incredibly sharp people we're really. Equally passionate about what you're doing an American of -- back and give you great ideas and help -- acts acute be right there with you on the front lines. On it's almost impossible to really got something off the ground running successfully how oh how exciting. Important is it with celebrity and celebrity culture in -- Graham the social media world to have somebody like Justin Bieber. I think -- -- -- -- -- your stuff -- Harry on the hot Taylor Swift were looking at pictures of some of the people. Big deal it back I think it's really huge I mean obviously I think that any element of third party validation is and whether it's day. Taylor Swift -- -- on or Gwyneth Paltrow people love to see but one of the things that we love about social median about -- -- specifically. Is it makes little celebrities out the regular purse yes and I think we fountain and into the summer site actually have a widget where. Customers -- pictures of themselves wearing the product. And other customers can browse all of those pictures and we consistently see that conversion. Is you know three to five times higher when people indeed -- that we jet. Think people really like to see it on real people he really enjoy seeing -- -- -- look that they can get to next of aspiration and attainable. And it sort of validates this idea that hey this is a really popular product other people are wearing team and their in my opinion. It's easy for -- to get the lot. How quickly after somebody like Justin Bieber Rihanna where's -- jury how quickly this it's it's pretty it's. We definitely you know one of the great things about our business models actually re order incredibly quickly. So we you know two to three -- turnaround time in terms of getting new product in house. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That is price -- price point -- -- do you hear about products that they're wearing that are unattainable unattainable in terms price points linking to see. You know -- -- wearing a pair 32 dollar -- from our site. It's really exciting for people that they can sort of get out like annually -- style. In but different -- Thank you so much Daniel -- the company is Bobble bar you can outlined album art -- and then you can go to -- -- -- -- having great to see you.

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"BaubleBar designs celebrity jewelry you can afford.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"24698014","title":"Sparkle Like the Hollywood Stars For Less Than $60","url":"/Business/video/sparkle-hollywood-stars-60-24698014"}